Basket Spanish ensures the relay

The Italian who fell in love with Spain,"Because we have not done so badly, do you not?"The last talk of Scariolo: "This game is generous with those who resp

Basket Spanish ensures the relay
The Italian who fell in love with Spain,"Because we have not done so badly, do you not?"The last talk of Scariolo: "This game is generous with those who respect him"

a long time Ago that they were switching off the lights of the World junior 1999 , the germ of the two decades of success that builds up the basket national. Removed Felipe Reyes, Navarro and Calderon , the spirit continues to live in the clothing of selection, but it goes beyond that. Because every time it is more powerful the quarry Spanish, who this summer has won medals in 7 of the 9 championships in which you have participated. Relay insured.

on Sunday, Spain came to a standstill to follow the end of the World. In front of the tv, thousands of children who dream already of being like Ricky Rubio or Marc Gasol. Models to imitate, as are Rafa Nadal, Mireia Belmonte and Carolina Marin. The best way to feed the love for the sport. To continue amassing talent from the schools.

"We have a lot of videos and pictures of colleges which put the semifinal match on Friday. Many others will have seen the final in his home. Spain has been paralyzed once again by the basketball and that creates without doubt the "Rickys" and "Gasoles" of the future. But also to the "Laias Palau" and "Albas Torrens", explains to ABC's José Ignacio Hernández, director of sports of the Russian Federation .

Seems to be inexhaustible talent manufactured in the clubs and the federations and regional and Spanish shape each summer. Because the family is the costume of the selection absolute and all others. "I don't know if it is a question of talent or of work . Maybe a bit of both. In addition, there is the gene and the winner has the Spanish player and that is something that you are working from a young age. Here are no national championships since they are very young and that helps to compete when they are older. It is something unique in Europe and in the world", points out the technical binder.

That relay in the absolute male has been foreshadowed in the windows of classification, where it resides for certain a good part of the success in the World. There Scariolo already gave you the alternative to any of those who come asking to step up as Jaime Fernández, Sebas Saiz, Oriol Paulí or Dario Brizuela . Although it is mostly in the u-20 where are the talents more important.

Carlos Alocén , the base of Zaragoza signed for Real Madrid, Usman Garuba and Santi Aldama . Players called to pick up the baton from Ricky, Llull and Victor Claver. "I know how much work there is behind to have the summer that we have had. And again, it is not so much a question of what we have gained this summer. It is a question of work that has been done in the academy. The sense of continuity and belonging. And that is what we want to transmit to those who come behind. We can't let the heritage of the juniors of gold as a slab or a backpack full of lead that they have to carry the young people," explains Scariolo on the way forward, similar to that which has been operating in this World of unforgettable memories for the Spanish basketball.

Legacy for the future

"they Have to trust, work and understand that the same will have less talent but will have other weapons with which to compete. That will be your reality. I wish born another Pau, another Juan Carlos, another Marc or the other Ricky. But the legacy we want to leave is that, you can compete and find a way to do so. Feel that the passion and love for the game and the t-shirt you're wearing and the desire to emulate these examples, it takes you to overcome barriers that seemed insurmountable", he insists the coach,

Date Of Update: 17 September 2019, 04:01

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