Barcelona denies trauma

Barcelona has gone wrong. Who knows if it will be able to avoid being designed by investment funds. Who knows if he can live in peace after the economic and

Barcelona denies trauma

Barcelona has gone wrong. Who knows if it will be able to avoid being designed by investment funds. Who knows if he can live in peace after the economic and spiritual ruin perpetrated by managers who still take chest for their incompetence. Who knows whether some figure will be sprout that allows pain relieving by Messi. With what splendor dawned Memphis to the beats of the goals of Braithwaite, while at the Camp Nou whistled whom he intended a coral applause in homage to Rosarino in the 10th minute.

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But football, fortunately, does not decry with business schools, but players. And nothing weighs more in a field than a handful of them letting themselves be carried away by enthusiasm and the poetic security that another present is possible. If Barça was ahead of the Royal Society in its league premiere at the Camp Nou is because he thought he could do it. Memphis pressed as no one and exercised as a total front. An incord and an artist. Braithwaite, all self-love, scored two goals with the ease of classic wings. And Piqué, received as a modern god in the stadium for something as terrestrial as the salary was lowered, he could get halling to kiss the shield after heading the net in the goal with which Barça opened the season.

Joe Louis, that legendary boxing heavyweight champion with null capacity for oratory, had a moment of dialectical lucidity when he released an opponent: "I may know how to run, but can not hide." The same thing happens in a soccer field. There is no way to go unnoticed. And they can not do these bluegranate players that will be again and again judged from a sinister comparative. What was happening in Messi's times will be put on a balance with everything that happens from now on.

True. It was only the first official party of the season. But he allowed us to warn what brings between Ronald Koeman, trainer who Joan Lapa kept reluctantly because he did not have money to say goodbye and after claiming an offensive and brave game. Koeman had to take note. He assumed 4-3-3. He did not hesitate to debut Eric García as a right central, thus prioritizing a clean exit of a balloon as a fence as araujo. With Pedri, inexhaustible, next to Busquets and Jong, he fixed his Blessed Trinity in the broad area. And in attack only Griezmann, despite a testarazo to the stick, he saw something unlightened. Memphis capitalized everything. He even experienced the Dutch with an association with Jordi Alba. The lane was whoever orphaned could feel at the march of Messi.

One of those 20,384 fans who returned to Camp Nou after 17 months ago it was locked in his t-shirt of 'La Fanga'. A routine garment has become an uncomfortable object of worship. Not because of the value of the tribute, but because of the soupness of the memory. And football, whose machine making money would not make sense if there was no way to monetize emotions, and place the faces of this present before the showcase.

Maybe there will be someone to remember with the staging of Memphis. He threw a hat to Le Normand with the spur as a hook. That kind of street gestures that reconcil in the fan with the artistic value of this.

Everything acquired more merit if it is the real Sheriff Society El Rival, team that was razed during the first half hour without being able to serve as alibi the absence of Alexander Isak. The Donostiaras, despite having in its ranks with footballers born to combine in a rival field (Merino, Zubimendi, Silva ...), were trapped in front of their area. Neither there was a way to connect with Januzaj and Oyarzabal, false front center, nor the defense could stay stable before the conjuntor games of the Azulgrana attackers. That Barcelona would soon beheaded in the scorer conditioned the mood of visitors who only spammed at the end. Even if they did it big.

Before, Piqué had crowned a large center of Memphis in 1-0. And Braithwaite, in the addition of the first act, took advantage of Jong's attendance, without having an impact on the review of the VaR for a presumptive previous lack of Eric García. The third from both Braithwaite, given between Memphis and Alba at the beginning of the second half, much less was the sentence. Nothing is given here for granted.

Koeman gave rope to more debutants, Emerson and the young girl González, son of the former Fran sportsman. And the real one, who found 1-3 thanks to a crack on the right side taken advantage of by Lobete, dreamed of the gesture after a tremendous direct free kick of Oyarzabal five minutes from the end. Koeman had entered a scary attack.

But football, so rocambolesco, found answers in Braithwaite again, Assistant Sergi Roberto at the same time that closed the night.

Fitzgerald Zanjó El Gran Gatsby with the conviction that the boats are condemned to row countercurrent, to be dragged by the past. There will be time to know if so. Remember always was losing. Live, maybe win.

Date Of Update: 15 August 2021, 16:38

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