Bad for the competitors of TikTok

The first one to arrive wins the bet. In the world of mobile applications of micro-video, TikTok seems now difficult to dislodge. Its challengers to break there

Bad for the competitors of TikTok

The first one to arrive wins the bet. In the world of mobile applications of micro-video, TikTok seems now difficult to dislodge. Its challengers to break there teeth. Zynn had made an amazing breakthrough in the United States in recent weeks, occupying the end of may the head of the ranking of the most popular apps.

This copy of TikTok has something to entice users. It may pay to watch short videos and encourage them to invite their friends to join the platform. A model unsustainable? Not sure. Zynn has been created by the first challenger of TikTok in China, Kuaishou. It has a good back, having raised 2 billion at the end of 2019.

However, Zynn has been removed in the middle of the week in the app store, Google Play Store. To better start this application, its creators seem to have drawn thousands of short videos of influencers TikTok, who are complaining. Kuaishou on Thursday announced to be in discussion with Google to "resolve the issue as quickly as possible". The application was still available on the Apple Store Thursday evening.

"Burn the cash"

Other sharing platform short videos, Likee also seems to be on track to approach the statistics of stratospheric of TikTok. Yet, its publisher, singapore, Bigo, which belongs to a chinese (Joyy), puts the means to try to get a place on this highly competitive market. "We're still in cash," admitted Bing Jin, the chief financial officer of Joyy, during the presentation of the results of the first quarter, the may 21. The marketing expenditures of Bigo have quadrupled in a year, contributing to a drop of 80% the profit of Joyy in the first quarter of 2020.

This effort was not completely in vain. According to the data of the Sensor Tower, Likee reached in 2019 the sixth place of the most popular apps in the world. But the majority of the 330 million downloads credit have been made on the indian market. However, the leaders of Joyy aim of the developed countries, the purchasing power is far higher, and more easily attainable than chinese consumers. "As a general rule, the acquisition cost of foreign users is lower than in China," added Bing Jin in front of the analysts.

spending big bucks in advertising to emerge on a market, Likee leads to the same strategy as TikTok in its infancy. The successful application to has spent $ 3 million per day marketing in 2018 and 2019. At the height of the campaign, 22% of ads viewed by users of Facebook in the United States spoke of TikTok.

live video

The long-term strategy of Likee and Zynn, however, seems to diverge from that of TikTok. "The majority of the revenues of Kuaishou, editor of Zynn, comes from the live video in China, when ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, is derived from advertising and e-commerce", even if it also offers live streaming, analysis the investor Turner Novak on his blog. These respective specialties suggest the possibility of different strategies of the two unicorns of the chinese in the United States and in the developed countries.

It is also the strategy displayed by Joyy to increase the revenues of Likee. Its subsidiary Bigo is a great specialist in live video, with its application Bigo Live. "We want to convert the users Likee to live video , a premium service, explained Bing Jin analysts. The penetration rate of the live video is still very low in many developed countries, we believe that we have only touched on our potential for growth." TikTok is prevented.

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