Athletic stamps in Mendizorroza: Not every day there are miracles

He went out to the Jan Oblak race, heading to the Alavés area. He ran in search of a miracle that this time did not arrive. The header of laguardia and the

Athletic stamps in Mendizorroza: Not every day there are miracles

He went out to the Jan Oblak race, heading to the Alavés area. He ran in search of a miracle that this time did not arrive. The header of laguardia and the carelessness of Savic, at dawn of the party, ended up being lethal for the destiny of Atlético, which added 11 games followed by League without losing. Simeone resorted to all the dynamite of him, but they forgot to make her detonate. It was the first frustrated comeback of the Rojiblancos. It was the catharsis of mendizororza, who found himself the first triumph of him in an unforgettable desktop.

Browse countercurrent has become a custom of this athletic. In a dangerous habit he ended up paying. In Vitoria, at Vermú's time, just three minutes were enough for Simeone to launch his first scream from the band. If in Getafe, four days ago, it was Oblak who wore a stranger vulnerable face, this time it was his inseparable Savic who committed a laguardia blur, bursting behind the trench, turned another deadly dart for the Rojiblanco set. Felipe, holder in the recovered back of three central, with Giménez taking a break, either finely walked. The Alavals took out the colors to a defense that keeps trying to adjust its gears. The wall of the champion has started this season with some other fissure.

He met the athletic with a wound, a feeling that is not new. It had already been seen a few times behind (Villarreal, Espanyol, Getafe) on the scoreboard, surely too many to disgust his coach. So, with the experience, they followed their rhythm in a first part where they barely left a couple of flashes with which to dazzle the Pacheco goal. And they did not do it because, opposite, they found an armored Alavés, with five back and four in the middle, which flew at full speed every time the Madrid, somewhat predictable, gave a ball. Calleja had underlined him well the notes of him and wrinkled the imagination and overflowing of Carrasco, placing Navarro and Aguirregabiria as if they were the bodyguard of him. The Belgian would go unnoticed.

Kondogbia returned after her parenthesis by Getafe injury and the African made it clear that her lungs, her long tentacles and, sometimes, her spark of creativity are today one of the pillars on which this team can be sustained. In Vitoria, as this course has already happened several times, he returned to be essential. The absence of him, after seeing the fifth yellow, surely the accusing his team in front of Barcelona. Although that will be another story.

At the break the athletic left with a harsh taste of mouth that would not be removed. A too crossed shot of Llorente was the most dangerous notch of a team where Griezmann and Luis Suárez returned to be the shooting partner, with a strap on the bench, for the first time. Uruguayan barely reached a balloon to the area under conditions. French follows its accelerated course to learn the manual of operation of this equipment.

Laguardia, Captain Blanquiazul, returned to be capital when repelling a shipment from Paul, Certero to the ball standing, which had stopped Pacheco. The Colist was firm and decided in the convictions of him, after the instructions received by Calleja, the Mister of him. Loum did not believe it when he was face to face with Oblak, either pine, minutes later, and the Alavés stayed with the desire to have definitely sent to the canvas to athletic. Rioja's incursions, a sharpening and fast dagger, made the rojiblanca hast suffering.

It is already custom this year that Simeone is touched to shake the wand to amend one afternoon. And in Vitoria it was no exception. He returned to the defense of four and gave himself to an ultra-defense drawing with Correa, Cunha, Griezmann and Suárez on the green, with Herrera and Paul al Rudder. Of course, without Koke, to the Rojiblanca medullary is as if a letter was lacking. The bet was antithesis of that defensive tilde that is often made by default the Argentine technician. It seemed like the only way to cross such a wired. But it was not enough. Football was missing. Clarity missed. He missed order. Names are not enough. Pacheco was no savior.

The belt cabinets, which illuminated a dark road at times, were insufficient for Atlético, who ended up delivered to the Vrsaljko centers. To the balls hanging in an impassable area. A team that ended lost in Vitoria, starred against a wall, the Alavés, who had traversed their previous five rivals. He had not come back Rojiblanca, who could leave with a greater wound. In the suitcase, a lesson: There are despires that they kill.

Date Of Update: 25 September 2021, 10:54

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