Asensio Tomb to Granada with his 'Pim, Pam, Pum'

It is said, we say, that Asensio is an instant player. It's true. But go instants, 'Pim, Pam, Pum'. If happiness is a matter of moments, why is not it

Asensio Tomb to Granada with his 'Pim, Pam, Pum'

It is said, we say, that Asensio is an instant player. It's true. But go instants, 'Pim, Pam, Pum'. If happiness is a matter of moments, why is not it going to be something that makes so many people so happy. Balear will never have the Bernabéu Consensus, a place where the piece has a lot. Do not worry, as long as his legs accompany him.

Maximiano prevented his work from being greater before Granada, but a goal is a treasure when they do not attend geniuses. Benzema is the genius of the lamp. Vinicius, the genius of the gorge. Without them, Madrid is not enough for the gray dough of its center center. You need to hurry the virtues of the rest of the attackers that Ancelotti mixes the way it, not exempt from debate. The shot, argument that he has stopped being a protagonist at the still of what they call modern football, always return. A Alensio is enough. Pum!

Anyone before Jovic, Hazard or Bale. We are facing something more than a tactical question. We are facing a matter of authority, in and out. Treating everyone alike is from Cerriles and Ancelotti is not one of them. In the handling of points, merits and alignments a team came out with Isco as false nine. Isco was a hazard months ago, disconnected, but something must have seen in the privacy of the team, because of Madrid you can not see anything. He is intuited or he heard in Supreme Company. Italian has been raised in the heraldry, but the crib of him is in the plow, and that is why he knows that until the hierarchy precise a minimum sense of justice. For now, he makes it worth and survives, although already without a drink, to the casualties of Vinicius and Benzema, the aces of a deck where you can win some hands without showing all the letters, but better not to tempt luck. Therefore, before finishing the game, he showed them in the green.

Ancelotti does not agree to convert the lesson into dogma, but those indicated and the club learn. Or they get or leave, although the winter market has closed its window. Isco did not do nine because it is not his or he has a body, but he did interesting things in that place. He associated, was delayed to be a point of support and move to the plants, and perceived. A volley detained by Maximiano, practically after repelling an Asensio shot, was the most dangerous of Madrid in a first period of very low rhythm, which allowed Granada to feel comfortable and find spaces for arrival. The foot of Courtois stopped the most dangerous, before doors. To the rest, despite the threats, he lacked Tino.

If in the Bernabéu, in this return to the league, the alternative to Benzema was Isco, in San Mamés had been asensium, also without goal. The Balearic returned to the side, next to Rodrygo, two footballers with gloves on his feet, precise for centers that, except on the ball standing, did not find height scrollrs. That plot is, given the situation created by the Benzema's decline, practically reserved at a militan when he joins. A strange circumstance in a team of the level and the offensive vocation of Madrid. The most dangerous overlooked for the Granada arrived when torrent diverted a poisoned carvajal center to the first touch, after a Kroos shipment.

The accuracy of German is a weight argument when it appears in the three quarters, but Kroos and Modric are not the same without Casemiro, another of the casualties, in addition to those mentioned and that of Mendy, who forced changes to Ancelotti. Marcelo served. Camavinga, on the other hand, did not work on the role of the mediocentro. It's not his. French prefers the cover to the machine room. If he plays with ballast, he or he has experience, nor shines by the tire of inexperience. It is the cross of him. Valverde was the replacement of him but not the piece that he officiated in that place.

The entrance of Uruguayan had to do with the energy that Madrid needed. If it was not for fineness, vision or clarified, that was for harassment, he had to think Ancelotti. He urged to accelerate the game, increase the rhythm.

In that way, Madrid got to the Granada in his area, with another good hand of Maximiano against Asensio. It was clear that if the goal arrived, that would be the way. The rest could not penetrate, despite the valverde thrusts, the jovic crosses or the step forward of Modric. Everything contributed, at least, to wave enough the defense of Robert Moreno's team so that Alensio could be outlined and, outside the area, to prepare the shot of it. Maximiano, who would still stop him another, beat the winner of the pulse that allows Ancelotti to maintain his.

Date Of Update: 06 February 2022, 18:43

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