Atlético takes it very seriously and devours to the Majadahonda Ray

It was not the hill of Espino the stage by express desire of the Majadahonda and Atlético ray, more than a packed duel that will take salt to the open wounds, l

Atlético takes it very seriously and devours to the Majadahonda Ray

It was not the hill of Espino the stage by express desire of the Majadahonda and Atlético ray, more than a packed duel that will take salt to the open wounds, lived a training party. With 18,000 spectators pushing in the metropolitan, an eleven without risks, a whit of luck and the ambition with moving to the eighth of a competition that resists. I did not need more to mutate in a gazebo overrun

The Majadahonda stepped on the way of surprise with the renunciation to play in his stadium, as much as this is the second house of Atlético and who knows him to Palmo. In the Wanda, the premises was the one as always, he wore of Rojiblanco and took advantage of the confidence to vent the accumulated anger, starting with the memory of ancient embarrasses before the cultural Leonesa and the Cornellà and ending up with doubts in League who needs to shake.

He exorcized SimeOne any evil omen with eleven, which could well align in the next duel against Villarreal. He even threw hand from Jan Oblak despite the fact that the looks were put on the debut of Benjamin Lecomte. Both I could see it given to the Slovenian being on the bench, because in the whole first part he was a spectator that Diego Simeone granted the privilege of being on the foot of the countryside.

If a goalkeeper took out the comidake of the previous, the other, Gorka Giralt, marked the beginning of the duel. Without the first minute, an involuntary stomp of Luis Suárez in his hand in the first Athletic onslaught forced him to retire between tears. An emotional clap who knocked up the whole team of Abel Gómez.

The athletic was installed in his area and looked for in a succession of occasions to start getting into the game in his pocket. To do so he had it until the luck that there was no var in this round of the competition, because then the goal of Matheus Cunha had not risen to the scoreboard out of play. He did not see the assistant Jaime Latre who at the pass of Yannick Carrasco, so intense in the pressure at the departure of the ball that caused the error of the Central Jorge Married, the Brazilian was advanced. It was a pallet more in the mood of the ray, which he saw the game was not putting out of priest. Like much, sustain itself so as not to succumb to excessive sob.

The more he grew up that sensation when he lost another ball before the pressure of Cunha, who built with Thomas Lemar and Carrasco a play that ended with an unstoppable shot of Renan Lodi. If by then, he no longer had a rival, at the edge of the Rest came the connection in the band of Carrasco with a unfolded Marcos Llorente who filtered the perfect pass for Luis Suárez to feed the voracity of him and grabbed the pass to the eighth.

Although nothing was forgotten that victory was not already immovable, Simeone continued to demand in the band and leading the artillery countryside, even if he came from a few days passed by the happy coronavirus. In a first time, he sent Koke to the countryside, Sime Vrsaljko and Angel Correa, but then started training Antoine Griezmann and Joao Felix, perhaps to make kilometers before the next visit of Villarreal. A decision that, to the dessert, was risky and unfair.

He wanted to awaken the Majadahonda ray while the athletic readjusted. He finally stepped on the other area of the Wanda and handed him the first ball to Oblak in a kick. He ran the 57th minute. With more lung and talent like that of Mawi he tried at least stretching. So much gunpowder had put the athletic that was almost impossible that he will not change the score again. In the first move in which Koke, Correa and Griezmann connected, came the French goal greater a score that rounded Joao Felix in a race after a long passage of Lodi.

If there was something that could tarnish victory and the classification did not look like it happened in the area of visitors, the Rojiblancos. But he arrived. After a few minutes of Griezmann, he put the name between the scorers, he put his hand on his thigh and asked for change. The physical problem of the Galo left the team with ten, which was not important, but it can pose a setback for both the next game and for the supercopa that Atlético will play within a week in Riad. The party was not complete.

Updated Date: 06 January 2022, 20:26

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