Beautiful Guillermo of Mendoza, by the prince's door

Beautiful Guillermo of Mendoza, who shone at a great level and opened a wide SIMA with his companions, cut the preceptive three ears to a manageable lock of the

Beautiful Guillermo of Mendoza, by the prince's door

Beautiful Guillermo of Mendoza, who shone at a great level and opened a wide SIMA with his companions, cut the preceptive three ears to a manageable lock of the capea and thus opened the quotated door of the Prince of Sevillian Maestranza.

The atypical San Miguel Fair has surpassed its equator with a celebration of rejones that, in some way, has served as a link with the two halves of this atypical spring transplant cycle in the autumn. The poster, half a tone, brought other absences that became especially evident throughout the development of the equestrian encounter.

The truth is that the youngest of the terna, beautiful Guillermo of Mendoza, marked an abysmal difference with his companions. The height of the riding it, its sense of entertainment and the lidaying capacity are at another level.

The Navarro Rider opened the prince's door with all deservedly opening a wide abyss that, once again, demands to see him with opponents of his height leaving back pets of taurine politics.

What did Guillermo do to open the long-awaited stone arch of the Maestranza? There was a fundamental premise that always presided over him: the son of Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza - which can already fly only without guardianship or the paternal prejudices - he always finds bull and toast on horseback. But he makes it assembled with the animal that he is always sewn to the rump, tucked on the sides or consensions on the breasts.

The peculiar public that populates this type of celebrations in Seville - the usual subscribers usually give up their entrances on this date - realized that this was another story at the exit of the third, which stopped the rump in a span of land. There was another intensity, another level. Beautiful is comfortable in the abrides and knowing how to play with distances.

The rider of Estella encalates the bulls touching them from python to python with the rump of his horse. It is a technical finding that enters the animal and the public. It was a work, in short, in which there was little breath and which culminated by placing the short two hands. The rejonazo was fulminating and the two ears made her door of the prince.

I was going to finish mooring her back everything with the sixth in a similar invoice maena that she had the same virtue again: I always take your enemy.

The boosters to the rump, the precision by nailing, the intensity that lacked the bull ... they were keys in a task that could be threaded in the roses and pair two hands, placing very inside.

He had his ear in his hand but was about to lose it because of steel, which fell very back after a puncture. It was not an obice so that the audience insisted on the petition until the box, not without reluctance, granted that third trophy that franked the Gate of Gloria according to Seville.

You have to result in the idea. The tasks of Andrés Romero and Lea Vicens were on another step. The Onube, in addition, had to regret the serious cornada suffered by his "maximum" horse by falling on the first face on a slip. His guts came out through his belly but soon he learned that the animal could be saved in an aznalcollar clinic.

Romero seeks the connection of the public and uses and abuses of the beans, not always on the face of the bull. He prints some vibration to his tasks that, with better steel handling, could have been able to serve him to cut some trophy.

Read Vicens, on the other hand, was correct and toned in his two performances, of less to more, but the evil management of the steels hediated his work, which did not go from Ovations.

FEARSHIP OF THE FEALTH.- Six bulls of Capea-St. Pelayo, properly presented and manageable and collaborators in general, although with a tendency to apply in the last third.

Andrés Romero, Ovation and Return after request.

Read vicens, ovation and ovation after notice.

Beautiful Guillermo of Mendoza, two ears and ear.

INCIDENCES: The "maximum" horse, from the stable of Andrés Romero, was cornered in the belly with bowel evisceration. He was transferred to an aznalcollar clinic to be surgically intervened.

Date Of Update: 26 September 2021, 16:15

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