Cate Blanchett: The Spanish language is a key element of universal cinema

The place is ugly. And perhaps there is grace and even the charm. Feality can be an intense emotion. The Palau de Calatrava comes out of the horns as the

Cate Blanchett: The Spanish language is a key element of universal cinema

The place is ugly. And perhaps there is grace and even the charm. Feality can be an intense emotion. The Palau de Calatrava comes out of the horns as the beasts of space desired by Verhoeven in 'Starship Troopers'. And, nevertheless, in its brutality completely out of budget, he manages to make love. And in the middle, Cate Blanchett (Melbourne, 1969). At midday on Saturday, the actress of 'Carol' that also and forever was Galadriel in the Lord of the Rings, Blue Jasmine and even the woman who best embodied Bob Dylan made an appearance in that space. And in contrast, grace. And the charm. And even the most obvious of the nonsense.

"I feel very flattered, Spanish cinema has always been a reference with names like Almodóvar or Amenabar. The Spanish cinema and Spanish, I am working with Alfonso Cuaron and recently did it with Guillermo del Toro. The Spanish language is a key element In the universal cinema. I am Australian and see me here confirms that art is capable of transcending cultures, "said the actress with decided gesture, smile expands and sneakers.

The actress, in addition to international producer, appeared before the means to honor a new Goya Award, the International Goya, which is something like Goya because you vouchers. Or because yes. Or the Goya we were few and ... the case is that there it was. Elegant on a site that is not. It is understood that something has to be seen in all this the fact that it is going to be the protagonist and the one in charge of both creativity (or part of it) and the payments (or part of them) of the first feature film in Pedro Almodóvar. It is an adaptation in a rigorous sense on the part of the 43 stories that make up the anthology 'manual for women's cleaning', from Lucia Berlin. You look at how you look, an event. For all. For the importance of the text, due to the relevance of production and by the feeling that empaps everything to attend event.

"A Pedro," he said as a presentation, "I've known him for 20 years and we've always been giving him turns to work together. Already in the past we were ready and did not cumbery. Now he has coincided everything necessary for him to Either finally as possible. We already started talking yesterday and work ... ". In the judgment of the actress, the relevant of this new project is both the original text and the vision itself that she did not hesitate to qualify as "author". "Almodóvar is much more than an excellent scriptwriter," she said. And she added: "I am interested in how the addictive relationships are in the script"

If you want, something there is a coincidence, even without exaggeration, between the presentation of the Saturday morning and the very essence of a Scripture, that of Berlin, which feeds equally to freedom, emotion and truth. That of the American author, from which he appropriated to the Mode of her Almodóvar, is a voice that does not renounce anything: neither to misery nor to vulgarity nor to corruption nor simply ugly. And that is there, among so much dirty banality, among so much flame voracity, where the brightness of the unrenounceable simply beautiful arises. Blanchett in the Belly of the Palau has something of that. But without exaggeration clearly.

For Blanchett, as for everyone, the cinema lives a crucial moment in all possible and imaginable senses. In his opinion, and there enters both the role to play by festivals and the academies themselves such as that of Spanish cinema, it is necessary to look at the future "and take charge of the new movements such as Black Lives Matter or Metoo." "You have to face the present without fear, but without stopping looking at what is coming," she said.

And not content with leaving everything in more or less highlightening statements, he did not hesitate to be exempted, along with his vocation of interpreter, extending over his second vocation of producer. "For ten years I worked with my husband in the theater and I realized that I love to produce creatively beyond the simple financing of projects. The public believes that the actors are puppets and, actually, we have an active role that It makes us also producers, "he said for immediately being convinced of, at least, two things: a)" The need to encourage diversity on both sides of the Chamber ", and b) the certainty of his passion:" My Main interest is to tell stories and that these stories come to people. "

But his concern was insisted on Saturday to be at least as the building that sheltered her. By size, not by ugly. Blanchett is also concerned about the cinema. All of him. "The cinema was already in danger before the pandemic," she said when she asked about the emergencies of the platforms and the decline of the cinemas.

"He was hope that when the confinement ended, we would rediscover in the cinemas, in the theaters, in the concerts ... I do not lose hope, but I am aware that everything has changed after spending 18 months consuming products (hate this word ) through platforms ". Pause. "The platforms have given new opportunities to new creators, but you do not have to lose sight of that all monopoly is bad to take it where it is." New pause and glorious closure: "In any case, the cinema is nourished by great ideas and does not matter the size of the screen if the idea is big. You have to resist and do not have to fall into a serialized model where the value of The stories to meet a single model ". It is clear.

Blanchett, definitely, is bigger than the Palau.

Date Of Update: 12 February 2022, 12:28

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