Australian justice decides this Monday if Novak Djokovic stays or leaves

The 'number one' of the world tennis, Novak Djokovic, will defend on Monday its right to be accepted in Australian territory and play the Australian Open: For

Australian justice decides this Monday if Novak Djokovic stays or leaves

The 'number one' of the world tennis, Novak Djokovic, will defend on Monday its right to be accepted in Australian territory and play the Australian Open: For this you will have to convince the local justice that the Covid passed in December and that Libra of mandatory vaccination.

Since his arrival in Melbourne midway through the week and the cancellation of his entrance visa, Djokovic is retained at a migratory center of the Australian city.

The audience in the Federal Court must begin on Monday at 10.00 local time (00.00 hours on Monday, Spanish peninsular time). Whatever the decision of the court, a resource of any of the parties could still prolong the tennis stay at the retention center, the old Park Hotel, a five-story facility that houses about 32 migrants trapped in the hard immigration system Australian, some for years. No one can enter or leave the staff.

A handful of protesters gathered on Sunday morning in the street in front of the place, where hundreds of followers of Djokovic, antivacional activists and migrant defenders paraded one day before.

The time runs against the Serbian: With the beginning of Australia's Open on January 17, any delay could complicate the 34-year-old tennis aspiration from winning its tenth crown in Melbourne and its Grand Slam tournament, which would become In tennis player with more 'great' history, surpassing its great rivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Judge Anthony Kelly indicated that the audience would be held on Monday and rejected the government's request to postpone it on Wednesday.

"He wants freedom," said First Minister Serbia, Ana Brnabic, this weekend. In addition, she affirmed that Serbia supports the player and who had "constructive conversations" with the Australian Foreign Minister, Marise Payne. "We achieved that he received free food from gluten, exercise equipment, a computer," she declared to Serbia Pink Television Chain.

This Sunday, Djokovic also received the support of the highest president of the Serbian Orthodox Church: "I will talk about the one who is detained and that he wanted his freedom, who wants his freedom," he said in a speech in the capital of the Serbs of Bosnia, Banja Luka

Djokovic attorneys presented a document of 35 pages on Saturday that argued that the visa was erroneously canceled and that it should be restored so that it can compete. They pointed out that the Djokovic PCR test that gave positive on December 16, 2021 complies with the criteria to exempt it from the VACCO-19 vaccine, according to Australian standards.

Despite this alleged contagion, Djokovic attended two public events in Belgrade, without mask, on the same day and the next day: a ceremony in honor of Serbian young tennis players on December 17 and an act of presentation of a seal in his honor eve.

Tennis Australia (the Australian Federation, Open Organizer of Australia), granted an exemption to participate in the tournament after his application was approved by two independent medical committees, his lawyers said.

However, the Australian Government insists that the proof of a recent Covid-19 infection only allows to grant exemption to residents, not foreigners who want to enter the country.

Djokovic "is not vaccinated," he insisted on Sunday the lawyers who defend Australia's interests in a written conclusions. "This visa application must be rejected," they added.

Australia still restricts the entry of foreigners, and who receive authorization must have full vaccination or have a medical exemption.

Another tennis who was going to participate in the Australian Open, the Czech Renata Vorryova, the visa was canceled, although initially it was allowed to enter Australian territory and has already left the country.

The Australian Federation and its President Craig Tiley were accused of having an error induced the tennis players in relation to their vaccination obligations to enter the country. However, in an internal video disclosed Saturday Tiley assured that the entity had done "everything he could".

Australia hardened the restrictions to combat a wave of contagion linked to the omicron variant. Only in the state of Victoria, where Melbourne is, new cases were recorded on Sunday 44,155.

Updated Date: 09 January 2022, 14:22

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