Business outbreak against the government: To put obstacles to growth do not count on us

The divorce between the Government and the business world is extended at a time when the country requires high private investment to accompany European funds.

Business outbreak against the government: To put obstacles to growth do not count on us

The divorce between the Government and the business world is extended at a time when the country requires high private investment to accompany European funds. "To put stakes to growth do not count on us," the president of the Family Business Institute (IEF) and the Spanish group Puig, Marc Puig, said in a hard-aged discourse with great businessmen and bankers that are part of the Directive. of this influential association.

"The partners were waiting for such a speech," says a source of the organization in reflection of the business outbreak with what they consider continuous attacks of the coalition government to basic pillars of the business model, particularly the family member, with its fiscal reform plans and Labor and regulatory incursions against private property.

In the closure of the XXIV Family Business Congress, Puig asked, in clear allusion to the government "not to fall into the easy temptation to destroy our business structures to respond to conjunctural emergencies."

Taxes such as succession or heritage, not existing in other countries in the environment, can make a difference in the family business, ensure in the IEF. "It is, in essence, not to penalize the tenure of those goods that are dedicated to generate prosperity and work, not to make our companies less competitive than our European counterparts and not to tax the transmission of these goods to avoid dismantling companies in operation "He has come to manifest Puig in a closing session in which he has been traditional the presence of a member of the government, but there has been plain. Pedro Sánchez refuses to attend since he was not applauded at the 2018 Congress and this time he has not even sent a minister in his representation. "The government's president has not attended and I would have liked it to be able to share with him our work," said Puig.

"Our economic model, the reality of Spanish companies, of those companies that take all their decisions from Spain, depends on very much as our current model will not deteriorate," the Catalan businessman underlined. At the IFE Board of Directors Supported Puig, José Manuel Tencanales (ACCIONA), Sol Daurella (Coca-Cola Europacific Partners), Miguel Abelló (Torreal), Sabina Fluxá (Iberostar) or Juan March, Simón Pedro Barceló and Vicente Boluda with the Groups of your surnames.

But if you do not provide more taxes How to lower the public deficit? To this question that the Minister of Finance could launch, María Jesús Montero, has replica the Institute: "We are very aware of the need to undertake fiscal consolidation policies to restore the balance of public accounts. In this task, have us ". Specifically, "in everything necessary to narrow the fence and reduce the size of the submerged economy" or "in the optimization of public spending and in the efficiency of well-being state services." They coincide with the economic vice president, Nadia Calviño, in which "there are enormous opportunities for public-private collaboration so that Spaniards enjoy better services and benefit from the advantages of living in a social and democratic state". Therefore, "let us explore these ways so that every euro paid in taxes and every euro received in social benefits render all its potential for citizens' benefits."

"If you have to contribute additionally to recovery after the pandemic, count on us," according to the managers of the Association, but provided that the government does not dynamite the current business model. "That nobody has us to put obstacles to the legitimate aspirations of our companies to continue progressing, to continue existing," Puig has insisted.

It also irritates the tone of the government against large companies. "It is very easy to fall into that fallacious philosophy that praises the small business to criticize the big one, the entrepreneur is supported and that is very good, but the employer's work is not worth enough."

The Congress of the Family Business has included debates in which large entrepreneurs have participated that rarely intervene in public. One of them has been Sol Daurella, President of Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, who has defended the model of family businesses, but highlighting the importance of qualification of those who are at the forefront. "For me the most difficult has not been a woman," the Catalan businesswoman has expressed, but "being a daughter of" in the sense of gaining credibility as executive beyond her surname. "I recommend going through another company before assuming positions," the woman who runs a multinational company currently valid 23,000 million has been affirmed.

He has also unusually intervened the President of Banca March, Juan March de la Lastra, who has also influenced professionalization. "We have the rule that underneath the Chief Executive There are no family members."

Updated Date: 26 October 2021, 08:26

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