'Coach carter', three idols and the 'Click' of Vinicius

"You deserve something, it does not mean that you will give it to you, sometimes you have to take what you are yours." In Coach Carter, translated into Span

'Coach carter', three idols and the 'Click' of Vinicius

"You deserve something, it does not mean that you will give it to you, sometimes you have to take what you are yours." In Coach Carter, translated into Spanish as an honor game, Samuel L. Jackson stars Ken Carter's real story, the Basketball coach of the Richmond Institute, in California, who decided to suspend the workouts and parties of his team by bad notes Academics of the players. The film, converted into a lesson of life, is one of those feature films that are always recommended in sports academies. It helps to understand the importance of maturity, study and head when it comes to developing in the world of sport. Perhaps the fact that Coach Carter, and not another, is the favorite movie of Vinicius Júnior can help to understand the sports explosion of Brazilian footballer during the last months.

A player who had problems for a goal, which had added 14 goals in 6,276 minutes since his debut with Real Madrid in 2018, and that from August to December he has put 12 goals in 1,813 minutes on the lawn. A statistical barbarity that is the result of a natural sport evolution, of Carlo Ancelotti's confidence and the young front of the front of the front, become right of Bernabéu's hobby and in one of the largest world football jewels. "Work, work and work", insist on the surroundings of him. A work that is sporty and also psychological, although not with great talks or sessions, but with an attitude when facing the problems that comes from adolescence.

On the lawn, the Brazilian has not been lacking the character and mentality of his great idols: Michael Jordan, Lewis Hamilton and LeBron James. Born in 2000, Vinicius has always been identified with them inside and outside the field. He has not missed his attitude to endure Chamartín's pressure during his early years, when things did not always come out well, nor now, when he has to bear very critical environments outside of Madrid, as the last visit of him to the camp Nou And beyond football, the striker has spread from the social commitment of the idol of him, exemplified at the Vinijr Institute that he launched this summer in Sao Gonçalo, the suburb of River where he grew up. "If I could go back, to my child's time, what would I do differently? It's time to make my dream come true," he said last July. Mix technology, sports and education is the next goal of it in the neighborhood that saw him born.

An attitude that is also explained from the figure of his father Vinicius, "his great reference", admit those who know him best. The particular Carter coach of him who moved to Sao Paulo to work while his son studied and played at the Flamengo facilities, in Rio. With him, with his mother Fernanda, with the uncle of him, with his brothers, with the niece of him and with three friends lives in his house in Madrid, focused on football and away from parties during the season. Now the charged football calendar prevents you from performing the double training sessions that ago a couple of months ago, first in Valdebebas and then at home, and is focused on rest, as the sergeant Antonio Pintus establishes, head of the physical preparation of the Madrid.

Thanks to this recovery work, Vinicius has reached December at a time exceptionally at a statistical and physical level. It is the fourth soccer player with more minutes of the staff, only behind Courtois, Militao and Alaba, accumulates 20 consecutive titularities, adds five goals in the last six league matches and tonight will be the main offensive weapon of Madrid before a Atlético who, at the moment, has not been taken too well.

He has played 230 minutes in front of the Rojiblancos, spread over eight entertainment (4 victories, 3 draws and a defeat), and has only been able to produce an assistance. He still lacks many things to get on the planet soccer and reign at the Derbi Madrid is one of them. "I know I have to work a lot," he said this week.

Updated Date: 11 December 2021, 21:49

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