Commercial cooperation Breast-Jouppi car business: the car industry took these women with already more than 15 years ago

> ”When you know the people anyway as the job duties with, it is much easier to work together,” Susa Niemelä (left.) and Eve in the Bushes thinking. Breast-Joup

Commercial cooperation Breast-Jouppi car business: the car industry took these women with already more than 15 years ago
> ”When you know the people anyway as the job duties with, it is much easier to work together,” Susa Niemelä (left.) and Eve in the Bushes thinking. Breast-Jouppi car business

the staff and property manager Eve Bush and digital business director of the Susa Niemelä with a laugh, both initially good humour, when asked about urapoluistaan Breast-Jouppi Car dealership.

- Need to correctly remember when so much has become made everything. I came originally in January 2003, the car secretary for import cars in. No real jobs but they weren't open, but I had heard that tar river was terminated by the secretary, and decided that there I went to work. I've always been a bit of a tomboy, interested in cars and technology, Niemelä times.

In the car as a secretary increased further to His interest in the technology and operations development as well as the effects of, and experience, he promoted it manager tasks. Today, his responsibilities also include marketing, which invests in at the moment a lot.

Marketing is changing the digital format was needed to its charge an it student, so it transferred responsibility for a couple of years ago. The team is built strongly, as the marketing is to be done inside the house as much as possible. We want, that is all that looks like us and the content is made by the whole staff together, so selling as maintenance in, Niemelä describes.

Also Eve Bush has behind him 15 years and a multitude of different tasks Breast-Jouppi Car dealership. He came tar river to the shop originally for a summer internship and make the economics master's thesis thesis related to car hire purchase loans and credit marketing.

- Go summer 2005 after a two-year car as secretary of Mikkeli. Then I came back to Ostrobothnia and go gradually the administrative side of the meet, inter alia, internal and external reporting.

the Company grew was also required for the personnel side of their own person to meet the staff and occupational health and safety.

I Have received responsibility and the growth of the company involved, and along the way carried into the current mission, Bush says.

the automotive sector are still few women at work

the Woman driving the car as much as men, but the same division does not yet appear in the automotive sector staff. Also Breast-Jouppi car dealerships in the women workers are still in the minority, although in many units, the changes have happened.

- we have a maintenance service sellers and mekaanikkoina women and two female car dealer. Secretary of the greater part of women and marketing positions is as well a lot of women, Niemelä says.

Still, the job applications of women to hope even more.

Breast-Jouppi car business

- it Is good to remember that the big automotive companies always have a wide range of different tasks from the administration service. All need not be inherent in the car dealers or mechanics, Bush adds.

auto sales in the male-dominated view most vividly. Currently Breast-Jouppi Car dealerships 23 stores in the works for a total of 2 female seller. The reason is not there, that the women in this area would be.

- Applications will not simply become a woman, that interest is missing. I think that's a choice made at an early stage, when figuring out what to go to college. Yes women, this job can be a man too, but for some reason, the women vendors are directed to other sectors, Niemelä thinking.

Both encourage women to seek yet more boldly in the automotive sector tasks – such as just sellers.

- Car sales is product sales and solutions to customers in the same way as, for example, a real estate broker with a lot of women at work, Bush recalls.

Niemelä stresses that a car salesman's task is not only to know all the cars technology but the most important thing is sales skills and the desire to serve the customer.

There are so a variety of customer groups that you will also need a variety of sellers. For example, Anne , who is a car salesman in Mikkeli in motion, is an original way of approaching customers. Half of car buyers are women, and for many women, the seller could lower the threshold to do business alone in the car dealership.

Workplace people are like a second family

Niemelä and Bush do not experience their gender as affecting their work with Breast-Jouppi Car dealership.

Them from the beginning, has been given responsibility, and they get to try everything they wanted. Now they sit also a long line of family business management team.

Both feel that their views are listened to and their his word has been weight. Both in working areas required a lot of dialogue with all personnel. In order to reform and develop activities, need to understand what different tasks people are doing and what challenges they face in everyday life.

- Comfortable and outfit integration also requires its own contribution. The ability to listen to others and be able to say his own thing so that will be understood, the woman thinking.

In the course of Breast-Jouppi Car dealerships and staff has become like a second family.

Pretty much the same people are here wheel and welded together. With them comes to talk to much other than work, Niemelä describes.

He will experience that when you know the people anyway as the job duties with, it is much easier to work together.

- with Eve, we have done a long time work together. Urapolkumme leaving the ranges of interest in accordance with our own in-house, but now we can get back to work with the senior management team together.

a work Community in addition to varied job descriptions and the employer's side become the credit and responsibility have got to love a company for a long time.

- This is an addictive industry, which happens all the time. Social changes, the car of technical development and environmental issues affecting the industry constantly, and it keeps the interest in the above, Bush describes.

a Reliable auto trading for almost 70 years - read more Breast-Jouppi Car dealerships here.

after years of Niemelä and Bush have once again led the group to work together. Breast-Jouppi Car Business

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