Boris Johnson, accused of inciting political violence

Of the Storm of the Partygate to the threat of political violence. The 'Premier' Boris Johnson has been charged by several deputies of his own party to inci

Boris Johnson, accused of inciting political violence

Of the Storm of the Partygate to the threat of political violence. The 'Premier' Boris Johnson has been charged by several deputies of his own party to incite the popular anger "in Trump style" against the leader of the Labor Opposition Keir Starmer, who had to be protected by the police in front of harassment of manifestants enraged to the screams of "Pedrase Protector!" When he entered the Parliament.

The violent incident was removed with two detainees and several zarandeated policemen, but the political impact has reached the doors of Downing Street in the middle of the desperate attempts of the "Premier" for renovating his team and relaunching his government. Johnson condemned the harassment to Starmer as "absolutely deplorable", but he continued to resist apologizing and to withdraw his accusations directed against the Labor Leader for the past of him as Attorney General: "You spent more time incriminating journalists who chasing Jimmy Savile."

The reference to Jimmy Savile, the famous BBC presenter accused of up to 300 cases of sexual abuse (most of them to minors) after his death in 2011, has been circulated since then on the networks and has been exploited by upcoming groups to The extreme left and the extreme right.

Johnson himself rectified only partially last week recognizing that Starmer did not have a personal responsibility in the decision to "not incriminate" Jimmy Savile during his stage as a general prosecutor between 2008 and 2013. The correction of the "Premier" arrived late and badly , when the Bulo had already become "Trending Topic".

Interestingly, the protesters who harassed Starmer had been sandwicked by Piers Corbyn, brother of the former Labor Leader Jeremy Corbyn, and had participated minutes earlier in a concentration against Vaccines of the Covid. Among the protesters were also William Coleshill, a former conservative councilor suspended from the racist comments of him and known by his Canal Resistance GB with his proclamations against the confines.

"This is what happens when the" Fake News "is amplified and someone who should have weighed it better gives credibility to a false story," the Mayor of London, Sadiq Kahn was publicly lamented. "The" Premiere "has dropped to the sewers and has decided to recycle and use the conspiratory theories of the ultraraderecha as a political poison," replaced the also Laborist Chris Bryant, chairman of the Standards Committee of the House of Commons.

The toughest attacks against Johnson left however of conservative deputies. "We stop this turn towards Trump's style and avoid that it becomes the norm of our policy," said Tobias Ellwood, one of the long ends of deputies who have asked for a motion of censorship against their leader. "The prime minister should apologize, if it is true that we are in the mother of all parliaments."

The also "Tory" Robert Gale condemned the "horrible scenes" of harassment to Keir Starmer and assured that they were "the result of the direct, deliberate and careless use of language in this House" (in reference to the accusation by the Jimmy Savile case launched By Johnson against the Labor Leader during the "Partygate" debate).

"It is really important for our democracy and the safety of Starmer that false accusations about Savile are completely withdrawn," said the former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Julian Smith, who served as "Liaison" of the conservative government with Parliament between 2017 and 2019.

"The words matter," he finally reminded Johnson his core Robert Lagan. "What we say here has an echo that goes far beyond parliament and may have serious consequences in the real world."

The mention of the Savile case provoked last Thursday the resignation of Until Head of the Political Unit of Downing Street, Munira Mirza, lamenting the use of "a horrible case of sexual abuse of minors for political purposes". The Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak also demarched from the "Premier" and acknowledged: "I would never have said that." The Secretary of Justice Dominic Raab, however, defended Johnson claiming that we are facing the typical "take and daca" of politics.

Date Of Update: 08 February 2022, 20:26

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