Biden warns that the new bombings in Donbras are the pretext to invade Ukraine

Prorrusing separators in East Ukraine and the forces of Ukrainian government were mutually accused of opening fire against the territory of the other. At Stan

Biden warns that the new bombings in Donbras are the pretext to invade Ukraine

Prorrusing separators in East Ukraine and the forces of Ukrainian government were mutually accused of opening fire against the territory of the other. At Stanytsya Luganska, a town located in the territory controlled by Ukraine, the artillery wounded two teachers of a daycare. A school was damaged in another location, while the prorruses denounced to have been attacked first.

Although artillery fire exchanges occur periodically in the contact line of this conflict (which in seven years has cost 14,000 people) Washington took the opportunity to ring all the alarms. The president of the United States, Joe Biden, said there are all the signs that Russia plans to invade Ukraine in the coming days and prepares as a pretext to justify it.

The Kremlin accused Biden of fanning the tension, but at the same time threatened again with "technical-military measures" not specified if the US continues to ignore its safety demands. "It is not being produced or planning that 'Russian invasion of Ukraine' that the United States and its allies have been officially announcing since the past autumn," Russian authorities said in an extensive document that Moscow sent to Washington and public later.

Moscow insists that Eastern Europe's security architecture must be renegotiated. The Russian Charter, a response to previous proposals from the United States, described the proposals of the United States as "non-constructive" in relation to the main demands of Russia that NATO guarantees that Ukraine is never one to the Alliance, and that NATO Remove the troops stationed in the countries that joined. The Alliance after 1997. Washington and NATO have already rejected these proposals.

But in spite of everything it seems that there is content to continue negotiating. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs seems now willing to discuss controls in some of its missile facilities in European Russia in exchange for the verification of United States anti-missile defense sites in Poland and Romania. Washington raised that idea last month. But Russia warns that its proposals are a whole that can not be trocerated. The agreement could only be achieved as part of a package that approached Russia's main demands.

Moscow sees "potential for mutually acceptable agreements" to avoid, reduce or simply coordinate the flight from long-range bombers near national borders. Also the proposal to allow Russians to inspect US anti-missile defense bases in Poland and Romania - which Kremlin considers a threat - could "take into consideration". Russia is also "open in principle" at a discussion on the substitution of the Treaty on Nuclear Forces of Intermediate Range, a Nuclear Weapon Control Paque of 1987 Donald Trump abandoned in 2019.

While Moscow and Washington free a pulse on the global board, in eastern Ukraine the population again trembled because of the artillery fire. The observers of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), which monitors the situation in East Ukraine, recorded numerous bombings along the line of contact in Donbras during Thursday morning.

The separatist militias of the self-proclaimed People's Republic of Donetsk (RPD) said they had to open fire against the positions of the Ukrainian military in response to their attack. Ukrainian units were firing mortars and launched against an area south of the separatist territory, according to Ria Novosti. Representatives of the self-proclaimed People's Republic of Lugansk (RPL), also backed by Moscow, also accused Kiev of having committed at least four rapes of the fire during this morning. "The situation in the contact line has complicated.

Donbore lived hours of crossed denunciations. Kiev accused Russian forces having shot a village near Lugansk. Apparently the projectiles reached a daycare in the town of Stanytsya Luganska, controlled by Ukraine, wounding two teachers. During another attack in the town of Vrubovka, a projectile reached the school but did not cause injuries. "It was very frightening, because one of the projectiles fell into the school playground. We have damaged windows and doors," said the director, Elena Yarina, the Ukrainian Radionv station. In the town they do not remember such a strong bombardment since 2018. Because of the attack, the school was left without light and part of the people without gas supply.

Russia shows images of returns from troops home, but the US government takes days denying Russian retreat. Washington accuses Moscow from deploying 7,000 soldiers closer to its border with Ukraine in recent days. The United States believes that Russia is trying to invent a "pretext" to invade Ukraine with affirmations of abuse in the area.

On Tuesday, Russian president Vladimir Putin said that Kiev is committing a "genocide" in Donbras, without giving more details. "During the last weeks we have seen Russian Russian officials to place numerous 'stories' in the press, any of which could serve as a pretext for an invasion," warned the spokesman for the State Department, Ned Price.

In case the tension was little, the Government of Russia expelled the deputy ambassador from the United States from the country, Bart Gorman. US officials warned that they prepared a similar answer, although the Ambassador Deputy from Russia in Washington left his position last month. Gorman, who had been in Russia less than three years in a mission that had not yet been over. Gorman was notified about the expulsion of him last week. Although the Kremlin did not give an explanation, the Russian media pointed to the war of expulsions, visa limitations and searches of consulates that maintain Moscow and Washington for years.

Date Of Update: 17 February 2022, 23:27

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