Asensio is claimed with three goals to Mallorca

Asensio's life in Madrid is a I love you, I do not love you. It's a day of pleasure and one of I do not know what I do here. It is a goals game and many w

Asensio is claimed with three goals to Mallorca

Asensio's life in Madrid is a I love you, I do not love you. It's a day of pleasure and one of I do not know what I do here. It is a goals game and many wait games. Doubt is a virtue if it makes us better, but a problem if it does not let us be what we are. The striker has not served him, until now, to be, Cabisbajo, Taciturn. He needs who reminds him, the opposite of Camavinga, who believes much more than he is. He did ZZ and does him ancelotti, but a professional team is not a place to do therapy. Everything has a limit. The rest depends on Asensio, who needs to take advantage of every minute as he faced him in Mallorca, with three goals, because in this Madrid Imberbe grows the competition, with permission from Barbas Benzema. [Narration and statistics: 6-1]

Ancelotti had said that the normal thing is that a footballer who does not play is emphasized. Asensio was not angry like other times. It's more, he sensed soon that with the Italian he could go better than in the past, because in the first minutes of those he arranged in the season, he did it in the position he considers the ideal for his game: La Media Department . It is the place where he played in Mallorca and Espanyol. In the band, he does not have the desired radius of action, he feels encaded, and does not have the overflow of one end. Tyranny of 4-3-3 imposed it, but the Italian, a good alchemist of systems and egos, combines it with a 4-2-3-1, the drawing that returned to use in front of Luis García's team, and In which Alensio moved back to Benzema's back.

From that place he entered the area to wait for a reject in the forest, in this case of the queen goalie, rode in vertical after receiving from Benzema to mark or maneuvered in parallel to the medialuna to hit with the left, adjusted to the stick. A hat-truck in which he deployed his catalog, in a party in which all his attack companions were active, from Benzema, untouchable, Rodrygo or Vinicius, with less protagonism than in the preceding parties, but a final stretch in the That he gave the goal, sixth of the night, isco. With fallow hazard, competitiveness has increased in Madrid, where young people feel that there are opportunities. It's time that Alensio does not stay behind. He until now he has been a footballer of moments, great moments, but without the necessary continuity, because he has not had it and because he has not offered her, even during the same game. In this most dynamic Madrid than in the Christian era, in which he lived explosions, that perseverance is going to be essential. If not, the next will happen. The applause of the public when Alensio left the field were a new "I love you."

Camavinga, on the other hand, has been clear from the beginning. In the first owner of him, in the Bernabéu, he did it in a place that is not the usual for French, as pivot at the mediocentro. He liked and liked, clearly, depth and even some more ornament. That demonstrates ribers, added to a quality that he sings when he hits the ball. Without the reins imposed by the mediocentro, and more without the Casemiro company, the tour and verticality of it can offer much to Madrid. The French came out of the field at the time between applause to leave the place of him to Antonio Blanco, who debuted this season, in a conducive day for rotations. The score would also give minutes to Jovic, Isco or the Debutante Santos.

Mallorca was not the weakest team to make them, ranked in tenth position, but at a stable and wind in favor, it was conducive to Madrid. However, the rival facilitated the work more than he would have believed. If before arriving at the Bernabéu he had only embedded three goals, three minutes were enough for him to mark one due to a crafal error of a debutant, Gayah. The bad control and the slip left the ball to Benzema before the wall. He had no queen piety. The Frenchman, Assistant Assistant, added the second goal of him, eighth in six league days, before retiring from the field.

Starting the scoreboard, Madrid did not stop, although he found a good replica in Kang in Lee, who left the Junior Lake shot with a heel and marked a minute after Alensio on the first time. Well his party in solitude in front of a Kubo who Luis García retired after the break. The rest was an offensive monologue of a Madrid who feels optimistic. That it is contagious asensio.

Date Of Update: 23 September 2021, 00:38

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