Chenoa and Carlos Baute: It does not matter for you to be a lesbian or bisexual; there must be values and respect

The cold arrive, but Chenoa (46) and Carlos Baute (47) are in heat mode. Last week he left 'El Gossa', a collaboration of urban-Latinos Aires between both m

Chenoa and Carlos Baute: It does not matter for you to be a lesbian or bisexual; there must be values and respect

The cold arrive, but Chenoa (46) and Carlos Baute (47) are in heat mode. Last week he left 'El Gossa', a collaboration of urban-Latinos Aires between both musicians who wants to set out the celebrations of departure from the pandemic.

"We have known each other for many years and always remained pending that we made a song together," explains Baute at the House of America of Madrid, a place chosen for the presentation of the subject. "I made the proposal after sharing many experiences in 'your face sounds me'. After finishing the program season, I left and I was a time in Latvia and there I started to make songs. When I got 'the gossip' I sent it By whatsapp and thus arose everything. "

"We understand each other very well for that: it is a very natural way to tell us yes or not without rockets of any kind," she explains. "In the end," Baute answers, "we make songs. If there is 'feeling', good wave between us two, is already practically the song. And this came."

'El Chisme' "is a very fresh song," explains the Venezuelan. "I am quite a Latin pop, I have made many half times throughout my life, and I keep maintaining my pop essence involved in the urban wave, which is what is heard now and I am delighted with it. What I was asked was: How do I make Chenoa like? "

"I liked it," confirms the 'interfete'. "First, because it takes me out of comfort zones and I believe that the collaborations in the end should be a nutritious all. People who apparently have nothing to do and reach a common point. For example, I sing a lot of voice and he It has been very generous in that sense. In the studio I guided myself and said to me: Remove a bit of intensity, go down here, give him air ... of course, because the trend that is used for the urban has nothing to do with the Mine, which is pop-rock: few flourishes, shot a lot of note above ... and he, not: get away from the micro. My mother told me that how nice I sang, because they are accustomed to listening to me, aggressive, very intense " , Serie.

Regarding the chemistry between both, he summarizes it like this: "That is magic and you do not have to look for it, or it exists or not. Just as you can not 'make' your partner". It is, it continues, "the predisposition you have, that you do not go from anything and be open to what they tell you. Not that you arrive: 'Well, I sing like that because I'm the chenoa'. That's the big mistake. If you're going to believe and swim in a water that catches attention but you do not know ... ask who knows. Besides, you have to give 'maceration' to things. Above all, I needed time. "

The question that arises is if 'El Gossa' will suppose the same Bombazo that hanging in your hands', that other collaboration of Baute with Marta Sánchez. "That song changed my life," recalls the singer. "I sounded in Latin America since 'Angelito' and 'Gift' but 'hanging in your hands' was another level, and today it's going on that I can not see those numbers. Every day goes up 220,000 listeners. It has a million weekly visits. . Go to the five and a half million per month on YouTube. That is, it's crazy. It's a classic and with the classics you can not get in. "

"I hope that I have another topic like that," says Baute, "but I will not be thinking, my God, I have to make a song like that. Besides, at the time I did not know it was a success. For me it was an autobiographical song, Because I was with a malagueña, who was nine years old with her, and counts all our history. I saw it normalita, like a song more mine. "

Regarding the air Bailongo and celebratory of this meeting, Chenoa wants it to help recover lost time. "In the end it does not stop being time we did not have," he says. "Well, it's a little too, it's also recovering the joy, I'm the song causes a very good roll and I think that at this time it is not Ñoño. It is right, I would say. We needed. Among everything we have passed and what we are paying for everything that is still happening, that is still dragging, I, as an artist, would not be comfortable singing something sad, I need to sing something beautiful. Well look, even a gossip, I want to gossip because that means I'm talking to another People, who communicate myself ".

Can the 'Marujeo' be interpreted as a sign of something? "You know he's moving something there on the street," she replies. "If things will not happen, you could not make gossip, thank goodness, after the silence we have had, I think that until the title of the song provokes one, let us call it, curiosity, because we are avid than things happen." And in that happen enter, of course, the 'Rono' and the youthful 'vacuum', even if it is two quarterm. "His way of staying is very different from ours," confirms the Mallorcan. "Our was more romantic: we're going to have dinner, let's go to the cinema ...", he recalls him. "The letters have changed therefore, because they are no longer known. That is why it may seem that we are singing a bolero."

On the other hand, it seems that gossip has acquired a new dimension at the time of confrontation in social networks. "I am an ancient plated, I am super family and I think there has to be values in the family: honesty, sincerity, respect, love, love ... that is basic and that has to be at all" , Aim Baute. "I do not care if you are lesbian, bisexual, millennial, I do not know what ... there must be values, and there is to be respect, between that you are a Muslim, I am a Christian, the other is Jewish ... Let's give us The hand, let's talk, we're going to dialogue. That you are on the left, that the other right ... does not matter. What are those nonsense of those social separations? I do not like it. "

"Above all," she intervenes, "because you hurry you to concentrate a thought in 140 characters and limits you. The dictionary entails many words, from there can come out many arguments and at that point the fertile part of reading begins, of wanting to get into In books, of wanting to debate, wanting to take a while to chat with someone. Set off the phone, which is not possible, because every five minutes it sounds like, you look at it and cut the conversation. And cutting the conversation is always halfway ".

"Let's go back a little back, a wide thought capacity," wants Chenoa. "Like the philosophers, who were people who stayed two hours silent and reflecting, it has happened to us in the confinement, that we had to 'feed' constantly, to fill the holes with an anxiety of 'now what I do, I'm getting bored' . I, because I am an amateur to read and embark on books, that may be an ancient social network. "

Reflection comes to the case, because Chenoa feels that she has become misinterpreted on some occasions. "Being a rebel is not being a rude, the terms are very confused," she sentence. "I have eaten a few sticks and the means are quite aware, because you have been protagonists in many cases. That is, I have a personal life that has nothing to do with what I can go out there and I can not constantly deny or attacked . Then, what I do is let the dissociated part flow from me, which is Chenoa, and I am Laura at home, I have achieved, with forty-peak, to achieve a serenity, a balance and not enrive me with certain things. I know distinguishing Who am I and that there are people who do not give me a chance, and I can understand, I can not like everyone, I have it very clear. It is very healthy ".

Chenoa and Baute have had two very different pandemic experiences. She of her: "In the confinement yes I had my 'rebellion' at the musical level: I did not listen to music, I kept silent, I needed it, it was something basic for me. In fact I did not do any direct Instagram or things like that . I did not go out of my voice. I was totally associating, I did not want to talk to anyone, and I started cooking. " "I made meatballs, who had not done in my life, great, by the way," she continues. "I concentrated very well in ingredients and I do not know if one calls things, but suddenly I got the Amazon Competition Prime 'Celebrity Bake Off'. And that woke me something that I had forgotten, what to be a contestant ". Chenoa got into the kitchen (and in sports) to mitigate a lack: "I suffered a lot to having the family away. Do not control how they are something that moves me a lot of the ground. Another thing not, but that's it. The Pose how I go to my grandmother, who is 98 years old, very old, when I was seeing what was happening. For me it was tremendous. And not only that, because at home I have my partner that goes straight to the hospital. So yes : A hecatomb in which I had to stay calm. " "I went to Latvia," says Baute, "with the family because my wife is from there, it is a very small country and we could not take the children to the school [have three with her, five, three and two years] And we were scared. We went to the field. And what I did was compose and be with my family 'alone' (my mother, my children, my in-laws ...) and disconnected completely. For her, the pandemic also supposed the cancellation From his wedding with the doctor Miguel Sánchez Encinas. "He tastes bad for the lack of continuity in praising a service," he says about the health collective, "who were not resting, who have not yet rested. And the applause of the eight lasted what it lasts. "

Updated Date: 07 November 2021, 22:19

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