Barcelona lives an ordered

Live Barcelona an ordeal. His footballers, alone and discouraged, vagabond in the field without knowing what to do. The coach of him, Ronald Koeman, directs

Barcelona lives an ordered

Live Barcelona an ordeal. His footballers, alone and discouraged, vagabond in the field without knowing what to do. The coach of him, Ronald Koeman, directs with the regret and the immobility of who is seen in the cadalso. The expulsion of him in added time after the demons took him metaphorical. Glutted by Bayern and frustrated before the Granada, the Cádiz did nothing but end up undressing a team that does not identify his game, but his chaotic becoming.

No one could escape from sadness in ancient carranza. Fali, with his hands on his face, tried to hide the desperate cry of him when the toilets put him on the stretcher. The lesions are treacherous. Fali looked at the top moment of his race, idolized by him, and sure to be living at last a dream that he does not do so much he considered unrealizable. The action should be trivial. A pass and nothing else. But the left knee of him turned too absurd. The footballer understood him, with a pain that transcended his physique. And the hobby, with the heart in a fist, could not do more than cure the name of him while the technician Álvaro Cervera lost his gaze on nothing. Damn soccer.

Barça did not need any misfortune to recognize sadness. He has been accompanying him for weeks. His soccer invites the Torture foal. No one is able to overflow on the one against one. Nobody breaks space. Nobody interprets holes wherever they move forward. And the coach, Ronald Koeman, does not offer any tactical road to a footballers who at times seem to carry pesos tied at the feet.

DEST skirts the calamity every time it progresses through the lane, be it right or left as in Cádiz. Jong Frenkie has long lost the compass and does not manage to tamar anything with who should be the best ally of him, a sergio busquets more and more absent. Frenkie finished the ejected night and with 25 minutes still to play. He risked a front entrance to hawthorn that cost him the second yellow, although the contact did not seem enough to lead to such punishment.

To the young Austrian Demir, while, the opportunity has arrived in Barcelona too early, without tutors who invite you to a ruling that does have GAVI, headline for the first time at 17 years. Memphis always tries, but he does things that he should not, like trying to avoid two and three rivals per play. So bewildered he is going that, already in the second act, he lost sight of a ball that should be a goal. The ball passed under the sole. While Luuk de Jong, who came to top it up, does not finish anything. He even centers better. So Barça closed the first time without a single shot between sticks.

Koeman removed the bench and rescued Sergi Roberto to start the second time, with Demir already on the bench. The Cádiz, despite intuiting that his forces would begin to decline, he still knew how to put fear in his rival thanks to a formidable shit of Negredo from the front. Ter Stegen recalled the best times of him with his hand finally strong and in the appropriate place. And, already at sunset because of a loss of riqui Puig, whom Koeman has offered amnesty, the German goal saved his foot with foot shot of Salvi.

He had the Barcelona to play it in numerical inferiority, without Gavi, who was being his lighthouse, but with Coutinho, always spectral, and another child, Nico González. Nothing would change. Or yes, because who finished looking for the triumph until the end was the Cádiz while Memphis failed a crying occasion in the addition.

"No one can open seeds / in the heart of sleep," shrimp with regret evoking Lorca. Without sleep, there are no seeds that are already worth in a Barça that lives in nothingness.

Date Of Update: 23 September 2021, 18:39

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