BMW X1: a real eater kilometers

BMW 3 Series 330i: when the driver is the ReyBMW bet by the potential of the car hidrógenoBMW Concept 4: a preview the next Series 4 BMW X1 is updated, above a

BMW X1: a real eater kilometers
BMW 3 Series 330i: when the driver is the ReyBMW bet by the potential of the car hidrógenoBMW Concept 4: a preview the next Series 4

BMW X1 is updated, above all, to highlight its attractiveness. We have modified the design, now boasts a high level of versatility, and a series of cutting-edge equipment elements. Under the surface, on the other hand, a powerful and extremely efficient engines three-or four-cylinder BMW TwinPower Turbo and all-wheel-drive intelligent BMW xDrive enhances driving pleasure of the last X1.

This design is not to have changed much, but if there is something that immediately recognizes it by its front part . There, a grille BMW of a larger size (the kidneys is now joined at the center) linked with the new LED headlights autoadaptables with a design that is more stylized and a bumper that incorporates the LED fog lights and air intakes larger. The back of the X1 also introduces new traits of style. Now, for example, the insertion in the skirt later takes on the colour of the bodywork. This new feature is included as standard and gives the rear of the BMW X1 a presence and elegance even greater.

The attractive new design of the X1 is enhanced by four new wheel designs and three new exterior colors: Jucaro Beige metallic, Misano Blue metallic (version-specific M Sport) and the new Storm Bay metallic from BMW Individual.

Versatility inside

there is Also that highlight the versatility of its interior. The most advanced technology joins generous levels of space and countless clever solutions and functional. Is evidence of the quality of the material s nothing more to enter into the passenger compartment, as well as the display of core information. Has serial a screen of 6.5 inches. If requested by the navigation system, the screen may be either of 8.8 inches or the new touch screen 10,25 inches. This latter system can be controlled by the driver, BMW iDrive, by voice or using the touch screen, as part of that package.

The remarkable versatility of the BMW X1 is not limited to digital; its interior can also be adapted to suit different personal needs. For example, the rear seat can be folded down in three sections (40:20:40) and, optionally, having a longitudinal shift of up to 13 cm Options such as the automatic gate or access comfort that allows you to open and close the gate without using the hands, raise even more the level of functionality .

Powerful and efficient

The upgrade of the BMW X1 is, in a greater extent, at the level of motorization, since now all versions of gasoline and diesel will comply with the regulations of exhaust emissions EU6d-temp; the BMW X1 sDrive16d and the BMW X1 xDrive25d, in addition, will be already the norm EU6d. The power generated by the powerful and efficient engines, three or four cylinders is transmitted through the all-wheel-drive intelligent BMW xDrive all-or for the advanced configuration of front-wheel drive, depending on the version. The result is an excellent road and a supreme driving pleasure on uneven terrain.

In fact, during our contact with the version of the X1 xDrive25d by German roads, a model, especially sports that develops a maximum power of 231 HP and a maximum torque of 450 Nm. Since then, it is a perfect car to devour miles like no other.

Comfortable and with a consumption flow content . Their mean is 5.2, although the real test is not dropped from 6.

But also to walk in the city, thanks to its compact size; e incluo to venture off the tarmac. Although we have not tested it on those grounds, its intelligent awd system, present in most of the variants of the range, it divides the torque between the front and rear axles to suit each situation. The result is an excellent combination of traction, and directional stability and dynamic in all weather conditions, and pavement.

The updated portfolio of the BMW X1 comprises a total of 16 combinations of engines and transmissions, which ensures that clients have a broad spectrum of possibilities from which to choose. The suspension technology of the BMW X1 provides all the versions the agility known by the customers of the brand, and some reactions are precise and controllable.

hybrid plug-in

Likewise, the impressive efficiency of the petrol versions and diesel in the new BMW X1 is only a foretaste of the arrival of the first BMW X1 with propulsion system plug-in hybrid . The launch of this new version, the next year, is framed within the process of electrification of the range BMW.

Specifically, this upcoming model, which combines an electrical conduction extremely efficient and a lithium-ion battery and latest-generation, make it possible for a autonomy of up to 57 km in electric-only mode. For this reason, this model has the label environmental 0 Emissions of the DGT, to be a vehicle plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) with a range greater than 40 kilometers.

The system plug-in hybrid consists of a gasoline engine three-cylinder and 1.5-liter with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology 125 HP, coupled to an electric motor specifically developed for this model, 95 HP. Therefore, the joint power is 220 HP. In addition, the electric motor ensures to have reserves of push additional, that provide security; and an intense sporty character in overtaking on secondary roads, for example.

Thanks to the latest battery technology, the new BMW X1 xDrive25e has large reserves of electrical energy , that allow you to perform the majority of daily trips using only the electric motor and without generating local emissions. The latest generation of lithium-ion batteries have an energy capacity of 9.7 kWh, which allow the BMW X1 xDrive25e offer an electric range of up to 57 kilometres. The high-voltage battery can be charged in a household outlet conventional using the charging cable that is included in the standard equipment. In this way, the battery can be fully charged in about five hours. If you use a charger BMW i Wallbox, the charging time is reduced to less than 3.6 hours. The charging socket has a cap-independent and is located on the front side left of the car.

Date Of Update: 02 October 2019, 21:00

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