Apple joins the iphone and the Mac with a new chip

Your apps on your Mac: by the end of the year, it will be possible to use iPhone applications on the new computers in the range, announced Apple Monday, in addi

Apple joins the iphone and the Mac with a new chip

Your apps on your Mac: by the end of the year, it will be possible to use iPhone applications on the new computers in the range, announced Apple Monday, in addition to a series of improvements aimed at increasing symbiosis between its customers and its devices. The giant of the electronics will now manufacture its own chips for its range of computers, without completely ignore Intel, to bring together the ecosystem of iPhones, iPads and Mac.

This is the new the most significant of the various innovations revealed on Monday by the california firm at its annual conference for developers, which takes place online due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus. Tim Cook, boss of Apple, has presented the change as a "leap forward for the Mac". The new chip should make computers of the brand more efficient while reducing their energy consumption. The transition, orchestrated by "Apple Silicon", is going to take two years and the company will still release new models with Intel chips.

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The new chip-to-measure has been inspired by the needs of the other devices of the brand. "It all started with the iPhone, which required the building that seemed impossible," said Johny Srouji, head of the technology "hardware" (equipment). Developers will now have to adapt their applications. Apple has ensured that software is very widespread as those of Microsoft (Word, Excel) or Adobe were already prepared and worked on the new system.

The american group has also presented a myriad of improvements and redesigns of the design, at the heart of its brand image. The latest version of its operating system, iOS 14, focuses on the concurrency and the prediction based artificial intelligence. Instead of a single application to be displayed on the screen, users will be able to watch a video while answering a text message, and a phone call, or the voice assistant Siri will not take over the whole place.

ergonomics is also reviewed, with groups of applications and icons of different sizes, not to mention the ability of the smartphone to predict what you are going to have the desire to open. Apple will also launch the "app clip", a sort of mini-apps that do not need to be installed and displayed in other programs (for rent a bike in self-service or order something to eat, for example).

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The california firm also tries to get back in the race with Maps, as Google Maps has distanced for a long time. The new version will be greatly improved, in particular for cyclists (elevation, presence of stairs) or drivers of electric cars (parking lots adapted, stations to recharge the battery) in New York and San Francisco to begin.

headphones and watch from the brand become of their side even more "intelligent". The AirPods will thus be able to switch automatically from a source of sound to another. As for the Apple Watch, it will detect if its wearer is sleeping, he moves well all over his body when he dances (and not just the arm), and he is washing the hands for the regular time (20 seconds).

Despite the various options for their devices, sometimes worthy of gadgets that spy, the group has again insisted on its competence in respect of the private life, compared to its neighbours in the Silicon Valley, whose economic model is based on advertising (Google and Facebook). Users will soon be able to share only their "approximate location" applications and a light will appear on the screen when the camera or the microphone will be activated. Most importantly, the programmes will need to ask their permission before you can follow them to the trace collecting their data (for advertising purposes and anonymously, in theory). And even before the download in the description of each application, the user will see what kinds of data they collect."It will be like the labels with the nutritional values of food", has detailed Craig Federighi, the vice-president in charge of software at Apple.

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