Biden promises peace and multilateralism in the UN to skeptical allies

Who has more power, a pizzeria or the UN? Since today, we know the answer. This morning, United Nations has decided not to apply its own rules and let the presi

Biden promises peace and multilateralism in the UN to skeptical allies

Who has more power, a pizzeria or the UN? Since today, we know the answer. This morning, United Nations has decided not to apply its own rules and let the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, opened the General Assembly of the Organization without being vaccinated against the COVID-19. On the contrary, on Sunday night, a Manhattan pizzeria had had more power than the UN, refusing to allow Bolsonaro to consume a pizza within the establishment without being immunized against the Covid. The president of Brazil insists not to be vaccinated alleging that, as the Covid-19 passed, it is immune. The revelation that New York City Hall has the will to fulfill its rules, unlike the UN, was only one of the Elements that point to the dysfunction of this General Assembly. Equally significant was the speech of the president of the United States, Joe Biden, who followed Al of Bolsonaro.Biden promised multilateralism at a time when the relations between the US and Europe are under minimum by the withdrawal of Afghanistan and the Aukus military pact between States United States, Australia, and United Kingdom. At the same time, he gave to understand that he does not want a cold war with China despite the fact that the Akus is destined to stop the expansion of that power since he celebrated the reinforcement of the quad, that is, the other great anti Chinese alliance promoted by the US, In which Japan, India, and Australia are also. His message confirmed the idea that Biden's foreign policy is like Donald Trump, only that without insults. The US president dedicated a large part of his speech to the fight against climate change, although the US still does not have a Plan to have 'zero emissions' by 2050, as promised during the electoral campaign. And insisted on the importance of global vaccination against COVID-19, although the United States is, by far, the country in which immunization goes slower, with 53.5% of the vaccinated population compared to 81.5% From Portugal or 76.1% of Spain.The US President boasts of vaccines that his country is donating to developing countries, but did not say that many of these doses are sent abroad because Americans do not want to immunize. That is because the sympathizers of Donald Trump have accepted all kinds of conspiratory theories, including that the Covid-19 is a lie. One in 500 Americans has died by the virus and the number of deaths is about 1,500 daily, which represents a decrease of just 66% in relation to the worst moments of the pandemic, in January.

Some of the biden phrases could have been extracted directly from Trump's speech, as when he said that "for the first time in twenty years, the United States is not at war", or that "we are not looking for a new cold war, nor a World divided into blocks. " She other times she stood over the tradition of US foreign policy since World War II, in open rupture with Trump. That was the case of his proclamation that "we have reconstructed NATO," a phrase that Biden himself was responsible for dynamiting an hour and a half later when he affirmed that "the United States does not have a nearest or reliable ally than Australia" . Biden was congratulated by the United States Return to the Paris Agreement against Climate Change and the World Health Organization, and announced the beginning of "an era of tireless diplomacy". His references to China were much more even more than those of Trump, but no more favorable, since he mentioned the human rights violations of the Muslim minority of that country of Xinjiang. There was an obvious change of politics in the Middle East, where Biden supported the creation of a Palestinian state, although he acknowledged that this goal "is far", and insisted that he wants a nuclear agreement with Iran, although leaving it clear that the US does not accept That that country has nuclear weapons. It was, well, a little or not memorable speech. In fact, attention was focused at the meeting that Biden was going to have with British prime minister, Boris Johnson, seven hours later, and from which new military cooperation agreements, for despair of France. Biden can say that "we are at dawn of a crucial decade for humanity," but his words at the UN did not aim at any change in the world.

Updated Date: 22 September 2021, 14:24

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