Care in Corona times: Because of a runny nose in the daycare

The child has a runny nose a harmless Summer. The nose is running sporadically, but otherwise it is fit. There is no fever has fun, is has appetite and complain

Care in Corona times: Because of a runny nose in the daycare

The child has a runny nose a harmless Summer. The nose is running sporadically, but otherwise it is fit. There is no fever has fun, is has appetite and complains and moans. It also understands that it's supposed to do without because of his running nose on the summer pleasure – sleeves are manufactured and paddling pool for example. The parents are unconcerned. The daycare calls still: The nose runs, please immediately pick up the child.

Rainer Schulze

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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For many children, as a rule, has started this Monday again. After a privation of weeks all the children in the nursery are now allowed again. For many parents who have shared care previously, it is a great relief. But you are faced with a different reality as "Corona". The Hessian Ministry of social Affairs recommends that clear rules of hygiene to be observed in order to protect children and Employees. This also means that children with symptoms of illness are not allowed in the nursery. "In the case of signs of disease (for example fever, dry cough, breathing problems, loss of taste/smell, neck pain, limb pain, abdominal pain, Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea) must stay for both children and Employees, in any case, at home", - stated in the health and hygiene recommendations in the country. This applies also, if siblings or parents are sick. Runny noses are not one of the classic Corona symptoms and are not on this list. Some of the carriers expand the symptoms but also the cold – and act accordingly.

"huge problem for the parents"

"This is a huge problem for the parents. All have fear of the autumn, when the cold season begins. Employment under these conditions is hardly possible, “ says Brigitte Molter, the national Association of the daycare parents chairs. The default of the country, children, even with mild cold symptoms and send them home to practice distance, not proportionate and put the parents under pressure: "Many employers have no understanding for the parents to fail constantly." Those who have several child, know this: One usually has a runny nose. The country needed to adapt to the requirements urgently.

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test "It is a real Dilemma. We do not have to comply with the hygiene rules in order not to endanger the groups and employees. We need to send therefore, children who show cold symptoms, home. But I also understand the parents,“ says Elisabeth Strüber. She is head of the Social education Association that operates in Frankfurt 82 day care centers. Other sources such as the labour welfare measure for the children every day, the temperature, and allow the parents to insure that their child is healthy.

In the doctor's practice for Kids by Ursula Mertes in Frankfurt's Nordend, the phone is rarely silent. On Monday morning, about 40 parents who had to pick up their children from the daycare register, because they showed only mild symptoms of the disease. Only with a medical certificate, which testifies that the children have no infectious diseases allowed in the facility. Many working parents, this poses major problems. "There is a lot of uncertainty. The parents are left alone. This mechanism is not thought out,“ says Hansert, the medical assistant, Marlene. Particularly with a view to the seasonal cold wave in autumn, the practice hopes to have clear guidelines. In the opinion of the specialist Ursula Mertes children in accordance with the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute, should be to the doctor and, where appropriate, tested, presented, and only then a safety certificate for re-admission to the nursery are required. "The children will be treated unequally. No employer sends its employees because of a slight flu home,“ says the Doctor.

Date Of Update: 07 July 2020, 18:20

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