Between attacks and counter-attacks, Biden gets to take on the democratic debate

The second debate, deepens the division between the demócratasYa are 24 candidates who aspire to defeat Trump Joe Biden turned out to be yesterday, the central

Between attacks and counter-attacks, Biden gets to take on the democratic debate
The second debate, deepens the division between the demócratasYa are 24 candidates who aspire to defeat Trump

Joe Biden turned out to be yesterday, the central figure in the debates between democratic candidates for the presidency of the U.S. In the third of these debates, the vice-president with Barack Obama received attacks for a good part of his opponents, but was also on the offensive.

The appointment took place Thursday night in Houston, the largest city in Texas, and it was the best of the three debates up the time. In the first place, because it was held in a single night -in instead of in two rounds, as on previous occasions, with the number of participants reduced to ten, without candidates who are going to the open grave because I just have possibilities, and more time for the answers.

The format allowed for discussions with greater depth in topics such as immigration, gun control or health reform public . The latter, which became a centerpiece of the rise of the last democratic president, Barack Obama, to power, took much of the attention in the first part of the debate and led to strong attacks between candidates.

Biden, who is leading the polls since the beginning of the campaign and is the centre's usual attacks, he used the health-care reform to hit first. It was a double attack, well prepared, against the two main opponents, according to what mark surveys: senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Both defend the plan "Medicare for all", which would impose a national health care system like the european countries or Canada.

"we Should have a debate on health. I know that the senator says that she is with Bernie," he said about the support of Warren to the plan of Sanders. "Well, I'm with Barack, I believe that Obamacare worked," he said on the reform of the who was its president, a figure still very popular in the electorate, a democrat.

The idea of Biden is to expand Obamacare and offer a public insurance without eliminating the private insurance options and attacked the plans of Sanders and Warren, that eliminating the private option and felt that it would be impossible to afford.

The most tense

The health issue also led to the most tense of the night. Julian Castro, who was Housing secretary under Obama, he had a scuffle with Biden about who would be or not included in your health plan. Castro believed, erroneously, that Biden had been contradicted on their earlier statement. " have You forgotten what you said two minutes ago?" , he snapped Castro, with an exclamation of discomfort of the public fund. "I can't believe we said two minutes ago that you had to sign up for the insurance and now you say that is not. You've forgotten": The subject rang hopelessly as an attack at the age of Biden -76 years - and the perception that you do not have the mental agility required for the position. Or, before that, to face Donald Trump in an election campaign.

Biden has a political career very broad, watered of decisions that, in 2019, they serve as ammunition for his opponents. The former vice president wanted yesterday to pre-empt one that, sooner or later, you are going to fall: your support as a senator for the Iraq War . It was he himself who brought up the issue, and acknowledged that he was mistaken in that decision to support then-president George W. Bush. Sanders, who then was also in the Congress, do not let the opportunity pass to start the attack: "The truth is that the great error and one of the big differences between you and I is that I never believed Cheney (then vice president) and Bush in what they said about Iraq and voted against that war".

Still down more attacks on Biden. The moderators were hard on the past, Biden in immigration : during the presidency of Obama, shot up the number of deportations. And Kamala Harris, a candidate with good performance in previous appointments for that in the last debate had less of a role, faced the favorite for the control of access to weapons. Harris has promised that if he reaches the White House would push forward a decree to prohibit the importation of assault rifles that are used in some of the killings that have shaken the U.S. in recent years. Biden has argued that it is impossible. "Hey, Joe, instead of saying 'can't' say 'yes you can'", in a guided the 'Yes We Can', the campaign slogan of Obama.

The weapons he also starred in another memorable moment of the night. The debate was in Texas, the scene of two massive attacks in the month of August. One of the candidates Beto O'rourke, is from texas, and the city where he died, 22 people in a shopping mall, The Step. "Of course, yes, we are going to remove your AR-15 and your Ak-47," he said in a tone challenging about the assault rifles, before an ovation from the crowd.

The next debate will be October 15 and will be held in Ohio.

Date Of Update: 13 September 2019, 12:01

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