Bright diamond Pokémon and gleaming pearl look better than it seems

Difously bright Pokémon and gleaming pearl arrive at a perfect time, as always happens with the games of the saga: Christmas are around the corner and give vide

Bright diamond Pokémon and gleaming pearl look better than it seems

Difously bright Pokémon and gleaming pearl arrive at a perfect time, as always happens with the games of the saga: Christmas are around the corner and give video games to children, nephews or grandchildren or friends of all life is the most Normal in the world.

In an online session, the world could see first-hand, although not playing, some of the improvements that Nintendo, Gamefreak and The Pokémon Company have carried out with this delivery, which is not totally new but a remake.

REMAKES AS A VERY GLOOD POKÉMON AND GOLDNING PERLA are what they are: versions put up to date and with the minimum changes with respect to the originals so that the players who once enjoyed him can do it today at the same time as people who do not He did in his day.

There are players who hate this idea and prefer remakes with profound changes as well as other people who hate that they change the product they remember their childhood. If with Pokémon Let's Go Nintendo bet more for the first approach, it jumps out that with a different bright Pokémon and gleaming pearl have opted for continuism.

Graphically, these games are noted that inherit the 'Chibi' style of dolls heads of the original games, although all with a great update through and with combats in which the creatures and coaches do seem more human. Having seen it a little more moving, I have to say that it has better painting than at first it seemed.

It is clear that its managers have not put so many resources in this remake as in previous ones, but I do not blame them if their efforts are put into a new game that will completely change the genre of Pokémon, as we already know that it will happen.

In the playable, some of the particularities of the game have been adapted as well have been possible. For example, the tool that was used with the touch screen of the Nintendo DS, now overlaps on the Nintendo Switch screen by pressing a button; But all its functionalities remain intact.

There are also aspects of the most modern games that have been included in this version. I do not speak of attacks or modifications in skills, but of elements such as the experience shared between creatures. By default, the experience dealer is active in the game.

The important thing does not seem to have changed. Sinnoh remains a varied world, with a multitude of creatures, with the galaxy team making hers and with the mythological Pokémon of space and time. Palkia and Dialga are still going out in the covers for something.

But if we have to focus on the changes, you have to talk about the secret bases and exploration of the underground, as well as the Pokémon contests. The latter have received a good image washing and include novelties as a dance minigame to upload the scores and earn better rewards.

The Pokémon contests may not have so much interest for some players and the fighting, but building a good team to succeed on the catwalk is as difficult as having the perfect combination to beat enemies. Here is a well of hours for those who want to become the fashion coach, literally.

On this occasion, there are three phases that guarantee your score: the style with which the Pokéball has been decorated, the dance phase in which you have to run a small minigame of rhythms and, this is already what it was known before, The section of attacks, where the proper use of each category (charism, sweetness, etc.) is valued.

Another important aspect in which Nintendo emphasized was the exploration of the subsoil, where with a new mining minigame you can find objects in the company of friends and then decorate the secret bases and explore the Pokémon guards.

In these spaces, creatures that move freely, a bit in the style of Pokémon Let's go. Each subsoil has its type of ambience, be desert, cavernous, volcanic or other, so that the types of Pokémon found in them will depend a lot on this typology.

I have no clear, because I have not been able to play the game directly, if there are important changes in other traditional areas of the game, such as combat; o If there will be some elements of Platino Pokémon (the alternative version of diamond and pearl) in this remake. Nor do I know if there will be any way to get Pokémon do not present in the Sinnoh Pokédex. Looking at it on the bad side, this can mean that there is not much more than telling the game, but seeing it on the good side, there may be things to discover in them that we still do not anticipate.

Be that as it may, there will be a whole generation of players who were introduced in the world of Pokémon saga with this delivery, which now recovers with a better finish and touches here and there in Nintendo Switch. Given the popularity of the console and Pokémon, it is clear that this is going to be one of the great launches facing Christmas.

Updated Date: 15 October 2021, 19:01

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