Barcelona falls even lower in Europe

There are no tears that cry. Even the sadder stories are normalized. Barcelona has been exploring the borders of the sunset for years. He went from inexpl

Barcelona falls even lower in Europe

There are no tears that cry. Even the sadder stories are normalized. Barcelona has been exploring the borders of the sunset for years. He went from inexplicable defeats to landslides that ceased to surprise anyone. But the fall is not over yet. Neither the embarrassment. As if Dante's hell still had new rings where to fall apart. This Barça was separated from a slap of the European elite by a Bayern who earned him with his hands in his pockets. He lost in the icy Munich and without a public before him who show the miseries of him. He did not even have to look at the eye on the triumph of Benfica before the Dinamo to confirm that his punishment will be Europe League. Who knows if there waits for another Via Crucis. [Narration and statistics: 3-0]

If someone thought that Bayern would overlook the way to be already classified as first group and with important absences such as Kimmich and Goretzka, maybe he has never understood the idiosyncrasy of this team. Everything competes. Everything devours it. In that insatiable appetite resides its greatness. So they formed six of the 2-8 headlines with which the Bavarians submitted Barça in Da Luz. And seven regarding the team that was gaining the Azulgrana (0-3) this same season at the Camp Nou. Falling sideways in front of the Bavarians is just a habit.

Xavi Hernández is committed to changing things from a philosophy to which football players must adapt, never upside down. Although the raw material is so limited that this is leading to the shame are exposed again and again.

In the absence of pure ends and square 4-3-3, Xavi used one of the latest resources devised by Ronald Koeman to open the field. He placed Sergiño Dest as an end right, although this will take the opposite band to dembélé, who took a starting position for the first time this season. Araujo and Jordi Alba were the sides. The party plan finished in disaster.

Sergiño Dest saw the same limitations that during the Koeman era. He is not a trained footballer or to face in the band or to cause danger in the area of others. He barely saw him in an attempt at auction at a pass from Dembélé in which he did not know how to attack the ball. The French end, while, trying to produce something. But to think that he should be the hope of this team goes far beyond the recklessness. He runs, haggles and looks at his guadianesco profile. But the drama always awaits in decision-making.

Of course, it does not help but I dent that Barça has no one who is capable of finishing. He has marked the team two goals in six Champions games. Because Memphis, who has not seen door still in Europe, is spent life away from the area and trying to lower balls. There the tragedy.

So the Barça sank once Alphonso Davies began to martyrize in his lane. Dest did not follow him, Araujo could not stand him, and that right corner was again the hole of the lamentations. It is on that side where Barça more blood loses.

There, Lewandowski caught the ball and set out to hypnotize Piqué with how many breaks he wanted. He did not even have to mark to hurt. He centered the area and Müller, always with the eyes injected into blood when he faces Barça, the first goal hit. Mingueza, how soon he had replaced a Jordi Alba who played injured, nor annoyed the German demon. Araujo tried to take out the ball under sticks. But nothing could do.

Barça no longer raised head. He gave up by a lot of missing one hour to play. There was no more than seeing Ter Stegen trying to stop the very slight shot of SANÉ at 0-2 before the break. It was the goalkeeper by the ball too late, as if he had lost all hope of being that goalkeeper who saved games again. Ter Stegen does not change the gesture. He never twists his neck and looks firmly. The goals are a punishment that He carries inside.

He tried Xavi to react, pulling away from him to destial for Nico to try to compete in the center of the field. But nothing changed. Alphonso Davies continued flying. He surpassed with slagged Araujo and allowed Musiala to take 3-0. The punishment was not greater because Bayern decided to stop.

Joan Laporta dawned with candles in the Cathedral of Munich. He got burned by pending the reality of a Barcelona that does not give for more than for the subsoil of Europe.

Date Of Update: 08 December 2021, 17:18

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