Colombia colonizes the sierra of Madrid

A spectacular accident forces Ghebreigzabhier to leave While he rolls on the roller, to Primoz Roglic out at the first smile known an amateur andalusian that s

Colombia colonizes the sierra of Madrid
A spectacular accident forces Ghebreigzabhier to leave

While he rolls on the roller, to Primoz Roglic out at the first smile known an amateur andalusian that stands in front of him on the exit of Colmenar Viejo. "Son, leave something for the stage." The leader of the Return also applies to the loop static once the site daily in Becerril de la Sierra, archived the port of Navacerrada, Morcuera in double version and game Reserves. Now you sweat so cute and is colorado as a cold slavic that is. On the horizon as currency your goal, Madrid, the word that spellbound him and repeated like a mantra. Roglic is the only one that does not fail. It is the mountain range of Gredos in Ávila, the same as Movistar, whose ambition collides with the shape of this slovenian quiet. Nairo Quintana works by the spirit of contradiction, to earn time in the blizzard of the plateau and lose it on the mountain. No loophole is left to his compatriot Superman-Lopez in his desire to progress, always to attack the old-fashioned way, without looking back or repress the instinct. In the sierra de Madrid beat another young talent from colombia, Sergio Higuita, neighbor in Medellin of the goalkeeper of Valladolid that cleared up as the scorpion. The second partial success of Colombia in this Round.

The sierra de Madrid is an ecosystem ethereal. You have a point abstract (it is not known where it begins and where it ends) and sublime (the place where many locals relax and domesticating the stress). Near the promontory where he rested forever the champion Blanca Fernández Ochoa , was launched to hunt and dreams of a platoon exhausted, that wants to believe in the impossible.

damaged Computer

Dummy seemed to block Higuita win a day in this Lap. Between his youth (22 years), fatigue ( fell asleep yesterday, reaching the exit in an Apiary), and the level of the competitors, it was hard to believe. Its director is a exciclista Spanish, Juanma Gárate, which uses the slogan known by Counter, "want is power".

Your team the Education First that provides language courses worldwide, diluted the first week the victim of the fatality. In Castellón fell Rigoberto Uran (the leader), Hugh Carthy and Van Garderen. The stroke of a pen unfortunate, the formation split in half. Were five runners, but Garate will not beat the lack of motivation. "I told Higuita that today (yesterday) could be the day that will change your life".

it Was another day of glory for Colombia, the country of reference in the cycling. Higuita consummated the leak ports in madrid. And Superman-Lopez activated the centrifuge which often threatens to Roglic.

The Astana saved the slovenian in Guadalajara the wind and Quintana at a gallop. Lopez wanted to collect the piece. It is violent and smooth, the little colombian, but not decisive. Wears off, and squeezing it, even though it breaks with ease. Bold and fearless in their intuitions, but always with someone that someone accompanies his wheel. Yesterday they were Green and Roglic. The jersey red is the most regular, uniform in their performance, methodical, despite the fact that the Jumbo doesn't look as strong up the hill. Gesink, Bennett, and Kuss, discarded soon in the Morcuera to lack of Reserves.

it Is likely to be sufficient for Roglic because it is the day in Gredos, a port severe (Peña Negra) and the greed of the Movistar. To Nairo Quintana is long in the Back , again asking the relay to the elbow and away in the mountains (now, at 3:31).

Colombia, for all the vectors of the Back, topped off yesterday by the faith of Higuita. "It hurt a lot a foot, it was almost unbearable, but the hope for winning was bigger than my pain."

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