Apple launches iOS 15, iPados 15, Watchos 8 and Taves 15

The new version of the Apple mobile operating system, IOS 15, has started its deployment for users of compatible iPhone models, with social news in FaceTime, ma

Apple launches iOS 15, iPados 15, Watchos 8 and Taves 15

The new version of the Apple mobile operating system, IOS 15, has started its deployment for users of compatible iPhone models, with social news in FaceTime, maps improvements, intelligent live text function and a new privacy report on the Permissions that are granted to applications.

This version improves the sharing of content through FaceTime with Shareplay, a function with which users can watch movies and series with their contacts, but also share screen and listen to music with them.

FaceTime also improves the sound of the video calls with the space audio, and introduces the grid display of the participants, a portrait mode that blurs the bottom and different microphone modes that reduce environmental noise or highlight them.

The Apple video calls application also allows you to organize digital encounters through links, and send them to contacts that use Android and Windows.

The operating system incorporates concentration, pre-established or customized modes, which avoid distractions during work or interruptions at rest time.

Notifications show a new design, which allow more easily to identify contacts or applications via photos and larger icons. A daily summary of notifications, ordered by priority is also offered.

In the Maps App, it incorporates a new three-dimensional perspective at the street level, and day and night modes. This is reflected, for example, in the detail they acquire the roads for the ducts, which show bike lanes or rotation rails, but also if there are complicated crosses. A specific map offers information about accidents or jams.

Maps also introduces functions for public transport that allows you to see the seasons that are nearby and schedules, set favorite routes and get notifications not to pass the stop.

The Safari browser, on the other hand, improves the organization of the eyelashes, with a lower eyelash bar and its grouping, which allows them to be synchronized with other devices. Mac extensions can be installed on iPhone and the search functions are expanded with voice commands.

With iOS 15, the device uses smart technology so that the user can discover more things in the images, the Google Lens style, with the function 'Live Text'. This allows you to obtain from the images a phone, an email or a address, scan and copy a text or obtain a translation.

Photos premieres design for the souvenir interface. These, in addition, can be customized with songs from the Apple Music service.

The new health application allows you to share data with emergency contacts, obtain a trend analysis that allows you to understand changes in health or an indicator that evaluates the risk of falls.

The new version of IOS also improves user privacy. A report allows you to see the permissions that have been granted to applications, third-party domains with which they contact and when they did it for the last time.

Likewise, it improves the protection of mail, and the conversations that the user maintains with Siri, which are saved locally on the device.

Apple has also begun to distribute the new versions of the operating systems of your product ecosystem: iPados 15 for the company tablets, Watches 8 for Apple Watch and Tvos 15 watches for televisions.

Watchos 8 has reached Apple Watch watches with new functions among which the new sphere stands out for portraits, with which it allows to use images taken with the portrait mode of iPhone as a background for the sphere, accompanied by the clock, with which they merge , as Apple informed on the system page.

The new system for smart watches has also incorporated the memories, which show images of the same date of previous years, synchronizing automatically with the mobile and with a mosaic view. The photos can be sent to other people through the messages and mail apps.

WATCHOS 8 has suggestions for controlling home automation devices, such as accessing the signal from the safety cameras as the option of opening smart locks with the portfolio app.

Its novelties are completed with concentration modes, a new contact app, utters of extreme weather, a new Mindfulness app to reflect that replaces the previous breathing, the possibility of knowing the breathing frequency of sleeping and new benefits in training, The one will be added in the future, the detection of falls when doing sports.

Apple has updated its iPad tablets with the launch of the new version of your system, iPadas 15, which focuses its novelties in the multitasking functions, with a new menu to work with several applications at a time, as well as a renewed apps rack on the bottom.

IPADOS 15, Like IOS 15 and Watchos 8, it has a concentration or focus mode, and increases the possibilities of the 'widgets', with larger size and that can now be placed between the apps, while also the library of Apps to organize the programs, as Apple explained on its website.

News on Ipadas are completed with the function of fast notes available throughout the system, SharePlay to share screen during FaceTime video calls and view content along with other people, space audio for calls, programming and invitation to video calls by links and The option to see links and shared files without having to open them in messages.

Also, the Safari browser happens to have tab groups, notifications have been redesigned and now include the profile photo and maps have incorporated 3D views in greater detail and interactive functions. In the future, the option that allows controlling with a mouse and keyboard will be added to a Mac and an iPad at a time.

The Televisor Operating System of Apple has also received news with the launch of TAVOS 15, which shares some of its main novelties as Shareplay to see content at a time, and that will be added later.

The rest of the main functions that TAVOS receives 15 include login on third-party apps with Faceid or TouchID, Space Audio, new sections with recommendations sent by other people, the option to use Homepod speakers and shortcuts to SIRI.Jo , Apple has also deployed new iPada 15, Watches 8 and Tvos 15 systems.

Date Of Update: 22 September 2021, 22:24

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