Coregasm: When doing abdominals causes you an orgasm

Not only prevents premature mortality, but increases life expectancy between four and five years. Guarantor from the strength of our bones and muscles, is our

Coregasm: When doing abdominals causes you an orgasm

Not only prevents premature mortality, but increases life expectancy between four and five years. Guarantor from the strength of our bones and muscles, is our best ally against osteoporosis and sarcopenia. Improve cardiovascular function. It helps us stay at our ideal weight, also adjusting the ghosts of type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Its role in the prevention of some types of cancers is also more than tested (sedentaryism is, according to the World Health Organization, one of the modifiable factors that affects 35% of deaths from this disease).

Psychologically, not only does not make it happier, when starting the production of endorphins, that magical analgesic effect hormone that fires when we submit the body to an intense effort or extreme pleasure, but helps us control stress and empower Our intellectual performance.

No medicine or food supplement provides us with as many health benefits in one takes as the practice of physical exercise. But, in case this long list has not yet convinced the denialist of the goodness of the sport to raise the butt of the chair, we still have a bullet in the bedroom that will not be able to dodge: training regularly not only improves sexual relations (cardiovascular resistance, strength and flexibility, joined to a toned pelvic soil, are also an added value in bed), but can 'obsequiate ourselves' with such a pleasant experience as an embarrassing scientifically known as orgasm induced by exercise ( EIO) And, popularly, like 'Coregasmo'.

As its own (and descriptive) name indicates, it is "of an orgasm that is triggered spontaneously during the realization of exercises that actively involve the 'core' area, that is, that space that includes from the ribs to the ground Pelvic, "explains the sexologist Ana Sierra.

In case someone is thinking since this of the 'Coregasmos' is part of the collection of Urban Fitness Legends or an aggressive marketing campaign to promote enrollments in gym, Sierra clarifies that, "already in the middle of last twentieth century , Alfred Charles Kinsey, a researcher on sexology, carried out a very powerful study in him exposed that 5% of the women interviewed had experienced an orgasm exercising, especially abdominal ".

What's more, Debby Herbenick and J. Dennis Fortenberry, two professors from the University of Indiana (United States), published a deep research on the subject in the magazine 'Sexual and Relationship Therapy' in 2011. After interviewing 530 feminine through Online questionnaires, Herbenick and Fortenberry found that 370 of them had experienced an "orgasm induced by exercise", or had "some kind of sexual pleasure related to the practice of physical activity".

In his report, they also included the sensations lived by the interviewees during the 'incident', a detail, by the way, quite important if you take into account that the scenario is not, precisely, the most intimate and propitious. Thus, while those who had managed to reach the full climax confessed their flush and a certain concern at the possibility that their training partners have noticed the 'momantazo' who were living, those who had simply noticed a certain degree of pleasure claimed to have felt Very satisfied with the experience.

In this sense, Ana Sierra clarifies that "more than talking about orgasms, the right thing would be to do it from orgas." And she explains the difference between one and the other: "The orgasted is the feeling prior to the storm of absolute pleasure that is unleashed when arriving in orgasm. While the first entails a set of physical sensations, the second also implies a subjective part and emotional".

Any exercise that involves an intense activation of our core (such as abdominals of all life, plates, hypoprees, yoga or pelvis elevations) or friction with our genital area (spinning or 'pole dance') can trigger An orgaster at the least expected moment "by producing a pelvic ground contraction."

Which does not mean that, necessarily, it happens to the next stage: "Maybe the orgaster may be failed because, being in a very intimate scenario, we are not able to let ourselves be carried away, the roll is cut and we grow up."

'Play' with our musculature is, according to this sexologist, a good tool for self-knowledge and improve our sexual experience. "In fact, facilitation unlocking techniques to get orgasm work, for example, kegel exercises of tension and relaxation."

And invites us to try: "We can reach orgasm two totally opposite ways: relaxing ourselves completely and another, putting our musculature in tension as when we perform isometric exercises (such as the plates) until it involved the pelvic floor (crossing the legs and tensing them, for instance)".

However, he warns, "it is not highly recommended to get used to the climax as well because we can provoke muscle contractures and, in addition, it generates a feeling of excessive self-examination." Orgasm, she recalls, "it does not have to be the purpose; it is something that should flow."

Is this from the Coregasm, more common in women than in men? Apparently, yes. "It is a purely anatomical issue. Since so much it comes by friction (for example, when doing 'spinning') or for deep activation of the abdominal zone, the body of women has 'easier' by the characteristics of Its genital area and for the intensity of contractions that occur in the uterus.

Precisely to delve into this topic, the aforementioned Debby Herbenick and J. Dennis Fortenberry, together with Tsung-Chieh Fu and Callie Patterson, made an investigation, published in August of this year, in which they analyzed the link of the EIO phenomenon with the of nocturnal orgasms and sexual relations.

For this, they analyzed data extracted from the National Survey of Health and Sexual Behavior of 2014 of 1,012 men and 1,083 women, over 14 years of age, noting that 9% of respondents claimed to have experienced orgasms induced by exercise. 66.3% of males confessed to have reached orgasm during sleep at least once in their lives in front of 41.8% of female.

The average age of the first coregasm of women was significantly higher than that of men: 22.8 years against 16.8 years men. Respondents also described a wide range of exercises associated with their first EIO: climbing ropes, abdominal exercises, yoga, etc.

In this study, it also emphasizes that the experience of life for life was associated with life orgasms for life, but not with those obtained during sex as a couple.

"Not everything on Mount is orgasm," concludes Ana Sierra to take away from the head the obsession to reach the climax. In sports, either. But, with Coregasm or without him, he looks at where he looks, exercising is always a pleasure for health and senses.

Date Of Update: 21 September 2021, 16:04