Barcelona catches a miracle in Villarreal

Miracles have a lot to do with football. He suffered Barcelona, Bamboleante, who was tumbling as stony as those preceded by Foreman's collapse against Muhamm

Barcelona catches a miracle in Villarreal

Miracles have a lot to do with football. He suffered Barcelona, Bamboleante, who was tumbling as stony as those preceded by Foreman's collapse against Muhammad Ali in Kinshasa. But Villarreal did not hit knocking down. So Memphis, at minute 88, and after a long kick of Ter Stegen, he said believe. Yes, in miracles. It could only be that. He sneered the ball between the legs of stupine and returned with ecstasy. He only had to open the night Coutinho with a penalty with Aroma to Sorry. (Narrative and statistics)

"Get the idea that we've already lost, and I did not want to answer anything, in case I was not talking only about the game." That torment, so usual in football, usually accompany those who get used to survive, not to live. He left him in writing Almudena large in one of her stories (demonstration of the existence of God). And Barcelona took it as a sign of identity. Changing will not be easy, although it continues in it.

The night was indecipherable. It would be necessary to start the first act in two to clarify something from what happened. There was an initial stretch, which lasted 20 minutes, in which Barcelona knew how to find holes in the defense of the rival. It generated up to four clear occasions: two auctions to the stick, an abde header and a shot with the left of Gavi; and two errors of Memphis before goalkeeper Rulli, the second, only at the point of penalty, especially unjustifiable. Right there, a completely different match was opened. And the Xavi Hernández team melted.

Before Villarreal began to play with Barcelona, the local fans found reasons to point out the referee, Soto Grade. The referee had already begun very badly the night, undressing the pampering by coupling for Busquets in the first minute of play. The action did not even deserve the yellow.

But the arbitral tangle went to more. Eric García, surprising right lateral, inaugurated the witch train with a backward pass that left Danjuma in front of Ter Stegen. He went to the rescue, throwing himself into the lawn. The left hand left on the floor, while with the right rejected Danjuma's shot. The VR did not consider it appropriate to invite the referee to review the action on the monitor, thus giving its conformity to the first appreciation of the main judge, who must have understood that the hand did not occupy an unnatural space. They were wrong among all.

But, beyond all that, you should ask yourself the suitability of the plan designed by Xavi for Eric. Not so much because he had to defend the right bank, but because the game was chasing Moi. He did not have more than get away from the lime to get out of his circulation. For that Socavón, Pedraza began to see how ABDA did not give him life to face successfully -Sus dribbles with the curved back are addictive - but also to defend. Unai Emery squeezed how much tactical deficiency could, even if he punished him with his goal. Danjuma did not know how to beat Ter Stegen. And there Villarreal could already fear the worst.

Barcelona had emerged unscathed from the deficient final episode of the first half, where he first lost the ball and then control. But when he left the costume, the first thing he did was to find his forbidden fruit: the goal. Football is like that.

ABDE, who else, had opened another gap. He scrolled the game to Jordi Alba, who arranged something the bad game of him with him to the heart of the area. Memphis, embedded between Pau Torres and Albiol, proposed the boot. Rulli took her out as he could, but Frenkie de Jong, who had not marked seven months, was ready at waiting and in the coronation. The goal, yes, it had to be validated by the Va, which ended up considering that Memphis was behind the power plants on the first auction.

No much less improved Barcelona after being ahead on the scoreboard. He did not even know how to get out of the pressure, nor his footballers looked at strength to win their duels. Eric, sunken, the penalty was played after an albiol grip. And Mingueza, substitute of the injured Alba, contributed next to Piqué to the defensive Guateque. Between the two they opened the door wide to Chukwueze so that he will take the tie at a quarter of an end hour. And luck had the bargains of the danjuma twisted booty, preamble of local cataclysm to the memphis liberation compass and the coutinho clasp.

Barça finally won a party in League away from home. And he understood that for this he had not even play well. Just believing.

Updated Date: 27 November 2021, 17:55

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