Barinas vote besieged by Chavismo

The Barinans threw themselves to vote from first time of the morning at the electoral repetition forced by Nicolás Maduro after the historic defeat of November.

Barinas vote besieged by Chavismo

The Barinans threw themselves to vote from first time of the morning at the electoral repetition forced by Nicolás Maduro after the historic defeat of November. Some did it to punish the abuse, one more, of the revolution; Others pushed by government blackmail, which has distributed appliances, gas cylinders and tons of gifts as if it were the wise men of Caracas.

Huge advantageism as it had not been seen in the middle of a military deployment that has transformed barinas into a gigantic barracks. And a wave of promises of future happiness for the cradle of the Revolution, which despite being governed by the family of Hugo Chávez for 22 years has lived his darker times, trapped between poverty, emigration and collapse of state services Provided by the disastrous Bolivarian Management.

"Come on Barinas, the time came! The appointment is with the story and the future. Each vote is an expression of the will and commitment to participatory democracy and love for this land," exclaimed El Flag Chavista, the former chancellor Jorge ARAZA, with its usual boring tone. The mature himself imposed the candidate without a charisma in a kind of political paradox: his political belonging to the Chávez family with the intention precisely to leave the Chávez family, after the governments of Father Hugo de los Chávez Reyes and the children Adam and Argenis

"It arrived on the day of the beautiful sunrise in Barinas," said Maduro from Caracas, who once failed his commitment to legitimation through the regional elections in November has been released at an unbridled Christmas to be shown as Almighty presidential of Chavismo for elections of 2024. All this with the superbiglet layer, the Bolivarian superhero that fights against the evil of the empire.

Beyond the mature strategy for his own future, so patent is the internal division in the Chavismo of the Llanero State that in his statements yesterday Argenis did not even quoted who replaced him as a candidate for governor, who has not hesitated to provoke to His former political family in assuring his ranks that he as governor will only obey his ripe chief and not the Chávez. ARAZA was married to Rosa Virginia Chávez, first-born of the Supreme Commander of whom he separated a few years ago, but whose marriage allowed him to be close to Hugo Chávez during his illness in Cuba and later agony.

"Today we must take advantage of the day to make a call to the town of Barinas to go to the electoral centers to vote for the candidate of their preference," Argenis Chávez said to make clear the family discomfort.

Internal fray has favored Sergio Garrido, the opponent candidate, who has gone from being the only one not ruled out by the carousel of political disabling imposed by the ruling to become a stranded embarrassment among those who face the Revolution. To undermine the voting Antichavista, the Government promoted in Barinas the candidacy of a false opponent, Superlano Adolfo, candidate for a group called min-unit, who looks for those acronyms seem to the democratic unity to snatch the vote of the clueless.

If Nicolás Machiavelli lived today, he would not have a better place for Venezuela to update his political theories, even safely would closely follow the adhesives of Adolfo Superlano. This leader is part of the group of deputies purchased by Alex Saab, the Colombian magnate that expects in a jail of Miami who begins the trial against him. Luisa Ortega, a former Venezuelan prosecutor, warned years ago that Saab was not only Maduro's main contractor, but also the testah.

In addition Adolfo Superlano, which is passed by opposition, introduced a precautionary measure before the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) because the electoral result was very tight in November. This was, a very fair result but finally threw the victory of Freddy Superlano, the opposition candidate, who has no family bond with Adolfo. The Supreme, main hammer of the Revolution against the Democratic Parliament and against the opposition, finally intervened and ordered repeating the elections.

The second parachutist "opponent" sent by Maduro is Claudio Fermín, a semi-found leader who has also participated in the dialogue table between Chavismo and its collaborative allies. Two candidatures whose only objective is to subtract Votes to Sergio Garrido.

"The town of Barinas came out to vote," said Garrido in the middle of the day. The opposition campaign command between 40% participation at that time, when at the first November round they estimate that it voted 45%.

"All our Venezuela and the international community are attentive to what happens in this beaten but always aguerrido Llanero State," said Henrique Capriles, an opposing leader who has bet on the electoral pathway to face mature.

"The people have demonstrated their determination against injustice and lack of conditions," John Guidó added, after his permanence in front of the presidency commissioned during 2022.

Updated Date: 09 January 2022, 15:35

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