At least 42 dead on the east coast of the USA by the heavy rains of the remains of Hurricane 'Ida'

Hurricane Ida did not sweep, as feared, the city of New Orleans. Instead, its remains have hit with an unusual violence New York, located 2,000 kilometers nor

At least 42 dead on the east coast of the USA by the heavy rains of the remains of Hurricane 'Ida'

Hurricane Ida did not sweep, as feared, the city of New Orleans. Instead, its remains have hit with an unusual violence New York, located 2,000 kilometers northeast, causing at least 12 dead in the city, where huge floods have occurred in the districts of Queens and Brooklyn. According to the Head of the New York police, Dermot Shea, most of the deaths, including that of a 2-year-old boy, have produced "in homes and residential basements" due to flooding.

Precipitation have forced the Newark International Airport to close, together with New York, although in the state of New Jersey, where at least 23 deceased have been reported. "Most of the deceased are individuals who were trapped in their vehicles by floods," according to the data made public by the governor of the region, Phil Murphy.

JFK and guard airports are suffering dozens of cancellations and hundreds of delays. Much of the city's metro network has also been closed to the public, after several stations are flooded with authentic riapers and waterfalls that fell so much by stairs of stations and tunnel ceilings. There are also 3 deceased in the New York County of Westchester, 3 in Philadelphia and one in Connecticut, and the death number could increase in the next few hours.

In total, there are some 250,000 people without electricity in the Metropolitan area of New York, which did not live a meteorological catastrophe of this magnitude since the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, on October 29, 2012, which caused the death of 44 people. The destruction, however, are smaller than those who have provoked the storm in the state of Louisiana, where new Orleans is, and in which more than one million people were left without light. In that state, however, the storm only caused three dead, and all of them indirectly. In fact, one of the deceased had a specially macabre death, being dismembered by a Cayman while trying to escape from the flood.

New York, unlike Louisiana, is not accustomed to hurricanes, and that is why the blow has been stronger. Of course, the impact of the storm has not been limited to the city. Ida has forced more than 600 kilometers of a railway line from the city of Philadelphia, where three people died, to Boston, which supposes the paralysis of the railroad of the railway, which is the only train line to US Passengers who is intended to connect large urban centers. The capital of the country, Washington, was semiparalized on Wednesday for fear that Ida provoke tornado as the one who ravaged Annapolis, 40 kilometers north.

The first estimates point to between 15,000 and 25,000 million dollars (from 12,600 to 21,000 million euros) in a total of seven states - tres of the south and four of the northeast - although the final figure could be considerably higher. To this is added the closure of a part of the refineries and the oil extraction fields of the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the colonial pipeline, which connects the northeast of the country with those deposits and which jumped to the first flat of the news in May, when a group of Russian 'hackers' was done with the control of its computer systems and closed it. In total, around 15% of oil production and 12.5% of US refining capacity is paralyzed as a result of the hurricane.

Paradoxically, IDA has been much less than what was feared in New Orleans, where it entered the mainland as a Hurricane of category 4, with winds of 230 kilometers per hour. It was the first cyclone of great magnitudes that hit the city since Katrina, in August 2005, destroyed that locality and caused a death figure that has never been accurately specified, but ranges between 1,500 and 2,000, according to the Different estimates. Fifteen years after the catastrophe, the New Orleans metropolitan area has not yet recovered the population I had before Katrina.

One of the range characteristics has been the speed with which he gained strength before touching ground. Its damage, however, have not occurred both by its strong winds, since in northeastern US it has come totally weakened, but by the ferocious and sudden storms of water that has triggered.

In Central Park, only 8 centimeters of water were recorded nearly at nine o'clock in the evening, which represents the highest number since they began to collect data in 1870, and the city issued for the first time an emergency notice by flooding Quick, which implies that there is mortal risk.

The magnitude could be measured today in the declarations of Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, who said it is "the first time there has been a sudden water tube of this proportion" in the area, compared it with having "some Niagara Falls on the Street "and recognized" deficiencies in the local "drainage".

Hochul, who declared last night the state of emergency, said at a press conference already under a sunny sky that the president of the US, Joe Biden, has offered federal help to assess the damage and that "the money flows" as soon as possible To homes and businesses devastated by this phenomenon that has brought Hurricane Sandy echoes.

On its way to Canada and degraded to the category of posttropical cyclone, it is expected to go "slowly finish the threat of flood" but there is a possibility that it generates tornadoes by Rhode Island and Massachusetts, according to information from the National Service of Meteorology (NWS, in English).

Date Of Update: 04 September 2021, 10:13

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