Assault to the Capitol: the open wound that desangra United States

It was called Juan and I went with the perfect Uniform of the Proud Boys (proud guys), the OATH KEEPERS (jurmedades) or Three percentes (those of three percent)

Assault to the Capitol: the open wound that desangra United States

It was called Juan and I went with the perfect Uniform of the Proud Boys (proud guys), the OATH KEEPERS (jurmedades) or Three percentes (those of three percent): Antibalable Vest with the words "USA Patriot", fanny with several pockets , Balaclava and, above this, Grecolatin style helmet with red feather plumes that gave him an air like having left the representation of a Greek tragedy.

That mix of warfare with folk touches is one of the identity signs of some members of the violent groups mentioned above that Donald Trump had requested support and before the elections, on September 30, when the President, in A televised debate, said: "Proud Boys: stay out and stay attentive."

On January 6, 2021, John did not seem attentive or despite his clothing, violent. Neither did that print the more than 20,000 people - for an eye, "who were listening to Trump and their allies in the Mall, the Washington Park in one of whose extremes, about three kilometers in a straight line of the rally, were gathered. Congress cameras to ratify the results of the elections held on November 6.

The general tone of the concurrence was rather depressed. The general feeling was that the president had lost. The day did not indicate anywhere to go to the history books. No one could imagine that in just less than an hour was going to happen something that, a year later, has ended up creating the entry "Second Civil War of the USA" in Wikipedia, and the publication of two books with Best-Sellers' vocation predicting a conflict Of those characteristics.

And, who less allowed him to predict him, was John himself. Trump's follower, inside her crush, her balaclava and her helmet, and after a car trip "with a group" -Sin specify more- From Lebanon County, in Pennsylvania, about three hours from Washington, it did not seem like enthusiastic. "I hope something happens in Congress, I hope it happens what we want it happens, which is recognized that there has been a great level of fraud in these elections and that the necessary measures are taken to protect the will of the people," he explained with scarce. conviction in a perfect Spanish with inflections from its native Puerto Rico, without paying any attention to Trump.

An hour later, 800 followers of Trump assaulted the Capitol. Was Juan one of them? It is impossible to know. There are four Proud Boys, 16 OATH KEEPERS and six Three perceptions imputed or judged by the attack, although the US justice itself has recognized that more than 100 members of these three groups were probably participated.

In total, more than 700 people have been imputed. Of these, 150 have been found guilty. But only 71 have been condemned. The average sentence they have received is only 45 days in jail, according to the 'politician' website. That is due to the attitude of the Prosecutor's Office, which in most of the trials describes the assault as an insurrection and then offers the defendants withdrawn from all the charges against him if he agreed to declare guilty of entering a public building without authorization. To the judges, that attitude of the Public Ministry despairs them. Washington's chief magistrate, Beryl Howell, has qualified the "almost schizophrenic" prosecutors' strategy.

In fact, the schizophrenia denounced by Howell should not be limited to prosecutors, but to be extended to all the United States. The greatest power in the world is today departed in tribes that they hate and despise each other. And nothing better to see that the attitude of public opinion in relation to the assault on the Capitol, with its four dead, and its images of "Bananera Republic", according to the words of former President George W. Bush.

60% of Americans believe that Donald Trump has "a lot" or "quite" responsibility in the assault. Among the Republicans, that percentage falls to 28%. If only Donald Trump voters are counted, the figure is only 17%. One in four voters of that party supports the insurrection. If you take into account that Donald Trump achieved 74 million votes, more than 18 million people leave in favor of violent acts on January 6, 2021.

These figures, which come from online surveys performed by Momentive and Yougov for Web Axios and the CBS television network are reproduced inverted, as if it were a mirror, among the Democratic voters and Joe Biden. The assault on Congress was, as well, a heroic act, perhaps wrong, but with good intentions - 56% of Republicans believe that the motivation of the assailants was "defending freedom" - or a coup attempt.

John's vision, which he summed up the world by saying that "I am here supporting the President and supporting the struggle to maintain the Constitution," is shared by most of its co-religionists. For many Democrats, however, Puerto Rican is nothing more than a fascist, a seditious, and, presumably, also a racist. In this way, it is the most serious political crisis since 161 years ago it was broken by two when the southern states proclaimed the secession so that no one could raise the abolition in the future of slavery. It has been a year since the assault and the distance between the defenders and critics of the invasion of what could be considered with caveats as the equivalent of Parliament not only has not been reduced, but has become abysmal. Which leads, once again, the civil war from 1861 to 1865. Every day it has been more common to talk about that the US addresses a conflict of those characteristics.

The next Tuesday, the politicologist and adviser of the CIA Barbara F. Walter publishes his book so the civil wars begin, with a provocative thesis that has explained the columnist of the 'Washington Post' Dana Milbank in an article entitled "We are closer to A civil war of what we think. " For Walter, "If you were an analyst from a foreign country that you will observe the situation in the US, just like if it were in Ukraine, Ivory Coast, or Venezuela, and you are looking at point by point, evaluating the situation, you will see that the US A democracy founded more than 200 years ago, has entered into a very dangerous land. "

Walter does not fear a classic civil war in a country with almost 6,000 atomic pumps. But a period of violence with a population that has more firearms than the rest of the countries of the world together.

Appointment as evidence of this situation the assault on the Capitol, the killings of Jews, black and Hispanics of recent years, and the attempted kidnapping of the Democrat Governor of Michigan by Republican fanatics who opposed the confines by Covid-19 in 2020 .

But that analysis, however, is a sign of the factionalism and the absence of dialogue in the country, because it obviates the dozens of the dead of the racial disturbances and the looting of 2020, and the 2017 attack in which a supporter of the Democrat of Left Bernie Sanders murdered a policeman and seriously wounded the republican number of Republican at the House of Representatives, Steve Scalise.

In September, the 'Think Tank' most influential in the world, Brookings Institution, held a debate with the title "Is USA to a Second Civil War?" And last month, the Canadian writer Stephen Marche published the book 'The Next Civil War. Chronicles from the future of the US '. Because it is not just something intellectual. A survey conducted in 2019 by Republican Consultant Rasmussen revealed that 31% of Americans consider "probable" than the country "experience a civil war in five years".

A year earlier, the conservative historian Victor Davis Hanson, of the 'Think Tank' Hoover Institution, had been asked at 'The National Interest', which is one of the magazines that mark the Republican Party Guideline: "How, when, and Why does it have been put on the verge of a civil war? "

They are reflections that just a few years ago had been inconceivable. Civil war in the US? Assault to the Capitol? A president who refuses to make a transfer of Pacific power? They are, too, unanswered questions, the symbol of a giant who has held the world for seven decades, which is the idea of democracy in the US, if not fallen, yes questioned. Because, as he summarized Volodimir Zelensky, president of a country, Ukraine, who has lived several assaults on his own congress, "it is difficult to see the United States as a symbol of democracy after assault on the Capitol."

Updated Date: 06 January 2022, 12:37

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