Armin Laschet offers its resignation as a leader of the CDU

The leader of the Christianodemocratic Union (CDU) and candidate of the Conservative Block to the Foreign Ministry, Armin Laschet, is willing to set aside his p

Armin Laschet offers its resignation as a leader of the CDU

The leader of the Christianodemocratic Union (CDU) and candidate of the Conservative Block to the Foreign Ministry, Armin Laschet, is willing to set aside his personal ambitions to keep alive the possibility of a coalition with the Greens and the Liberals of the FDP and, to guarantee Unity and strength has lost his party. "First the project and then the person," Laschet said a videoconference with the Parliamentary Group of the CDU and its Bavarian wing, the Social-Christian Union (CSU). In a statement without option to further questions, Laschet declared that the CDU needs "new people for a new beginning". It is, then, of a resignation in full rule, although verbalized with halftings.

It is the first time that Laschet is questioned and the door at his departure from "Project" after the disastrous result obtained by the CDU-CSU in the elections last September 26, a withdrawal that has since become clamor In the most conservative sectors of the party and that irremediably leads to its replacement in the presidency of the CDU.

Laschet has planned a withdrawal without the shocks that he has suffered in his meat since he agreed to the presidency of the CDU, replacing the failed Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. Without entering the details, the Minister of Rhine-Westphalia Rhine-Rhine-Westphalia reported that the first task to address the CDU will be to analyze the reasons for their electoral dislolable and especially in eastern country, where it has lost positions in favor of the Populist Alternative for Germany (AFD).

For this, the Secretary-General of the CDU, Paul Ziemiak, has already prepares a conference with the leaders of all Germaning agrees. At that meeting, which will be held in November, another directed by the Interiorritorial Committee will be followed in December to discuss the project of the CDU as a party, reflect on programmatic condies and set a future strategy.

Next year, on a date and place that will be determined, "I will convene a national congress so that the 1,001 delegates who are part of it express their views and proceed to the complete renewal of the CDU tables, from their Presidency to all the charges of the executive, "Laschet announced, including himself implicitly.

The choice of the new team will not be following the usual process. "This time we will proceed in a less orthodox but more effective way, since from the beginning, several candidacies will be avoided and therefore struggles and division between delegates and the different territorial groupings," he said. The model to imitate, according to Laschet, is that it has followed the CDU of Rhineland North Westphalia, its personal and political home, when this week, successor was seized to Laschet in that regional group and therefore in the headquarters of the Renan Government .

"I want candidates to agree with each other and listening to the bases," Laschet said, who will moderate that process. There would be, then, a single candidate for the succession of him, which, so answered was, that he practically began at the moment of him's election. "We are the Union and we are obliged to act as such, United", recalcated Laschet, for whom "the CDU can not continue approved and undermine their presidencies at the same time."

He recalled that since the exit of the Chancellor Angela Merkel, the match has had in just three years two presidents, an organic instability that "evidently remains in all other fields."

Laschet did not mention at any time he considers to appear to re-election to lead the promised renovation. The resistance in the CDU is too large, the electoral failure too heavy and the decision of the Greens and the FDP to negotiate Government with the SPD has been the stake. The Merkel CDU returns, outflowed, to the point that she left as a game.

Laschet has waited until the last moment to accept evidence and recognize that, despite his commitment, the "project" of the so-called Jamaica Coalition (SPD, Greens and FDP) was to exercise from midwife in a government delivery without the CDU-CSU .

In his statement before the media, he insisted that this alliance is the best alternative for a center government and, from his conviction, said the CDU will be available until an agreement is firm. "We are going to observe with much carefully the evolution of those conversations and see how the SPD and the Greens fit the FDP demands in economic and fiscal policy," said Laschet Pausando, but pointing his finger at Liberals, the only party he could Abort a progressive tripartide.

The reaction of the FDP to the covert resignation of Laschet and with it to the desert by which the CDU must be traversed, however, of indifference. "There is great affinity between the CDU and the FDP, but the CDU or is an option," said FDP Secretary, Volker Wisssing, after the first three meeting held this Thursday with SPD and Greens. It is not an option now or then. "We have chosen an address and there will be no parallel meetings," Wissling said.

Conversations, rated by "constructive" participants, will intensify next week. Three days of dialogue have already been set, which, on this occasion, the candidate for Chancellor of SPD and Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, who will attend a conference of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the United States.

There are no full guarantees that the first government of the post Merkel era will be a Jamaica coalition, but the odds are high and responsibility, if it had to look for it in the block that lost the elections, is not in the weakness of Laschet, but in The excess of arrogance from the CSU and continuous betrayals of its leader and Minister Bávaro President, Markus Söder

Söder never accepted that the CDU enlightened Laschet to attend the Block's List Head to the elections, especially when the surveys gave him for winner and the mistake of the chancellery shone in his eyes. The striker from it to Laschet, in public and privately, have been a constant. He never supported him. On the electoral night, he disavowed him to try to form a government for the bad results obtained, although the CSU was unleashed in Bavaria. At the beginning of the week, when the FDP decided to engage in contacts with the SPD and the Greens, it was also Söder who stopped the feet to his colleague.

"Nor do we have the moral authority to intrude or we are going to stay in front of the door waiting for the conversations to fail," said Söder, saboting the tenacity exercise of Laschet.

The renewal of the CDU is underway and is inevitable, but in addition to content and personnel, it should include a review of its relations with the CSU. The ambitious provinces has shown with Söder at the head that he is not the best travel companion.

Date Of Update: 07 October 2021, 22:10

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