Biden launches a crusade to defend the vote of minorities

In the last 30 years, the United States has celebrated eight presidential elections. In seven of them, the candidates of the Democratic Party have achieved mo

Biden launches a crusade to defend the vote of minorities

In the last 30 years, the United States has celebrated eight presidential elections. In seven of them, the candidates of the Democratic Party have achieved more votes than those of the Republican Party. However, in that period the Republicans have won three elections: two with Bush and one with Trump.

This circumstance is part of the magic of the US electoral system, with its aforementioned systems of attribution of victory by states, which gives priority to the least populated territories. It is a system that in most of the democratic world is incomprehensible. In the US, there are more than 50 electoral regulations: one by state, plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the different territories that make up the country.

Each one has its own rules regarding the dates in which you can vote, how you can vote, what documents you have to present to vote, where the polling stations will be, and even how the votes are going to be told. Improving the present, no choice is coordinated by an independent body, such as the central electoral board of Spain, but those who deal with that are political charges.

It is not just respect for tradition or by the rights of states. It is also a perversion of democracy. If the time is trimmed to vote or limit the vote by mail, the people who have to work on the day of the elections - which in most states is working - they have much more difficult to exercise the right of vote. If less electoral colleges are placed in cities or in areas where minorities live, electoral participation in those areas will fall.

And that is what happened in 2021. Much of the states controlled by the Republican Party have approved laws that restrict the right of vote. The most spectacular case is Georgia, who biden won against all odds, where to give water to a person who is queuing to vote is from 2021 a crime. Since sometimes people have to queue for four or five hours to vote, that means playing their lives, if the person in question has some disease or is of a certain age.

For the Democrats, the objective of these laws is to make minorities - especially, blacks - do not vote. And it is something important. Without the vote of that community, the Democratic Party would only have had a president in the last eighty years: Lyndon B. Johnson, who won in 1964.

Which leads directly to the speech that the night of this Tuesday was planned to give Joe Biden in the city of Atlanta, the city where Martin Luther King was born, one of the men who most did for him to vote will be extended to all The citizens of the country, including blacks.

"Will we choose democracy instead of autocracy, light instead of shadows, justice instead of injustice? I know where I am. I will not give up. I do not love me." Those were speech phrases, which had been distributed in advance by the White House. The objective was to maximize the political impact at all levels. To raise the political temperature, King's children had even been invited, which was killed in 1967.

Biden's speech was not a mere call to public opinion. On Monday that comes is Martin Luther King's Day, which is a festive, and just on that date the Democratic Party is going to try to submit to debate in the Laws John Lewis, who takes his name from the congressman of the same name, which was Companion in the fight of King, and freedom to vote.

Both texts pursue to dismantle the initiatives that the Republicans have launched in the states they control. And, for this, what they seek is "Federalize" elections, that is, to make the Washington government supervise them.

Republican opposition states that it is, therefore, a new attack of the federal state against the rights of States. The Democrat Left responds to these affirmations by recalling that the right of States to have slaves was precisely the argument used by the South to launch the secession war in 1861.

So the speech on this Tuesday was the US entry into a new political year. In 2021, Biden focused his agenda in the economy. EN 2022, in the elections. It is an attempt not only to safeguard - others believe that pervert - the elections, but also to mobilize their voters at a time when the President's popularity has collapsed at the levels of Donald Trump as inflation is Eat the salaries of citizens and the Covid-19 pandemic remains without showing signs of disappearance.

Biden has entered the electoral phase in the absence of ten and a half months to celebrate elections to Congress that can destroy his party, the Democrat. The campaign has begun. The theme of elections is, precisely, how I could vote.

Updated Date: 11 January 2022, 14:59

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