Colombia, on high alert for military exercises in Venezuela

Guaidó confront the FARC with Ivan DuqueEl ex número two of the FARC, "Ivan Marquez" announced that picks up the armasÁlvaro Uribe: "you can't expect result

Colombia, on high alert for military exercises in Venezuela
Guaidó confront the FARC with Ivan DuqueEl ex número two of the FARC, "Ivan Marquez" announced that picks up the armasÁlvaro Uribe: "you can't expect results in the short term in Venezuela,"

Colombia is on "high alert" since Nicolás Maduro ordered a military deployment in the border states of venezuela, and the start of military exercises from yesterday, and during 18 days, in an attempt "to preserve security and peace" in its territory. According to the leader chavez, his neighbor country represents a "threat", so that instructions have been given for the installation of a missile defense system anti-aircraft on the border.

The maneuvers of the venezuelan Army will be held in the states of Zulia, Táchira, Apure, and Amazonas, from 10 to 28 September. According to the regime, have made more than 3,000 soldiers in the border . Meanwhile, the colombian president, Ivan Duke, insists to Mature in that you don't spend the money on missiles and "out of the exercise of the dictatorship" so that Venezuela recovers the peace.

at The heart of this new political conflict is due to the video broadcast on the 29th of August, in the dissidents of the guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) announced its return to arms , as a response to the colombian State as a "traitor" to the peace process initiated in 2016. But the tension escalated further when it emerged the complaint of Duke, to say that the recording was made in Venezuela.

immediately, the Duke assured that his government would face "a band of narco-terrorists that come with the shelter and support of the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro". An accusation which rests on the allegations that revolve around the regime chavez for their links with drug trafficking , and in which the names of several high-ranking officials venezuelans have been highlighted.

military conflict

John Guaidó, president in charge of Venezuela, has said he will fight together with the Government of colombia to the narco-guerrillas, which has authorized a search satellite for detecting camps armed and clandestine airstrips used for drug trafficking. Yesterday, he said that the plans Mature are just a "distraction".

there Is much that is questioning if it's truly the venezuelan Armed Forces (FANB) have the operational capacity to defend their country, as the military exercises, manoeuvres that Mature presumed to be "the most important of the story" , from the U.S. hovered in February the possibility of intervening in Venezuela, after its irreversible support to John Guaidó as president in charge.

the president of The NGO Control Ciudadano, Rocío San Miguel, told ABC that a confrontation of "this nature would be a disaster for both countries. The calculation of a conflict between the two nations would be devastating to the history of Venezuela and Colombia. Also for the people of the frontiers (...) This is an escalation that seeks to dissuade Colombia and which aims to show the teeth of what he is capable of making Mature."

For the expert in military affairs, the exercises in Venezuela and met with an immediate response of the Government of Colombia "from the announcement of Ivan Marquez (ex número two of the FARC) and a flurry of fears on the part of Mature around the possibility of the decisions of the OAS on the TIAR and the decision of Colombia to take the case of Venezuela to the United Nations".

Mature activated on September 3, the "orange alert", which first produced questions about its meaning . But it was Diosdado Cabello, the second most powerful man within the chavismo, who explained the action: "Is the step in which all the FANB enters a state of surveillance."

The leader, chavez, Pedro Carreño, said Tuesday that if Colombia attacked his country, "first clavaremos this flag (Venezuela) in Bogotá", and that the fighter planes of the Air Forces of venezuela, the fighter-bombers Sukhoi Su-30 Russian-made, would come in 11 seconds into the capital , colombia.

Conflict bilateral

The relations between Venezuela and Colombia have long ago broke down. When Juan Manuel Santos as president, there were attempts a reconciliation, but in 2015, Maduro ordered to close the border for being a nation receiving gasoline and goods arriving by smuggling. This gave rise to a Mature accused your neighbor of being the cause of the stockout . However, the crisis worsened following the decision of the Ruling chavista.

Then in January of this year, deepened the dispute when Duke s e added to the more than 50 countries who recognized Guaidó as the legitimate president of Venezuela, and has also joined the efforts to push Maduro out of power, as well as serve as the country gathering for humanitarian aid.

Date Of Update: 12 September 2019, 05:01

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