By profession: TV contestant

What Gulf of the Baltic Sea is located between Sweden and Finland? Think before answering. The correct answer is the Gulf of Botnia. Thanks to her, the fo

By profession: TV contestant

What Gulf of the Baltic Sea is located between Sweden and Finland? Think before answering. The correct answer is the Gulf of Botnia. Thanks to her, the four contestants who formed the team of the wolves won in July 2019 the boat boat boom!: 4.1 million euros. To this figure we must add what they had accumulated in the 500 programs that were conducted: 2.5 million. In total, 6,600,000 euros. Numbers that made them enter the book Guinness of the record as the contestants who have remained in a program and that the highest prize has been pocketed.

But the feat of Erundino Alonso, Manuel Zapata, Valentín Ferrero and Alberto Sanfrucos was not the result of chance. They belong to what is known as professional television contestants. If you knew the answer that opens this report, maybe it could be one of them. "They add programs day after day, they create fidelity at the audience and become one more of the family in the desktop," says Marisa Pérez, Coordinator of Script and Selection of contestants to know and win. "He tested self incites to see contests, but also, admiration towards those contestants who are true brains," she adds. Therefore, the chains are rifan. They only have to follow up on the faces that appear in the different formats.

The members of the wolves met in the meetings of Exconcursants of the program know and win that, with more than 24 years in Antena, is considered the Great Quarry of Professional Contestants of Spain. "It's arduous. Here they make the shoot and little by little they are supplying experience and paste the jump," says Pérez.

The program receives more than 150 requests per month, between postal and telephone mail, and all its aspirants have to pass a selection test to be able to participate that it consists of a personal test and another cultural. "We seek that there is a variety, both men and women, different ages; different geographical areas; graduates, but also retired or with trades as a charcuter, portfolio, livestock ... no one is exempt from their studies or their profession," he says.

If you know and win is the quarry, Pasapalabra is the program that brings visibility and converts anonymous faces into acquaintances to be the most viewed program on television.

Its broadcast, which returned to Antena 3 in May 2020, after the litigation with Mediaset for the rights of the format, has allowed the chain to improve by more than 12% its audience at the fringe from 4:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Today, it concentrates 25% Share (more than three million spectators every day), the best quota of the grill during the maximum hearing schedule and the golden minute. The figure grew up to 4.3 million people (30% Share) on July 1, when Paul Díaz (which also participated during the time when it was issued in Telecinco) achieved the boat of 1.82 million of euros

Tax-free, for just another year of participation in the contest (260 programs), will receive more than 1,032,000 euros. To achieve this, Díaz acknowledged that she has been studying six years, although the amount comes out profitable if you take into account that the average salary in Spain, according to data from the INE, is 24,000 euros gross.

The success of the format lies in the casting. "It's the basis of everything, mainly, people who answer well, who know how to play Rosco and Acvent enough answers," explains Montserrat Ramos, Editorial Coordinator. To find them, the team is still two dynamics: Casting open, publicized in social, and closed, of people who have left their data to participate. They have come to receive more than 500 requests a week. Now the figure is around 60.

The selection process is not easy. To be chosen, future contestants must overcome two paper threads with a maximum number of failures and a test in front of camera.

By the way, to configure the Rosco, its star test and the one that has led to the so-called Rosco effect (phenomenon by which the content that happens, normally the newspaper of Vicente Vallés, although the night of the triumph of Diaz was the anthill , It grows automatically in audience) The dictionaries of the Royal Spanish Academy and that of María Moliner are used. "Of the 25 words that each contain, three or four are of high difficulty and the rest, affordable, with some that can generate some doubt or it requires it a little more," says Borja Pérez, script. "Once done, they go through different revisions and filters to ensure that both have the same level of difficulty and there is no error", he says.

Díaz is the last winner, but the contest has had others like Lilit Manukyan, who received, on November 21, 2014, the Princess Princess title by achieving the boat of 318,000 euros. An extra merit if you take into account that Spanish is not your mother tongue. Of Armenian origin, the secret of it to succeed in a language other than Natal is to see all contests on TV, not only from Spain, but also from other countries, such as Russia, documentaries and current news.

Meanwhile, Peace Herrera, Architect of Profession, the queen of the format was proclaimed in 2016 to get a boat of 1.3 million euros, the sixth highest of the contest and the greatest achieved by a woman.

Both today are part of the staff of El Hunter (RTVE), a format that has been adapted in more than eight countries and in which four anonymous contestants unite their knowledge to win the hunter, a real professional of television contests and that is Represented in five different people, all of them salaried of the public chain. "The hunters are the soul and the brand of the format, the heroes to beaten", says Hugo Tomás, Head of Entertainment of Mediacrest and Executive Producer of this program that receives more than 1,000 requests each season. The quintet complete it, in addition to the Manukyan and Herrera themselves and the aforementioned Alonso, David Leo and Ruth of Andrés, both exincursants to know and win and pasapalabra.

Because they? Tomás affirms: "It is not easy to find people with culture, communication capacity, who are created before the nerves of the set and fall in love with the public. Therefore, good contestants are always diamond coveted by all programs."

Of the five, Leo is the only one who has made contests, his profession. "The normal thing is that it supposes a supplement to the salary corresponding to another trade. I decided to turn it into my first occupation because, when I started, my work prospects were not very flattering," says this poet of 88, a graduate in Hispanic Philology. Thus, in 2013, the unemployment rate reached the historical figure of 27.16% (more than 6seis millions of people), he started the preparation of him. Three years later, in 2016 he earned 1.86 million euros in Pasapalabra, since then the second highest prize delivered in this format.

If Leo became a contestant to avoid unemployment, Ruth by Andrés, a contest rescued her from unemployment. Today, TV is the occupation of this administrative. After passing through pasapalabra (only lasted one day) and knowing and winning, (50,000 euros took place), has already received proposals from other programs, such as Who wants to be a millionaire? Does he encourage him to become a professional contestant?

The prizes are a heritage gain that taxes in the IRPF. When they are metallic, the money is added to the rest of the income and for that total taxes are paid according to the general sections of the income. From 0 to 12,450 euros, 19%; 12,450.01 to 20,200 (24%); 20.200,01-35,200 (30%); 35,200,01-60,000 (37%); and 60,000.01-300,000 (45%). Next year comes into force a sixth, for yields that exceed 300,000.01 (taxed with 47%). These percentages include a state part and one autonomic, which varies according to the community. In general, the producers retain 19% of the cattle for the contestant to comply with their tax obligations. If it is not enough, it will pay the remaining thing when making the income statement. Meanwhile, the species prizes are computed for a monetary value and that amount is added as gain. In the case of Pablo Díaz, Finance will be 45.5% (24.5% corresponds to the state fee and 21%, to that of the Community of Madrid).

Date Of Update: 25 July 2021, 06:12

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