Apple Event: iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 boast of better cameras and greater battery

Apple has presented today the new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, both available in two sizes, iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 Pro Max. , Telephones have not been a

Apple Event: iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 boast of better cameras and greater battery

Apple has presented today the new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, both available in two sizes, iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 Pro Max. , Telephones have not been alone, since the new Apple Watch Series 7 has also been announced, the arrival of Fitness Plus to Spain and two new iPad versions: the iPad to dry and the iPad Mini, which has suffered a fairly important redesign .

This already enters its final stretch. Tim Cook summarizes the main characteristics of all the new products of it and says goodbye. Equal that we. Thank you for making us company during the presentation of Apple's new iPhone 13.

As it is already custom in Apple, if there is iPhone 13 there is iPhone 13 Pro, with more power, more cameras and larger size in one of its versions. It will cost the same as the previous models and will be available at 256GB, 512GB and 1TB of storage space.

Built with metal and now in four colors (gold, black, gray and blue sky), the iPhone 13 Pro has a new camera system more advanced than last year's models and that the iPhone 13. Share the finest front camera and the high resolution screen, with support for 120Hz and a much larger brightness, as well as an unwranging glass. It is resistant to water and dust.

Its interior has also been redesigned and has a larger battery, as well as support for wireless load and by MAGSAFE.

There are two sizes, iphone 13 Pro of 6.1 inches screen and iPhone 13 Pro Max, with a screen of 6.7 screens. Its processor, the A15 Bionic, has a more powerful GPU than the standard model and support to record video in RAW.

The cameras have larger sensors, with a significant improvement in luminosity and the possibility of taking photos at minimum focal distances. It is possible to make color adjustments and software tonality before making the photo.

Regarding video, they are able to record in Dolby Vision and 4K, as well as RAW, in the same way that they include the cinematographic mode that records faces more accurately and allows changing the focal length with a touch.

The iPhone 13 is the great protagonist of this presentation as much as the last one arrives. "The iPhone has changed the world," says Tim Cook before giving way to the experts who detail the news of the phone.

The most important first: It has two rear cameras and, in front, a notch, a smaller eyebrow, so it is finally changed the right iconic front that has been using years. And five colors: red, golden pink, black, blue and gray.

As well as a more powerful processor, the A15 Bionic. With a 6-core CPU, a 4-core GPU and a 16-core NPU, Apple says it is 50% faster than the most powerful competition processor. And it is compatible with 5G, of course.

Its screen is 30% brighter and comes in two sizes, according to the chosen model: iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Mini, which is very small but has also received the improvements of the older brother. They have a larger battery, thanks to the changes inside, so we hope that the iPhone 13 mini lasts something more than its predecessor. Apple says 1.5 more hours on the screen lit on the iPhone 13 mini and 2.5 more hours on the iPhone 13.

As for the cameras, which includes two, they are an improved version compared to the previous models. They receive 40% more light thanks to the larger sensors. Its angle would be similar to the one that takes the current iPhone 12 Pro Max.

As for video recording, Apple has introduced stability and focused improvements. There is also a new cinematographic mode in Dolby Vision HDR to record video in higher quality and to keep focus on people present at the plane.

It will cost $ 700 in the iPhone 13 Mini model and $ 800 on the iPhone 13 on its 128GB storage space models. We assume that 730 and 830 euros in Spain.

Apple Fitness + will arrive in Spain. It is an exercise service recorded in video and with live monitoring of your vital constants and the calories you are burning. Unfortunately, the exercises will be in English and subtitled in Spanish, not bent. It is a subscription service, which records.

And here is the new version of the Apple Watch. Apple Watch Series 7 has a slightly larger screen and new exercise routines to stay healthier, says Apple. I hope the clock would exercise for me. The new Follow-up algorithm of the Apple Watch will follow the calorie consumption more accurately.

The screen is 20% larger than in the previous model and has more resolution, at the same time it is finer and leaves more space inside for other components. The edges are more rounded and are better integrated with the clock body. And it is up to 70% brighter and a much more resistant glass.

22% faster and have a slightly higher battery. The charging cable now has a USB-C at the tip, so it can be used with faster chargers.

It will be available in a multitude of versions, with aluminum bodies or stainless steel, as well as infinity of straps (which are all compatible with previous models). It will cost $ 400, or 430 euros almost certain.

And now, the iPad mini. "There is no other device like the iPad mini". That is true, because God does Tablets today so small. With just 8 inches screen, Apple has renovated its design to make it closest to that of the iPad Pro: without almost edges, with a thinner and slight body compatible with the Apple Pencil 2.

Its processor is the A13 Bionic and its screen is much more advanced than the normal iPad, with less reflections and higher resolution. And it has a new Touch ID sensor on the power button, more advanced cameras and 5g connectivity.

It will be thrown with new colors, being able to choose between purple, pink, gold and black. It will cost $ 499, which we assume are 530 euros in Spain. It can be reserved today and throws next week.

And now, the iPad, but not the mini, as it had already been ahead. They have started with a new ipad, normal and current, who has very large edges and has not changed in years of design. It is updated with a better processor, A13 Bionic. It is 20% faster, it has a better screen and comptabiel with Truetone and has better cameras, capable of following the objective they are recording in video calls. It will cost 329 dollars, which we calculate will be 349 euros; And it is thrown next week. "His versatility is what makes him so popular," says Cook. The new version of Ipados also adapts better than ever, which have improved the management of icons and windows.

And now, Tim Cook, Apple CEO, makes a review about California, a place that is a "part of Apple". But he does not take care of what matters. Apple TV +, the Netflix of Apple, already has many nominations and prizes, but few series of impact. Of course, Ted Lasso is incredible. In autumn, new programs arrive, as the science fiction series starring Jason Momoa, the Foundation, the adaptation of the novels of Isaac Asimov or the second season of The Morning Show.

This starts. Apple starts with a musical introduction in different locations than it is undoubtedly California, where the event takes place. California Streaming, it was called.

Foul half an hour for this starting. We have the coffee ready, that this will last enough and we have been working a few hours. There will be no time of technical stops, so with your permission, we are going to be absent for a second ...

We already know by science almost certain that the new iPhone will have more storage space than ever. The minimum will be 128GB on iPhone 13 and 256GB models on iPhone 13 Pro models. There will be 512GB options and also 1TB. We will see if it is true when you announce them this afternoon.

Good morning, Tim. What are your plans for today?

The time of the siesta (or coffee) arrives in Spain, but in the USA is already being lifted on the west coast and lacks little so that they do the same on the east coast, in California, where the event takes place. In Spain, we know Apple's novelties around 7:00 p.m., but there will be 10 in the morning.

Rumors of last minute: The airpods that arise this afternoon could be something halfway between the current ones and the Airpods Pro model, uploading something its price, but improving its design and benefits.

At this time, they still sleep in California and we are simply waiting to start working. Six hours are missing for this boot, so patience. Be that as it may, here you can see:

Date Of Update: 21 September 2021, 23:22

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