Benzema, the reintegration before the conviction: When we went to sign it, his friends were scared

Something sounds at the bottom. It goes in crescendo. It is a firm compass. Someone arrives. A murmur of sacristy runs through the boarding room at the Geneva T

Benzema, the reintegration before the conviction: When we went to sign it, his friends were scared

Something sounds at the bottom. It goes in crescendo. It is a firm compass. Someone arrives. A murmur of sacristy runs through the boarding room at the Geneva Terminal. High, high, is held over needle heels with tension steps. Your mobile sounds. Speak louder. Shouts. Gesticula She run over her French with a slang as indescifferable as her origin: Inca look, skin made of all skins, mane of the 'one thousand and one nights' and walk from the Caribbean. 'C'est La France Blanche, Noir et Verre'. She hangs up. Look around. Men of Gray Marengo look down. Megaffonía sounds. We took off. The echo of its steps returns in T1, already in Madrid. Also the screams. The looks are joined by the Civil Guard, which is no longer walking but retains the long sight and the short passage. The door opens. She leaves Rauda and points to a young man in a corner, with a warm wool hat. She throws her bag and accelerates her passage, alert. With traces of waiver, he picks up it, climbs it to a cart and continues after the steps of him so rushed that he taps a lady slightly. Azorado, he takes off his cap and apologizes him. The terminal explodes. He is a striker of Real Madrid.

That Karim Benzema Imbeberbe, with some kilo of more and exposed to the crowd to pick up a girlfriend, conquest or whatever, little has to do with this Benzema who, at 33, seems escaped from a picture of El Greco, Entremony and bearded, and that he is never shown in networks with his current couple and mother of his second child to protect the family nucleus. The wanderings of the soccer players generate legends and a lot of sweetest, like rock icons, but there are episodes that one shares by chance. I was on that plane.

It was March 2013 and Madrid of Mourinho had won, three days ago, in Old Trafford (1-2), with Benzema on the bench, questioned by a racial, straight lines. Three weeks later, France still complexed by the weight of its 98 falls to Spain in Saint-Denis (0-1) and Benzema is called upon replaced. He adds more than 1,000 minutes without marking with 'Le Bleus' and, besides, does not sing the Marseille, just as 'sliced face' Ribéry. The country of him does not love him. Surveys say it. Two years later, intermediation in blackmail to Mathieu mate Valbuena for a sex video goes up at the guillotine cadalso. It's too much for the 'greatness'. He cries out to the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, before believing depository of a Bonapartist destination to export his mission to the Barcelona of the exiled father and end up recumbing in the Saloncits of Catalonia Caviar. Ask for the exile, a Santa Elena for Benzema, which at that time has everything for self-destruction: immigrant origin, dangerous friendships, fame and money, risky behaviors and personal instability, with changes of partners ranging from participants in ' Realitiies' and occasion actresses up to the singer Rihanna. Instead, the reverse process begins: reconstruction.

"Its new family stability has been key. It is observed quiet, resting, always friendly, without wanting to notice," explains the woman of another member of the Template of Madrid who recently shared a children's birthday with French. Benzema had the first daughter of him, Melia, with Chloé de Launay, and the second, Ibrahim, with the current couple of him, Gora Gauthier, French model that alternates his periods in Madrid with work days in London. The children, gathered by the Father, are the ground wire of him.

Maturity has allowed him to erect himself in one of the leaders of Madrid, after the march of Christian and Sergio Ramos. Leader at stake and goals, and emotional leader. He makes Camavinga feel to him side of him in the dining room and tells him what he should and should not do, and advises patience to Mbappé when he comes to Clairefontaine, 'Le Bleus' house. The observers of the change insist on the physical transformation of him, in these times when soy milk has become the elixir of well-being. The reality is that the techniques of 'Cupping', electrostimulation, the 'Kick Boxing' or the microalgae supplements that are linked to Benzema are secondary, do not serve as not before, no emotional change occurs, vital. In this way it happened in the striker, in which the reintegration, including the return of him to the selection, came before the sentence.

"Benzema was personally involved insistently to try to convince Valbuena to meet with his trusted man," concludes the Court of Versailles in his ruling, who condemns the 10-month prison player with a penalty suspension and a fine of a penalty. 75,000 euros. The tests of the recordings about the involvement in the "blackmail attempt" were irrefutable. The unknown was the intentions of him. The court and valbuena itself are convinced that Benzema was part of the plot. The footballer of Madrid says he acted to protect his companion from worse consequences thanks to his contact with Karim Zenati, a friend of Childhood Conchabado with the Chantajists whom football did not take away from crime, but with whom Benzema has not been able to, He has not wanted to break links. He has helped him in other businesses.

Loyalty to the origin is a code in hard places, especially if they are linked to different cultural communities, as is the case of the Madrid player, son of Algerians of La Cabilia. That caused a natural tuning with Zidane, outside football. Before leaving Madrid, Zz told him that if he came to the national team, he would call him. In the technician's environment, believe that this expectation caused Didier Deschamps to advance forgiveness. The return, before he had a sentence, and silence after declaring him guilty, reveal the double moral of France, who never raised his voice for the conviction for mistreatment to Lucas Hernández.

During his six years of punishment with the selection, Benzema, who declares himself Muslim, encouraged the Algeria of his parents in networks and called Racist at Deschamps, although in the decision he was heavy the criterion of the president of the Federation, Noël Le Graët and from the political class itself. He felt repudiated, between rabies and indignation, while the generation of him conquered a World Cup, in Russia. The procaz and controversial rapper Bobba, of which the player is a follower and friend, put on Instagram a photomontage with an image of Deschamps with the 'Orejona' of the Champions as a hat. Booba was in provisional prison for a collective fight at Orly airport.

At that time, Bernabéu became his professional and emotional shelter, always supported by Florentino Pérez, the president who hired him and who has defended his talent and bet until the end. Over time, Benzema left the old agent of him, Karim Djaziri, who reached his hands with journalists, and signed by the Spanish agency 'Best of You', well-related to the club's dome. The Climax for Madrid and its president would have been the golden ball, a French prize, for which he is nominated, but everything indicates that far from lifting him.

For those who grow up in neighborhoods such as Benzema, it takes direction from Rilke's phrase: "Homeland is childhood." That homeland is the neighborhood of Terraillon, in Bron, in Lyon 'Banlieue', a qualified district such as ZSP (priority security area) by Gendarmerie. The decision of the Federation provoked the boycott of 'Le Bleus' in the neighborhood. "Everyone was surprised by the decision of Deschamps, because it was unfair. Karim is simple, humble and discreet, like his family. For us it is important, because it has managed to bring the light to a neighborhood that everyone speaks badly," says Samir Hachi , director of the Sporting Club of Bron Terraillon. In elite football, the Lelate to the origin is, in addition, a measure of protection against distrust in which they live: I only trust them.

"When we come to have the contact with whom we were going to sign, Karim arrived with a couple of friends. The truth is that they were scared," recalls one of the Madrid envoys to finalize the procedures prior to its incorporation of the Olympique de Lyon. Perhaps one of them was Zenati, also condemned in the 'Sixtape', the 'Bro', the brother of him, as he calls him in the intervened talks that have served as the basis for police investigation. A brother who never stops wanting, but who must know how to say no.

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