Cary Fukunaga, director of 'without time to die': James Bond can not be the missogene of the 60s

Without time to die, the cinemas finally arrives this Friday and does it on the edge of all the precipices. The one that is the movie number 25 of the James Bon

Cary Fukunaga, director of 'without time to die': James Bond can not be the missogene of the 60s

Without time to die, the cinemas finally arrives this Friday and does it on the edge of all the precipices. The one that is the movie number 25 of the James Bond saga is actually the first and the last. As looked at. Is the first tape of the mostly misogkey hero that has given the cinema after the irruption of the End of the Apartheid of the women (according to the definition of the filmmaker Jane Campion) that supposed the methoo, and it is also the first time in its almost 60 Years of history that the director of the hero mostly British is not British but American. Or almost. On the other hand, the film supposes the farewell of the role of Daniel Craig after having filled with note, despite the initial doubts, the expectations placing themselves next to Sean Connery in the preferences of fans, legos and mediapensioners. That is, it is the last time of him. And it is at a time when, because of the pandemic, the movie theaters are forced to be repeated before the almost omnimated power acquired by the platforms ... the triumph or failure in his case has a figure: the collection World of 750 million euros from the previous delivery of Sam Mendes in 2015. Who said pressure?

"The truth is that I am aware of what is coming on now that I feel and I start answering questions. Suddenly, I fall into the account where I have gotten. Until my only concern was first the script, then Dialogues, action scenes ... every day a million tiny problems arise that prevent you from consciousness from nothing, "says the one who, with entire right, can be qualified as a man of the moment. Or one of them. Fukunaga ... Cary Fukunaga (Oakland, 1977) touched a good day with the commission of doing what Danny Boyle refused. The latter pretended that agent 007, as he said at the time, slightly changing the gesture and rictus of him, now more tortured than satisfied, something similar to the irony emerged, but in the wildest version of him. Let's say that the idea of bringing the character originally devised by Ian Fleming in Times of Cold War at the time of Poshumor scared the producers. And then he appeared.

And who is he?, Who would say José Luis. "It's funny because every time I have to fill a role where I definite as Asia, Caucasian, African American or whatever, I just put the cross in" another "," he responds in a way that he would say rehearsed. Indeed, the director who acquired notoriety for the first time in 2009 thanks to the film rolled in Mexico 'Unnamed' and then the bank jumping with the 'True Detective' series [in addition to directing jewelry as' Jane Eyre 'or' Beasts Of No Nation] It looks like a family tree very close to inextricable. By father is the third generation of an American-Japanese born in a field of concentration during World War II. His mother is Swedish. The curiosity and training of him has led him to travel around the world without rest to the point of speaking up to five languages in addition to English.

"With just 14 years I discovered how wrong a global vision of the world with America in the center, in fact, the term America as we use it in the United States is a mistake that excludes South America. And I want to believe that this way of looking Not from a bubble but in a multicultural way and from diversity is in the film. After all, Bond is a cosmopolitan, is an international and mysterious man, "says Fukunaga convinced of Exculpar power to his hero.

Two years after the premiere of 'Spectre', the accusations arose from Harvey Wenstein and, from his hand, the obligation to redefine the supposed normality. And here, the problems. How to take care of a subject, Truhán and Lord at a time, which repeated both in 'Dr. No 'As in' Goldfinger 'the same rape scene: where she said "no, no", he, alien to everything, insisted on "yes, yes"? "When, before putting down the work, I checked Bond's whole filmography, I found wonderful things that I had completely forgotten, but I also found inadmissible issues. And this one that mentions is one of them. Bond has changed and, as he says in A moment given the character of Judi Dench, it is true that it was a misogynous dinosaur and a relic of the cold war. But that is no longer the case. Bond is no longer the missogene of the 60s. Do not forget that Bond's producer , Barbara Broccoli, is a woman. The women who appear in the era of Daniel Craig are individual, fully trained characters and are not simple excuses so that the protagonist is liking. But yes, that was not always like that and there is no need to forget it Never deny it. "

And that said that, Fukunaga refuses to become a refounder. "In any case, I do not think my task is to change the prospect, this film would not exist and it would not be understood but it was united to all the tapes that have been made since 1962. Logically, its nearest debt is with those protagonized by Daniel Craig From 'Casino Royale' (2006). You can not change the character without betraying it. What you can and you must change the world around and show how that transformation affects him. Bond's films reflect his time. It would be absurd to imagine Craig in Connery's movies and Connery in which they are made now, "he concludes.

For the end there is the responsibility of being, as it has been pointed out 'without time to die', the last chance for theaters next to the newly released 'Dune'. No one escapes that the film reaches the cinemas with the ability to surprise almost under minimum. Its launch trailer is already a relic. We speak, to place ourselves, of a director who had no embarrassment in launching directly at Netflix, to anger from the halls, 'Beast of No Nation' in 2015. That is, the same year that the penultimate Bond was released. "The philosophy of that film was to reach as many people as possible, this case is completely different, it has been shot in IMAX format and the correct way to enjoy it is a movie theater. That experience is irreplaceable ... For the rest, As we are able to offer original stories, I do not think there is a problem and movie theaters will continue to attract people. It is very rare what we have lived these last 20 years with the superheroes ", it defends.

The first and last, then.

Updated Date: 27 September 2021, 19:34

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