Cloud computing: education at the Amazon era

The crisis of the COVID-19 has placed new business opportunities on the table to deal with the economic invoice of the pandemic. If years ago many companies a

Cloud computing: education at the Amazon era

The crisis of the COVID-19 has placed new business opportunities on the table to deal with the economic invoice of the pandemic. If years ago many companies and projects survived by relocating their production to other markets, especially in China, today Cloud Computing) can mark the most immediate future of large companies and SMEs around the world.

"Cloud computing is one of the most important technologies of the digital age and an engine for innovation in many companies," says IE Business School dean, Martin Boehm.

In this new course towards the digital transformation of companies has also entered the scene a new player in the market in Spain: Amazon Web Services (AWS). Since its birth in 2006 the company of Jeff Bezos, a subsidiary of the company selling products online and a pioneer in cloud jobs, offers an authentic motorway of multidisciplinary services. Its study programs take special relevance in fields such as analytics and data storage, financial services or multimedia systems to roll without falling platforms as varied as Dropbox, Hootsuite and Netflix. It also gives service to 75% of the companies that make up the IBEX 35.

"There is a digital divide in the current labor market. It will be increasingly greater because there will be more demand in new disciplines as companies are transforming or digitizing along this path, "says the person responsible for the public sector and education in Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Spain, Pilar Torres

In recent months, AWS's lessons and advice have also come to Spanish classrooms. In subject, course or even grade format, cloud computing is being integrated into some school study plans, FP centers, universities and more tanning business schools. Its mission: to train the worker of the present and the future. In addition to updating those who seek to reorient their professional activity.

«Amazon Web Services programs also include training for lawyers, doctors or for a SME or a family business. You have to reconvert these competences to the digital world or adapt them, "adds Torres.

According to the report of the company LinkedIn on AUGE jobs of 2020, which also compares the demand for work in the last five years, those related to cloud storage have become a new emerging profile with a growth of 48.78 %.

In parallel to these proposals, this week it was confirmed that in 2022 Amazon Web Services will open its first three data centers in Spain distributed between Huesca and Zaragoza. With an investment of 2,500 million euros in 10 years, the arrival of the North American company is expected to generate 1,300 jobs.

Among the great agreements for training in the cloud in 2021 also highlights the signed between Banco Santander and the company of Jeff Bezos. Under the Scholarship Scholarship Program Technology | Digital Experience Amazon Web Services, 1,000 beneficiaries will have the opportunity to receive training to improve their digital capabilities and train in various topics and tools related to Cloud Computing technology.

The program will consist of the performance of an online training of 10 hours, which students will be able to carry out over five weeks, and that has been designed by Universia Spain and Amazon Web Services. The objective of this course is to lay the knowledge bases related to the cloud and help students identify future careers based on cloud computing.

This training is included within the different AWS Educate initiatives, a global Amazon project whose objective is to provide comprehensive resources students to develop skills linked to the cloud and in which access to content, formations, itineraries and services is offered of AWS.

«It is time to value the importance of continuous training and betting on professional recycling and additional training in new skills to promote the employability of young people and all those who want to promote their professional career, and what better way Have to do it from the hand of companies so cut and experienced as Amazon, "Susana García Espinel, director of Santander Universities and Universia Spain stands out.

In this scholarship program, students and professionals resident in Spain or any interested party over 18 may participate. Thus, it is intended to promote professional recycling or resguilling and additional training in new competitions or Upskilling related to Cloud Computing technology to improve the employability of participants.

The first university center in creating an Amazon AWS degree has been the CEU both in its centers in Madrid and Barcelona and in Valencia. Thus, the Cloud Computing Powered by AWS Educate integrates students with different profiles. Those who have professional activity linked labor-related with companies of information technology, education, engineering and operations have been added mainly.

Of all of them, 56% has recently debuted in the labor market. However, they do not have specific knowledge about cloud computing.

On the other hand, 37% of enrolled students, both men and women, have profiles with a long professional career that values the importance of incorporating technology to projects that are currently leading.

«In line with our support for the professional careers of women in the field of science, and given that there is an interest among women by this type of training, we have launched the specific program Ceutech Women in which several companies collaborate From the sector as partners in the formative programs of CEU Digital, "concludes the rector of the Ceu Saint Paul University, Rosa Visedo.

Date Of Update: 27 September 2021, 09:15

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