Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo criticizes the strategic nonsense of the PP for reprobating Abascal in Ceuta

The motion against Vox President approved in Ceuta stating Santiago Abascal Non Grata has fallen as a pump in pp sectors. The proposal went ahead of the abste

Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo criticizes the strategic nonsense of the PP for reprobating Abascal in Ceuta

The motion against Vox President approved in Ceuta stating Santiago Abascal Non Grata has fallen as a pump in pp sectors. The proposal went ahead of the abstention of the popular, led by Juan José Vivas.

Since the formation of Abascal consider that Pablo Married PP must rectify because "he has crossed the red line" in the autonomous city. If he does not do so threat with "consequences" throughout the country, in reference to the pacts who spend the PP in the Community of Madrid, Murcia and Andalusia. They demand that from Genoa it is disavowed to the PP of Ceuta and that there is a clear gesture towards Abascal that can be interpreted as a dravel. Some sources of green formation do not rule out some kind of act in the autonomous city, even with the presence of its leader clothed with leaders.

Since this Friday, Voices of the PP will be published by discrediting the support, via abstention, to the proposal against Abascal. The last one, one of the voices with the most media impact of the party, that of which it was a parliamentary spokesman Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo.

At first time of this Saturday, it has pronounced via Twitter: "" The Declaration of Person Non Grata is a sordid and essentially anti-democratic resource. In Vic, in Ceuta and wherever. But, in addition, demonizing who allows you to govern (today in autonomies and cities tomorrow maybe in Spain) is a moral incongruity and a strategic nonsense, "he says with rotundity.

The motion in Ceuta is produced after the statements in which Santiago Abascal pointed to part of the institutional representatives of the city of "Promarroquis" and "Quintacolumnists" of the Anexationist Aspirations of Morocco.

Álvarez de Toledo is also echoed in the social networks of the message spread by the mayor of the port of Santamaría and General Secretary of the PP of Cádiz, Germán Beardo, who also via Twitter says: "To me PSOE and we can try unjustly from a Similar way in the town hall. Vox prevented him. My thanks is marked and I do not understand how the PP of Ceuta has not done the same with Santiago Abascal. It is justice to say it. "

Also from the ranks of citizens they have raised the voice against this motion. Its president, inés arranged, has been clear: "We absolutely reject this point against Santiago Abascal. It is a practice identical to those employed by the nationalists to attack us the Constitutionalists. It is inadmissible," she says in a Tit.

At these words he has answered the Abascal himself in another Tuit: "Thanks Inés. You and I know that this type of demonization is the anteroom of violence."

The eurodiputate of this Training José Ramón Bauzá points: "The Declaration of Person Non Grata de Santi Abascal says all of those who have voted it and all of those who have abstained. What level disgust, what little class and what cynicism against This, always ".

The first voice that broke out from the popular ranks against the maneuver of his party in Ceuta was that of one of the heavy weights of the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

His neighborhood of Transport, Carlos Díaz-Pache, disqualified the position of the party. "I do not understand the abstention of the PP of Ceuta and it seems a huge mistake," he said in a brief message that, however, caused a wave of Twitter reactions when dealing with the first critical popular leader.

From VOX they will wait for their Monday meeting, their political action committee before adopting measures after ROOP of the PP to the Abascal Initiative. In any case, sources of this training insist that Genoa must rectify its training in the autonomous city and, in addition, a dravel to the VOX leader.

As they remember from the rows of Vox, this training was the most voted in the last elections held in the Autonomous City, but they are clear that this position of the PP against Abascal supposes a before and after. "They have crossed a red line. Or retreat or will have consequences," claims with rotundity from Vox.

Abascal itself, via Twitter, says: "The PP collaborates in the Vox demonization campaign. A campaign that produces violence against us, our supporters and our families. At the same time, it intends our support for its initiatives in several parliaments. Or a thing, or the other. The two will not be able to be. "

The motion in Ceuta departed from the movement for dignity and citizenship (MDYC) - to be considered by Vox as Islamic - and added to the PSOE and mackerel (10 votes in total), with the abstention of the PP. The agreement repudiates as "undesirable" to Abascal because he "he came to the city to provoke the rupture of coexistence, from supremacist positions, to wrapping the ceuties."

The President of Vox, Santiago Abascal, will visit Ceuta "Soon" after being declared, this Friday, person Non Grata for the Assembly of the Autonomous City for "Breaking the Local" coexistence, according to the regional leader of training, Juan Sergio Round. "He is going to continue coming and will do it soon because this is his house and the ceuties opted for Uparians as a first political force in the last elections," he advanced in a statement to the media.

Vox has charged against the autonomic government presides over Juan Vivas and his party, the PP, for his "complete submission to the socialcommunists and promancy" who voted in favor of repudiating Abascal by crossing to part of the population and the city's politicians , in allusion to Muslims, "Quintacolumnistas" of annexational aspirations of the Alauita Kingdom.

Date Of Update: 25 July 2021, 03:43

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