Commercial cooperation at the grassroots: a Minimalist skin care is the best trend in a long time: Less jars and healthy skin

> Skin care in simppeliys there is a growing trend and the minimalism of the ingredients listed are “hot”.Domestic Laponie of the Scandinavian series is vegan a

Commercial cooperation at the grassroots: a Minimalist skin care is the best trend in a long time: Less jars and healthy skin
> Skin care in simppeliys there is a growing trend and the minimalism of the ingredients listed are “hot”.Domestic Laponie of the Scandinavian series is vegan and herbal. RIIKKA_KANTINKOSKI

are you tired of roaming around the bathroom cabinet in a jar in the jungle? Many others is: minimalist skin care raises now in popularity. Purnukka-the army is not necessarily needed. A few thoughtfully selected product is more than enough.

a Minimalist skin care idea is straightforward: just a little products, which have only a few ingredients. Simple skin care save the environment and money - and is also good for the skin.

Domestic natural cosmetics brand Laponie of Scandinavia is reducing the skin care of a trendsetter - and many of herkkähipiä-based rescue. The idea is to provide the delicate skin of your expectant people to the uncomplicated, simple skin care that really works.

Three products enough to

Laponie of the Scandinavian series based on the Kristina Pentti treat yourself to the skin is simply a series of three product: Milk Cleanser -cleansing milk, Toner Spray toner and Face Oil - face oil. Face Cream-face cream he uses, in parts, when the skin feels very dry.

Myself a facial oil works best, Kristina said, and stressed that the face of the oil below is essential to use a moisturizing facial water or any other product, because the oil itself does not moisturize.


Laponie of Scandinavia -a series of one skill of the samples is an All-around-balm-an ointment - because who doesn't need your product, which makes almost everything? Many of the trouble saved All-around-balm is the ultimate summer product: the distance involved it will replace the many pots of cream.

skin care the all-rounder works for dry lips, näppylöihin, rohtumiin and dry skin mask in town! All-Around Balm to take care of almost everything – gentle on the skin almost matte-faced end result off.

Kristina Pentti What is ihopäivä today?

your Skin requires different things depending on the day. Skin is like hair – some days are good, some worse.

Laponie of Scandinavian minimalist routine is a neatly designed skin days ihopäivinä according. The skin feels different on different days - depending on, for example, hormones, stress, diet or climate. Laponie of Scandinavian products can easily and the joy of success experience itself combined with the skin's different needs.

Laponie of Scandinavia -the start of the series dates back to a series based on their own teen-age skin problems. Sensitive and reactive skin, the Kristina got the first finninsä 12-year-old.

And it was all downhill! I started to treat my skin too much and in the wrong ways and products. It all went wrong and I had to eat lääkkeitäkin the poor condition of my skin due to. None of the ways didn't help in the long run, Kristina told and found his skin was even so bad that going to school seemed at times impossible.

Even if skin care problems can be set off the first world as a problem, may teen-age ihokokemukset leave people pysyvämpiäkin traces.

– When a teen-age skin blooming and all can anyway feel pretty awful, this may influence developing people self-esteem. I really don't want, that no one ever had to experience teen-age skin, as I once did my own moths, Kristina said, and told of their own experiences on the basis he was highly motivated to help others, sensitive and problem skin struggling with on the way toward a healthy and prosperous complexion.

Kristina wants to infuse skin problems struggle to cope with the belief that the skin can get in shape with the right products and the right nutrition - the skin due to their not so nobody need suffer. He underlined also, that the dermatologist should sensitively to visit.

through hardship to victory

the Teen-age ihokriisistä and skin ylihoitaa of thanks to Kristina began to take in earnest the skin care products to clear. The list of ingredients, i.e. the INCI-list you will syynätyt your detail, when the aim was to produce a list of ingredients that fit to his skin. When the only suitable material for products containing no stores found, decided, Kristina begins to prepare one yourself, in your own kitchen.

fifteen years, cook was at home with my alloys to get time for your skin to my work products.

Part of the experiments was less successful and at times the skin washed with them, the earlier the worse. Through trial and error, red wire to finally find, the products find their form and kristina's skin healthy.

– Initially I shared I made skin care products to my friends but soon awoke to the idea that it would be nice to help the bigger people sensitive and reactive skin care, Kristina told me.

And so began Laponie of Scandinavia.

laponie types want their products to give people the tools for healthy, functioning skin to achieve. Most Kristiina warms the often repeated feedback that this series has been helpful for people whose skin restoring the “nothing else worked”.

I Feel incredibly good when you know you really helped someone, Kristina said.

Laponie of Scandinavia series feature of is the product of long-term development and detailed testing, which occurred in the company's own laboratory in otaniemi in Espoo.

the grassroots is Laponie of Scandinavian products only stone-and-mortar store of a retailer in Finland. The grassroots of the stores as well as online store too for the convenience of all Laponie of Scandinavia -series products.

check out Laponie of Scandinavia -products grass-root online store

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