Coronavirus: Germany enacts two reconfinements local

Correspondent in Berlin More than a month after the beginning of the déconfinement, Germany reconnects with restrictive measures designed to limit the contact

Coronavirus: Germany enacts two reconfinements local

Correspondent in Berlin

More than a month after the beginning of the déconfinement, Germany reconnects with restrictive measures designed to limit the contacts in the population. The decision will apply until 30 June, in the neighbouring districts of Warendorf and Gütersloh, in North Rhine-Westphalia, where more than 1500 employees of the slaughterhouse Tönnies, have been infected by the coronavirus, according to the latest report drawn up by the regional authorities. These are two districts whole, which is home to nearly 600,000 people, who are subject to solitary confinement.

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In addition to the nurseries and schools closed since June 17, with nearly 50,000 children involved, cinemas, sports halls, theaters and fitness rooms will be subject to the same regime. The restaurants will remain open, but their attendance is reserved for members of the same family. Barbecues are very popular in Germany in the summer period, as well as open-air events, will be banned.

24 cases among those not working at the slaughterhouse

At the time the school holidays start on Friday in the region, the inhabitants of Gütersloh are invited to stay in the perimeter of life. This forced retirement has started to do a spot of oil in the land very tourism of Mecklenburg Pomerania, where visitors from Gütersloh have been asked by a hotelier to make their baggage. The local authorities have justified such an approach, in line with, according to the measures taken by this land, close to the Baltic sea.

The pandemic has not disappeared

Lothar Wieler, director of the Robert-Koch-institut

in recent days, the political pressure on the minister president of the Rhineland-North Westphalia, Armin Laschet, also a candidate to succeed Angela Merkel at the chancellery, had increased. In recent weeks, the head of the CDU showed a strong supporter of déconfinement, in the interest of the German economy.

But a sign that the epidemic threatens to spread to the general population, 24 positive cases have already been diagnosed in people who do not work in the slaughterhouse. A majority of employees in the Romanian, Bulgarian and Polish are used in the company Tönnies, in conditions of work and accommodation which have been widely denounced. The company, which relies heavily on outsourcing, has been criticised for refusing to make public the registry of his staff, officially in the name of the protection of personal data.

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"The pandemic has not disappeared," repeated Tuesday morning, the director of the institute Robert Koch, Lothar Wieler, which identifies a reproduction rate of 2.76. Increased sharply since the outbreak of Gütersloh, this figure means that 100 persons infected contaminates on average 276 additional people. Lothar Wieler said he is "optimistic" about the ability of Germany to prevent a second wave, provided, he says, that the rules of social distancing and hygiene are met.

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For those who believe themselves out of danger, I tell them to pay attention to others!!!!

anonymele 23/06/2020 17:37

I ask a question... Market in Wuhan with animals slaughtered on-site, market in Beijing idem, slaughterhouse giant in Germany, the clusters in slaughterhouses in France...
would it not be a transmission of the virus during the slaughter ? Is this not the way of the main contamination ?
It does not shock anyone ?

Droitdesavoirle 23/06/2020 17:34

It is necessary to send them our scientific advisory Board. They are experts in.

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