Controversy by putting the Virgin of the Pillar a mantle of Falange Española

the Cabildo and The Archbishop's claim that it was a mistake and ask for forgiveness The Virgin of the Pillar in Saragossa wore for just two hours a mantle d

Controversy by putting the Virgin of the Pillar a mantle of Falange Española

the Cabildo and The Archbishop's claim that it was a mistake and ask for forgiveness

The Virgin of the Pillar in Saragossa wore for just two hours a mantle donated by Falange Española. The fact has given rise to a lively controversy in the social networks and obliged the Cabildo and the Archbishop to ask for forgiveness and give explanations. It has also motivated a scuffle political.

So the mayor of Zaragoza, Pedro Santisteve, wrote on his Twitter: "the Virgin of the Pillar you have placed the flag of the Falange this afternoon. It is a shame and a very serious offense to the sensibilities and beliefs of thousands of neighbors and neighbors of this city that reject fascism"

The spokesman of the PP, Jorge Azcón, considered the fact as an error, but recalled that Santisteve did not condemn "the fascist left-wing Willy Toledo" insulted the Virgin of the Pillar.

see Also the council member popularSebastián Contín stated: "most of the people of zaragoza, we reject both fascism and communism. Instead you, who governs thanks to the Communist Party, and last week brought him to a terrorist, murders of nine innocent people, to speak in a public building, is not who to give lessons".

For his part, the councillor Alberto Cubero, Zaragoza in Common, ironically asking Azcón if you had gone to kiss the mantle.

Law of Memoria Democrática

The councillor of Presidency of the Government of Aragon, Vicente Guillén, has announced this Tuesday that it would send a letter to the Archbishop of Zaragoza reminding him that the fact of placing the Virgin of the Pillar a mantle of Phalanx violates the Law of Memory, Democratic, recently approved by the Cortes of Aragon.

The act considered to be elements contrary to the memory, the democratic and the dignity of the victims of those held in "commemoration, exaltation or glorification of the coup d'état of 1936, and the franco regime, its leaders or the organizations that supported the dictatorial regime".

Among them, makes specific reference to plaques, shields, badges, logos on public buildings or on public streets and names of streets, roads or public places that will pay tribute to military personnel or politicians involved in the coup or the francoist regime.

The Council is asking for forgiveness

The controversy with the mantle occurred on the eve of the anniversary of the death of the dictator Francisco Franco and of José Antonio Primo de Rivera, founder of Falange.

it Was this collective that, through their social networks, encouraged to go to the basilica to attend the "an historic opportunity". He also used Facebook to 'brag' from the result. Its goal is "to make a tribute to the fallen of the Falange Española".

The Council has asked for forgiveness for what he believes has been a "regrettable mistake". Ensures that it was an "act of a routine of one who puts all the days the cloaks" and that this fact is"political intentionality".

Also, says it was "a private person" and has convened an emergency meeting to "take appropriate measures".

"it Has been a regrettable mistake. The Council recognizes and apologizes to the society aragonese and Spanish," stressed the dean.

According to a report in The Newspaper of Aragon, the chaplain José María Bordetas -who was born in the own basilica, and he considers it his "house"- took advantage of the gap for the vacant position of dean to replace the mantle in that time lucia the Virgin (the flag of Puerto Rico) by the Phalanx, at the request of this party. It is the custom that those entities that have donated a blanket to request that you will place.

Remember that three years ago the Virgin exhibited the mantle of the Blue Division that fought in Germany with the nazis and that was considered their patron saint.

More than 450 coats

The Virgin of the Pillar has more than 450 sheets stored in the calajes of the Sacristy, all of them donated by devotees, associations, organizations and groups.

The Pilarica wears no mantle days 2, 12 and 20 of each month, in remembrance of the Coming of the Virgin at Saragossa (January 2), their main holiday (October 12) and of the canonical Coronation of the Image (may 20). The 12 October and 20 may, in any case, yes bears mantle. Almost every day we receive requests from donors to put a blanket on concrete.

the color of The mantle has a meaning: it is a white Easter, and solemnities, is green in ordinary time, purple in Advent and Lent, blue on feasts of the Virgin, and red in honor of the martyrs. Is a rite to change the mantle to the Lady once they close the doors of the basilica.

The garments are made with rich fabrics like velvet, satin, brocade silk, embroideries in gold of great quality. There are several specialized establishments and can cost up to 3,000 euros. The sisters of Santa Ana is in charge of cleaning them and fixing them.

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 22 November 2018, 20:00

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