Benidorm Fest, the final, live | Rigoberta Bandini vs Chanel, the Great Duel

The gala starts with a great pastor soler singing stay with me. The final to go to Eurovision 2022. It seems to be elucidated between Rigoberta Bandini and Ch

Benidorm Fest, the final, live |
 Rigoberta Bandini vs Chanel, the Great Duel

The gala starts with a great pastor soler singing stay with me. The final to go to Eurovision 2022. It seems to be elucidated between Rigoberta Bandini and Chanel.

Luxury home Pastora Soler playing stay with me.

Estes is the order of actions:

1. Rayden - "Calle de la Crooría"

2. Tanks - "earth"

3. Varry Brava - "Raffaella"

4. Channel - "SloMo"

5. Rigoberta Bandini - "is, Mama"

6. Xeinn - "Eco"

7. Gonzalo Hermida - "Who would say"

8. Blanca Paloma - "Water Secret"

The guests who will act in the final are: pastora soler, nia and nyno vargas, mousdades and blades sang. The latter, representative of Eurovision in 2021, will be the one who cedes the witness to the winner or winner.

It is not the only surprise we will see in the coming of the night. Melani García and Levi Díaz, junior Eurovision contestants, will also be on the scene of Benidorm Fest.

Do not forget, that you can also follow the gala in our direct. And from 10 pm at 1 of TVE and RTVE PLAY.

Nutritionist in Spanish

Here more information.

The name more Spanish registered here

"If there is a tie the vote of the public adds more," he said maximum without giving more detail.

Ximo Puig in the public (President of the Generalitat Valenciana) and the mayor of Benidorm (Toni Pérez). But the last word will have the public in case of a tie .... uhhh !!!

How cool this girl. Today he has spoken with her the companion of her Roces.

We are worth it for any role


Let's leave a hole in the final, that we are left over

As this does not start, it does not stay with you anybody, shepherd. listen to me

The existence of Màxim Huerta implies the existence of its nemesis, Wàxim Huerta

That carving of jacket, former minister

If the performances are repeated, I do not see why not repeat the jokes

With all the errors and failures that are taking place these days (today's endless intro is a crime), the attention that Benidorm Fest has awakened is a success that must be recognized. We no longer imagine another way of sending our candidate for Eurovision.

Tremendous queen dress

Emotion to skin flower! Different styles and great artists who dream of continuing to create and that the public knows them. Quality and great variety.

Is that I do not give to think more

The song Ay, Mama, with which Rigoberta Bandini aspires to represent Spain in Eurovision, is neither by far his song more listened to Spotify. Ahead are Topics Like Too Many Drugs, In Spain We Call It Solitude and Bitch

Little joke, which have 56,000 monthly listeners in Spotify

Let's see, do not make plans for that day that is Eurovision, to see if after all this you are to go to Bingo that Saturday.

How are we going to miss Toñi and Encarn, but the dream is to see them at the party after singing at the end of the days. Like Paquita Salas.


Here I leave my candidacy for May 14

What a desire to see Unique again

Not like us, we are all in writing

How is it possible that you stop participating in from your home? Singing on video clip? Autotune no, but videoclip yes. What will be dining Gonzalo? Was it called Gonzalo, right?

You have not seen this, but tremendous queen reaching the set with curls

What about Elche? Sell your book here, right? That, total, you are already going to open grave.

Spanish Television connects with the Benidorm Fest, after the weekly report farewell. Many nerves!

Another data. Rigoberta Bandini (formerly known as Paula Ribó) was a dubbing actress and being very small she put the voice to Chihiro in the movie of Miyazaki. Do not lose it

In addition to the favoritisms (Bandini, Tanxugueiras, Rayden and Chanel), we should not forget that Varry Brava, the kid that copies the Weeknd, Blanca Paloma and one or two more than I do not remember

Historical Hearing Peak.

As when I went to the exams without studying, the only topic that I have looked at is Rigoberta. Or exit or suspend

In dear way, Spain we are again before an old and well-known crossroads: Thigh or breast?

For those who are with a weekly report on what the Mandanga begins: Esteban Navarro, Couple and Corrista de Rigoberta Bandini, is also one of the components of Vengamonjas, authors of this historic video:

I was a fan of Rigoberta when he pulled out his first single

1. Rigoberta Bandini

2. Burn Benidorm.


Guille, do not copy you. Best of Paul if that

1. Rigoberta Bandini

2. Rayden

3. Chanel

1. Rigoberta Bandini

2. Rayden

3. Chanel

Or wins Rigoberta (111 points), or win Chanel (110). The third parties, which are tanxugueiras, better known as the Galicians, received 93 points, and Rayden 90. As in the elections: each vote is going to tell, and a lot (read with the voice of Ferreras).

People sending SMS, I insist on the nuance:

Rigoberta Bandini: 30

TAN-shirt stocks IRAS: 30

Chanel: 25

Rayden: 25

Xeinn: 20

Their brow: 20

Blanca Paloma: 18

Gonzalo hermida: 18

¿Tetas or panderetas?

If nobody stands out the chrism, the vote of the jury will not vary much about the semifinals, and that leaves as favorites highlighted Rigoberta and Chanel:

Rigoberta Bandini: 56

Chanel: 55

Xeinn: 46

Rayden: 45

Blanca Paloma: 41

Their brow: 39

TAN-Shirt stocks IRAS: 38

Gonzalo Hermida: 28

Club? I always went from churros, but it goes

1. Rigoberta

2. Paula Ribó

3. The tit

Chanel: 30

Gonzalo hermida: 30

Rigoberta Bandini: 25

TAN-Shirt stocks IRAS: 25

Rayden: 20

Blanca Paloma: 20

Xeinn: 15

Their brow: 15

1. Chanel

2. Rigoberta Bandini

3. Rayden


Are we going to do?

The only option seems Riboporte Yes or not.

Although the jury could leave them out of the final, Tanxugueiras have returned back on bets as great favorites to go to Eurovision. They also passed before their semifinal began.

According to the latest bets, Rigoberta Bandini has lost the leadership to win the Benidorm Fest. But when one walks through Benidorm there is no doubt that she is her favorite. Especially for ladies as this ride demonstrates with it through the city Alicante

Rayden and his street of La Crufía will be responsible for breaking the ice at the end of the Benidorm Fest. After the great revelation of the contest, the Galicians Tanxugueiras that with his Terra have bet on Galician. For its part, the Indie Varry Brava Group render a magnificent tribute to the newly disappeared Raffaella will

Chanel, another of the surprises of the first semifinal and Rigoberta Bandini the great favorite.

We discovered the designer who is behind the teta of the scenery of the theme of Ay, Mama! of Rigoberta Bandini.

They will follow the same mechanics that during the semifinals.

Gonzalo will not be acting in the final gala because he continues to give positive for Covid. The performance of him in the seventh place will be through his video clip.

The final ranking of the finalists

1. Roberta Bandini - ¡are mama! - 111 points.

2. Chanel - Slomo - 110 points

3. Tangles - Terra - 93 points

4. Rayden - Calle de la Crooría - 90 points

5. Xeinn - Eco - 81 points

6. White Pigeon - Water Secret - 79 points

7. Gonzalo Hermida - Who would say, - 76 points

8. Their Browa - RafaPala - 74 Puntos

Are you still Rigoberta the favorite for a few hour before the start of the Benidorm Fest Gala?

The second installment of the Alicante Festival had no surprises. Rigoberta Bandini razed 111 votes, thanks to the support of the jury, and the voting of the public. The only exception was that of the demonstration jury that he chose Gonzalo Hermed, who participated through his video clip for his positive Covid.

So the ranking is

Rayden - 90 points

Xeinn - 81 points

Gonzalo Hermida - 76 points

This was the first semifinal

The two semifinals left us great humions, especially the first in which the votes of the public took a turn to the results and made the Galician Group Tanxugueiras got into the final, after the jury of the festival will leave them in fifth place With his votes.

The final result of this first confrontation leaves the classification:

Chanel - Slomo - 110 points

Tangles - Terra - 93 points

White Pigeon - Water Secret - 79 points

Their Browa - RafaPala - 74 Puntos

Date Of Update: 29 January 2022, 16:54

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