Bungie announces the novelties of Queen Witch, the new expansion of Destiny 2

Bungie has announced today in his destiny showcase the novelties that are going to get to Destiny 2 in the coming months, starting at season 15 (the season of t

Bungie announces the novelties of Queen Witch, the new expansion of Destiny 2

Bungie has announced today in his destiny showcase the novelties that are going to get to Destiny 2 in the coming months, starting at season 15 (the season of the lost) that is launched this afternoon, at 7:00 p.m. And following with Queen Witch, the great expansion raised by February 2022.

If you do not follow the Destiny News weekly, there are a few things to keep in mind: This game receives four annual seasons, a large expansion at the end of the last of them and repeats this cycle while publishing changes to the operation of the most popular weapons and armor To maintain a balance in the game.

The season 15 that will precede the expansion of Queen Witch introduces a multitude of changes in some of the favorite weapons, such as anarchy that will make less damage and will have fewer bullets; or the xenophagus, which will shoot slower. There are also retouching in the operation of the light subclasses of the characters, new weapons are introduced, maps will be rescued for PVP mode and the Osiris tests will be modified, the most important of the PVP modes; And so you could follow a long, long time.

The most important thing this season is its plot. The players will return to work with Mara Sov, the queen of the insomnines, which has disappeared for almost two years and now returns with war. Since her brother, Uldren, now she is a guardian called Crow; And given that Osiris, one of his main allies, is acting suspiciously, everything points out that the conclusion to the fourth year of Destiny 2 (which is the seventh of the saga) is going to please the staunch fans.

If Bungie repeats what he did last year, it is very possible that the season ends up connecting directly with the events that take place in the witch queen, the expansion shown today.

Savathun is one of the most anticipated characters of Destiny 2. Possibly, the most important villain in the saga next to his late brother, Oryx. Virtually everything that has happened since the expansion of the renegades has been part of the plan of it.

With the expansion of Queen Witch, it seems that we will finally know what is that secret plan that has executed magnally. Neither the most powerful leaders of humanity have been realized until the last moment I was Savathun who moved the threads.

At the moment, we know that Savathun's plan involves light, the element that empowers guardians, who believed an almost divine gift from the traveler and who have only been able to use the 'elected' of humanity. We know if Savathun has been chosen or, as a goddess of deception that she is she, she has managed to manipulate the traveler to take the power of her. But she has it. And the troops of her, too.

In the year in which the guardians have managed to use the powers of darkness, of the stasis, specifically; Now are the enemies who have learned to use the powers of light. This looks like the main rotation of expansion.

The main missions of Queen Witch will take place in his ascending kingdom, the plane of reality in which the gods of the hive hide all their power and that will serve as a new scenario. To make a step between the marshes and caverns of the upstream, the guardians will have a new type of weapon.

If you first wielded the swords, it will now be the turn of the chips, a type of spear with a sable tip. Two years ago Bungie does not introduce a new archetype (the arch was last), so a new range of possibilities is opened to face new and well-known enemies.

To this new type of weapon you have to add a new tool: the 'Craffing of weapons'. Bungie has implemented a system to create weapons with specific 'perks' combinations and to rescue weapons from the past. It is something that the community takes a long time asking and that, in the absence of more details, it will be an important part of the game from now on.

Another important part of the game are your challenges. On this occasion there seemed to have come from the lists of sunsets and incursions to reach the campaign. As it happened in Destiny 1, the missions of the story of the witch Queen will be able to play in a manner of greater difficulty, in legendary difficulty.

One of the great omissions of the presentation has been the new subclass of darkness. Many players anticipated that, as they launched the stasis with the previous expansion, beyond light; With this other a new power would be achieved. It does not seem to be the case at the moment, which will undoubtedly be a disappointment for many even though Bungie has not advanced anything about a new power in recent months.

However, Bungie has announced the update of the light subclasses to put them up to the stasis. They will start by the vacuum element, which will receive their first aspects and fragments with the arrival of the witch Queen.

Destiny 2: Queen Bruja has as a launch date on February 22, 2022 (02/22/2022) and will be available at PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC and Stadia consoles. It is possible to reserve it from now.

Bungie has also announced the last of the expansions that will come to Destiny 2. More specifically, the last expansion of the saga of light and darkness: the final form (The Final Shape, in English).

This means that once the plot that they are developing for the game at this time, and that it implies the conflict of these two powers, other stories will be developed in the same universe.

It is about to see what all this means. From the excision with Activision that took place two years ago, Bungie has announced that the saga of new ways will explode, which implies that sooner or later will transcend video games to make more comics or television series.

At the moment, the way the players will be able to experience that 'transcendence' of the game is with the Cross-Play. At the beginning of season 15, the option of playing with other players will be enabled regardless of their platform (with certain restrictions).

Finally, Bungie has announced, in honor of his 30th anniversary as a study of videogames, a set of activities that will arrive in December and will include rewards as emblematic as Gjallarhorn himself, the most popular launcher of Destiny 1; Armor inspired by handbil-inspired cannon and in Bungie iconography, the claymore sword of the first studio video game, Myth; and a new dungeon.

Date Of Update: 05 September 2021, 06:54

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