Coronavirus Spain Today | More than 200 detainees in a protest in Melbourne (Australia) against confinement

Six Australian agents have been hospitalized after being injured by the launch of objects and being treaded during the shocks compared to some 700 protesters in

Coronavirus Spain Today |
 More than 200 detainees in a protest in Melbourne (Australia) against confinement

Six Australian agents have been hospitalized after being injured by the launch of objects and being treaded during the shocks compared to some 700 protesters in Melbourne. The city, capital of the state of Victoria, lives its sixth confinement since the beginning of the pandemic, a fact that has motivated this mobilization that has ended in violent disturbances. The police have come to resort to the pepper gas to contain the protest and at least 200 protesters, which would not comply with the order to stay in their homes, have been arrested.

Total figures: 4,929,546 cases of Coronavirus confirmed with diagnostic test of active infection; There have been 85,783 dead with positive test to September 17.

The Ministry of Health of Mexico reported 957 new deaths by the COVID-19 for a total of 271,303 deaths, as well as 11,711 new cases to reach 3,564,694 contagions, during the current third wave of the pandemic in the country.

With these records, Mexico remains the fourth country with more deaths by Covid-19 behind the United States, Brazil and India, and the fifteenth in number of confirmed contagions, according to the count of Johns Hopkins University.

The deaths from the COVID-19 follow the descent that began in recent weeks and the health authorities reported on Saturday 34 new deceased and 1,655 contagions, figures that were not seen since May of last year.

With these numbers, the country reaches 125,860 death and 4,939,251 cases of the COVID-19, of which only 20,173 remain active (0.04% of the total).

Uruguay added this Saturday 122 new cases at 8,082 COVID-19 analysis and two deceased because of this disease, as shown by the daily report The National Emergency System (SINAE).

The deaths of the day were two women and, in this way, the death figure rose to 6,048 from the 13th of Ear of 2020, when the sanitary emergency was declared in the South American country.

Brazil, one of the world's countries most affected by the pandemic, exceeded 590,000 deaths related to COV-19 and corrected the number of contagious in more than 92,000 after including Rio de Janeiro data corresponding to 2020 and 2021, according to the Government.

According to the last newsletter of the Ministry of Health, the country increased 935 deaths and 150,106 cases of Coronavirus, which raises the total balance to 590,508 deaths and 21,230,325 positive from the irruption of SARS-COV-2, almost nineteen months ago.

The State Group of the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries of Cuba (Biocubafarma) communicated this Saturday the approval of emergency use in Vietnam of the Cuban vaccine against the COVID-19 ABDALA.

Biocubafarma explained in his account on Twitter that the Vietnam drug control authority made that decision "from a rigorous evaluation of the Abdala vaccine record".

Citizens who enter Peru from countries with high immunization rate against COVID-19 should submit from September 20, the full vaccination pattern, in addition to a negative molecular test, as the Minister of Health specifies this Saturday, Hernando cevals.

A decree published on the eve in the Official Gazette The Peruvian established that this double requirement comprised Peruvians, non-resident and foreign foreigners whose final destination is the national territory, regardless of their country of origin.

The health authorities reported another 52 deaths because of SARS-COV-2 with which Guatemala adds 12,999 deaths by this virus.

According to the report of the last 24 hours of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MSPAS), the Central American country accumulates 528,581 positive cases of the COVID-19, but most of them, 457,701 Guatemalans, have been recovered and 39,881 are assets.

The cases of Coronavirus in the residences of Major of Cantabria continue to decrease and, at this time, affect 26 users, four of them hospitalized, and 14 workers, although a new outbreak at the Villa Cicero residence has appeared in Bárcena de Pica.

This center has 16 active cases, from which fourteen are of users (two of them hospitalized) and two of workers, according to the information offered in real time the Cantabrian Institute of Social Services, updated until this noon.

The Xunta de Galicia has notified the death of four people between the age between 57 and 82 years old. With them, the victims left by the pandemic in Galicia rise to 2,618.

All the deceased communicated this Saturday corresponds to Friday, September 17, even though the Xunta had not informed any ibito linked to the Covid in that day.

Three of these deaths were recorded at the Da Coruña University Hospital Complex (Chuac): two women aged 60 and 62 and a man of 57. The fourth corresponds to a male of 82 that remained entered into the Pontevedra Hospital Complex (Chop ). Everyone had previous pathologies, as required by the Sanidaeseese.

Italy has reported this Saturday of 51 deaths related to Coronavirus versus 66 of the previous day, according to the Ministry of Health, while the daily account of new infections increased by 4,578 from 4,552.

Patients hospitalized with COVID-19, not including those of intensive care, were located at 3,958 on Saturday, compared to 3,989 of the previous day. There have been 31 new admissions to the UCI versus Fridays 34. The total number of patients in these ICU was reduced to 519 from the previous 525.

The Martínez Valero de Elche Stadium (Alicante) has welcomed the first vaccination against the Coronavirus without a previous appointment in a deployed sanitary unit on the occasion of a football game, the Elche-Levante. It is, mainly, amateurs between 20 and 40 years old who receive the first dose of Pfizer.

This has been detailed by the primary care and coordinator of the vaccination team, Carlos de Gregorio, at the mobile point installed at Elche Stadium to carry out this pilot experience that will also be repeated on Sunday in the parking area of the Stadium of the Mestalla de València, before the Valencia CF-Real Madrid party.

From Gregorio he has highlighted that it is the first time that healing counseling goes "to where the population is instead of citing it in a closed establishment" and explained that "for now" it seems that the initiative gives a "good result".

Great Britain has registered 164 deaths by Covid-19 and 30,144 new cases of coronavirus this Saturday, as shown by official data.

The new data means that deaths in the last seven days increase by 2% with respect to the previous week, while cases continue to fall, 20.4% less than the previous week.

Cuba has confirmed this Saturday 8,517 new patients from Covid-19 and accumulates 792,933 cases since the beginning of the pandemic, in March 2020, according to the daily part issued by the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP).

In the last 24 hours, 57 people have died for complications derived from the disease, which raises the total number of deceased to 6,733 so far, the health authorities indicated. Two provinces recorded more than 1,000 cases in the last 24 hours: Western Pinar del Río (1,639) and Central Sancti Spíritus (1,131).

Cuba, with a population of 11.2 million inhabitants, maintains one of the highest incidence rates in the world with 1,073 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 15 days.

Castilla y León has notified this Saturday 87 new positives from Covid-19 --23 less than the previous day -, to add 304,054 from the beginning of the pandemic, with two more deceased in community hospitals and 24 new medical highs , 33,172 in total, according to the data offered by the Ministry of Health and collected by Europe Press.

By provinces, Valladolid is the one that has been reported mostly since the previous day, with 23 more cases for a total of 67,307; Burgos and Salamanca are followed, with 18 new each and a total of 52,108 and 39,625, respectively. Regarding the number of deceased in hospitals with Covid diagnosis, the figure increases until 6,146, after two new fatal victims have been recorded, one of them in Burgos and another in Zamora.

According to the last update, community hospitals house 146 patients with VOCID-19, 17 less than in the previous day. Of these, 48 are hospitalized in critical units (UCI), one less than in the previous day, while on the plant are admitted 98, 16 less.

Canarias has registered 79 new cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, so the total number of cases accumulated in the islands are already raised to 94,081 with 4,469 assets, of which 46 are entered in UCI and 218 remain hospitalized, according to Data of the Canarian Government Health Ministry.

In the last hours there has been the death of two people: a woman in Tenerife 92 years old and a woman in Gran Canaria of 85 years. Both suffered previous pathologies and were admitted to the hospital.

The cumulative incidence (IA) to 7 days in Canarias is located at 31.48 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and 14 days at 68.2 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

The Community of Madrid has notified this Saturday 533 new cases of Coronavirus compared to 526 reported on Friday, and descends the figure of deceased when recording 9 deaths, compared to 15 of the previous day. The hospital pressure continues to fall with 42 covid patients less entered into the plant and 13 minus in the ICU.

Of the 533 new cases, 414 correspond to the last 24 hours, according to the daily health counseling report, which reports 499 patients with Coronavirus entered into the plant and 220 critics in the ICU, compared to 541 and 233 there was, Respectively, on Friday.

Compared with the data for a week, all indicators have dropped: the Community of Madrid registered on September 11, 646 new cases (524 diagnosed in the previous 24 hours), 11 deaths in hospitals, 691 patients in plant and 265 critics In intensive care units.

The president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, considers that the Covid passport can be a "good initiative" to guarantee the safety of people who come to leisure premises and have indicated that they are studying their legal application and will also dialogue with the sector .

"The goal is to open and reach the highest normality in all spaces and that can return festivals and large events. That leisure premises open with guarantees and security, which is the most important, the security of citizens" , He has indicated.

According to Puig, the debate on this topic is open and, at this moment, has said, "We are studying from a legal perspective" that can be "finally determined positively by the court" and also dialogue with the leisure sector "to see How it may be possible. "

President Valenciano has indicated that "we think it is a good initiative, the Covid Certificate to guarantee all persons who have taken this positive decision of vaccination, the vast majority, who have security when they go to a public space."

About 2:00 pm, Local Police Agents in Seville have searched an establishment in the Plaza de San Francisco for excess capacity and breach of the COVID-19 measures, according to the Hispanic City Council.

The establishment consists of three floors, with a maximum capacity distributed among the three plants of 111 people, about 37 per floor. At the time of the inspection, a total of 187 people were within the establishment, of which 117 concentrated on one of the plants: standing, dancing and consuming beverages breaking down the sanitary measures against the COVID-19.

In addition, agents were able to see how the access and exit of the establishment, a corridor along the property, was obstructed by having stored tables and umbrellas of the wakes, minimizing the flow of people in case of eviction.

These circumstances, with tables supported by the wall, would complicate the immediate eviction in case of an emergency situation.

Thus, after the eviction and the initiation of the files by the detected infractions, the establishment was sealed. Informs Europe Press.

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has encouraged this Saturday to "not lower the guard" against the Covid and continue vaccinating the citizens in order to achieve the goal of returning to normal, since that is "our best weapon against the Virus, "he said.

And, "evidently, vaccination is having a turning point in the pandemic, it is allowing us to address this fight against the virus," said the minister in statements to journalists done before attending at the palms of Gran Canaria to a Extraordinary Regional Committee of his Party, the PSOE.

A meeting he has celebrated for being face-to-face, gathering, despite the Covid, a hundred people who "have not seen each other" for a result of the mobility restrictions imposed to stop contagions, he has highlighted.

The minister has pointed out that being able to re-meet in this way and not at a distance, as has been habitual in times of the pandemic, "it has to do with that round so longed to normal" that is intended to achieve.

It has added that the improvement that has occurred "has a lot to see" with which the vaccine is administered.

Since "Spain leads vaccination worldwide, all autonomous communities have done an excellent job," he said.

As a conclusion, the Minister has wanted to "appeal to continue with that vaccination campaign, since we do not have to lower our guard." Reports EFE.

The General Directorate of Public Health of the Government of Aragon has notified 92 new cases of Covid-19, two deceased and 260 epidemiological highs, data corresponding to this Friday, September 17, 2021.

By provinces, two deceased, 68 new cases have been accounted for, 185 recovered in Zaragoza; 15 new contagions and 46 high, in Huesca; and 9 new positives and 26 recovered in Teruel.

By basic health areas, the nine cases of Zalfonada-Picarral, and the seven of San Pablo, both in the Aragonese capital stand out. In addition, six new contagions have been accounted for in Calatayud Urbana (Zaragoza) and five in Barbastro (Huesca). Informs Europe Press.

The Autonomous Community of Extremadura has registered in the last 24 hours 52 positive cases of Covid-19 confirmed, which is an increase compared to 43 of this past Friday.

In Extremoh Hospitals, 10 new income has occurred and 18 hospitable high, which leaves a total of 64 people hospitalized, of which 10 are in ICU.

In today's day, four deceased must be regretted, so the total number of victims is 1,916 from the beginning of the pandemic. These are four men, one 87 years old from the residence of Puebla de Alcocer, vaccinated; Another 63 years of sources of Leon, not vaccinated, one of 82 years of Puebla del Maestre, vaccinated; and the fourth of 74 years of Marina, vaccinated.

237 epidemiological talls have been given, which is equivalent to a total of 96,972 high. The 14-day accumulated incidence in the low region of 100 and is 95.72 and at 7 days at 33.25, compared to 104.43 and 35.68 of the previous day, respectively. Informs Europe Press.

More than 200 protesters were arrested and several police officers were injured this Saturday in Melbourne, Australia, in violent disturbances during a protest against the confinement imposed to stop the coronavirus.

The security forces used pepper gas against the protesters in the second most populous city in the country, where hundreds of people not complied with the obligation to stay at home to protest against confinement.

Melbourne, capital of the state of Victoria, lives its sixth confinement since the beginning of the pandemic. Local authorities reported more than 500 cases by Covid-19 this Saturday.

The police reported that six agents had been hospitalized after being injured by the launch of objects and being treaded during the crashes against some 700 protesters. Infoma AFP.

The positivity is maintained in Euskadi in the last hours around 3%, although six tenths rises and is 3.6% with a total of 196 new detected contagions.

According to the data of the Department of Health, 3,716 tests were practiced, 1,746 less than the previous day, but nevertheless 33 contagions were diagnosed more than Thursday, a total of 196, which has caused the rate of contagion .

The increases have been located in Álava, with 40 infected, double the preceding day, and in Vizcaya with 106, 23 more. In Gipúzcoa there are 48 new positives, eight less.

As for the hospital situation, 30 people entered the plant yesterday and in the UCIS there are 52 serious patients with Covid, two more than Thursday. Reports EFE.

Andalusia Registers this Saturday, September 18, a total of 474 contagions, second lowest data of the month since registered on 7 (307), and notifies nine deceased, two more in 24 hours and also two more than the same day of the week pass.

This is detailed by the Junta de Andalucía in its daily part of the disease, where it concrete that the cumulative incidence is at 75.5 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, 4.1 points less with respect to the previous day, which also represents 34.6 Less than seven days ago.

The 474 cases of this Saturday are recorded after 563 on Friday, 588 on Thursday, on Wednesday, 577 on Tuesday, Monday4 on Monday (48 hours) and 710 last Saturday. The nine dead are recorded in Malaga, Seville (three each), Jaén (DOS) and Cádiz (one). Informs Europe Press.

The Health Consellery has reported the detection of 62 new contagions of SARS-COV-2 on the last day in Balearic, where there are 43 patients admitted in intensive care with COVID-19, with which the UCI occupation is in the 12.61%, and remains at average risk.

This Saturday there are 102 patients with hospitalized VOC, one more than the eve, according to the Government's daily report, which on weekends does not update the number of deaths or total cases from the beginning of the pandemic.

The rate of positivity of the tests carried out during the last day is 1.72%, below 2.26% of the eve. Reports EFE.

The Region of Murcia has registered 128 new positive cases by Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, on a day with a deceased by this cause. It is a 69-year-old male from the Health Area III (Lorca). Thus, the number of decheses notified rises to 1,722.

Of the 128 positives, 58 correspond to Murcia, 17 to Cartagena, 11 to Lorca, five to Águilas, five to Molina de Segura, five to Totana, four to the Union, three to Cehegín. The rest are divided into various municipalities. Informs Europe Press.

The positive cases of Covid-19 have declined again in Navarra in recent hours until 22, in a day in which the rate of positivity has been 1.4%, but that has registered a woman's death of 91 years.

Also yesterday, there was a single hospital income by Covid who did not require a position in intensive care. In total there are 48 people who are hospitalized by the Covid, 15 of them in the ICU.

Since the pandemic began 82,359 people have been infected in Navarra and 1,236 have passed away. Reports EFE.

The new contagions of Covid-19 fall below the hundred in Galicia for the first time since the community entered the fifth wave, while the hospital pressure is relieved by falling to 107 patients hospitalized by this coronavirus -new less. The rate of positivity increases to 4.63% and the active cases remain in decline and are located at 2.387.

This is how it is released from the data updated by the Sergas this Saturday - with records until 18.00 on Friday - in which they are collected that they go up to 28 people in UCI by the COVID-19-Four less- and go down to 79 Hospitalized in other units - oblige less-. Informs Europe Press.

Catalan Hospitals continue to empty from Covid patients and have at this time 578 entered (51 less than yesterday), of which 210 are in the ICU (6 minus), while all epidemiological indicators maintain the downward trend of the last days.

According to the data provided this Saturday by the Department of Health, the 14-day accumulated incidence (IA14) falls to 95.67 contagions, while seven days (IA7) is located in 42.3 cases.

The risk of regrowth (EPG), index that measures the growth potential of the epidemic, drops to 80 points (three less than yesterday), and the speed of virus propagation (RT) descends to 0.80, against 0, 88 Of yesterday, which means that every 100 infected infected an average of 80 people. Reports EFE.

Cantabria registered on Friday, 54 new cases of Coronavirus, more than double the day before (25), an increase that contrasts with the reduction of the number of hospitalized, up to 34, remaining in seven those admitted to the intensive care units (UCI ).

In this way, the occupation of beds by patients Covid is at 2.8% - are tenth percentage less than the day before - and continues at 6.7% in the ICU, which is low pressure.

Regarding the levels of virus transmission, the incidence at 14 days continues to fall, although slightly, up to 125 cases per 100,000 inhabitants - the previous day was 128-, and the seven-day seventh is stable in 51. Both indicators are still at average level. Informs Europe Press.

Avoiding coronavirus infection and thus stopping its transmission is the objective of second-generation vaccines against COVID-19 that are developed at present and is expected that over 2022 they can be administered, and that they would complement to those already They are inoculating.

The Secretary of the Spanish Association of Vaccunology (AEV), Jose Antonio Forcada, assures EFE that the vaccines of which we have reduce the risk of serious illness but do not prevent the infection, which is what is sought in second-generation vaccines .

If this way "would greatly reduce the risk of transmission," says the president of the National Nursing Association and Vaccines (Anenvac).

For its part, Antonio Carmona, researcher in the research area in Vaccines (AIV) of Fisabio, points out that the so-called "second generation" vaccines will not be better or worse than those already available, but complementary to those who are already being administered.

Much of the Galician municipalities are from this Saturday at the mid-low level of anticovid restrictions, and only monforte of Lemos is at the middle level. Thus, no community locality will be governed by high and maximum level measurements.

These are some of the measures that have entered into force this Saturday, after the latest decisions made by the Clinical Committee who advises the Xunta in matters Covid last Tuesday. In addition, changes in the restrictions appeared collected in the Official Journal of Galicia published this Thursday and, as indicated in the bulletin, will be in force until October 2.

Thus, since this Saturday, the maximum occupancy in the hospitality and restoration services in bars, cafes and restaurants will be eight people inside and from 15 on terrace, per table or table group.

A new research by the Trinity College of Dublin (Ireland) and the University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom) has examined the Association between Vitamin D and Coronavirus, and has discovered that environmental B (UVB) radiation, which is key to The production of vitamin D on the skin, at the place of residence of an individual in the weeks prior to Covid-19 infection, strongly protected against severe illness and death, as they published in Scientific Reports.

Previous studies have linked vitamin D deficiency with greater susceptibility to viral and bacterial respiratory infections. Likewise, several observational studies found a strong correlation between vitamin D deficiency and COVID-19, but it could be that these effects were confused and actually be the result of other factors, such as obesity, advanced age or chronic diseases , which are also related to a low level of vitamin D.

To overcome this, the researchers were able to calculate the level of vitamin D "genetically predicted", which is not confused by other demographic, health and lifestyle factors, using the information of more than one hundred genes that determine the status of vitamin D.

The Ministry of Social Policies, Public Health and Animal Welfare of Melilla has ordered the confinement during 14 days of the Children's Child Center, specifically in its first reception module, by an outbreak of Coronavirus in which there are about 90 affected minors , Most narrow contacts.

According to the previous order in an extraordinary Melilla (BOME) newsletter, there are 14 positive cases between the minors received in the Avicena module and 72 close contacts of the confirmed cases of Covid-19 which are in the same module.

In addition, there have already been 50 tall cases of coronavirus in the center.

For this reason, public health restricts the free entry and exit of minors residents of the first host module for a period of 14 calendar days and only allows adequately justified displacements to take place for attendance, services and health facilities.

The National Health Commission of China has informed the detection of 46 new positives of the Coronavirus, of which 31 occurred by local contagion in the Southeast Province of Fujian, a small regrowth in recent days.

The remaining 15 cases were diagnosed with travelers from outside the borders of continental China in the Municipality of Shanghai (East, 2) and in the provinces of Yunnan (South, 9), Canton (Southeast, 3) and Liaoning ( Northeast, 1).

Today's figure is a fall at almost half of the previous day (84), and it is the first part that reflects a decrease in the trend of new cases since last Wednesday.

The study of bats responses to SARS-COV-2 can provide key information about how and when to better use existing therapies for the COVID-19, and to develop new treatments, according to new research, published in the journal Science Immunology .

The review, directed by Professor Marcel Nold and the Associate Professor Claudia Nold, of the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Monash and the Hudson Institute of Medical Research, written in collaboration with colleagues from Australia and China, is an important revision of how the Virus that has caused the current pandemic causes havoc in the human immune system.

Since it was first identified in December 2019, the SARS-COV-2 has mutated, and the variant alpha, beta and delta strains are more infectious than the original strain. Specifically, the Delta strain is again between 60% and 79% more transmissible than the alpha mutant, and presumably more deadly, according to Professor NOLD. He affirms that "the need for effective therapies, at least in part due to the appearance of mutations remains urgent."

The Advisors Committee of the US Drug and Food Administration (FDA) has recommended the application of a reinforcement dose of the Pfizer vaccine against Coronavirus for those over 65 and the high-risk population of the vaccine.

The approval was held in a second vote after previously rejected, with extensive support, the plan of a third dose for the majority of the population, when considering the tests to administer a third dose to the whole world.

In this way, the request of Pfizer is restricted, which had requested approval for people over 16 years of this reinforcement, six months after the second dose.

During the discussion of more than eight hours, with interventions of dozens of scientists from the United States and other countries, especially Israel and the United Kingdom, doubts were patent in the international community about the safety and relevance of the reinforcement vaccine for the over 16 years old. [Read here the complete information]

The Vaccine against Covid-19 of Modern is the most effective against hospitalization by Coronavirus, followed by that of Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson's monododosis, according to a new study reported this Friday by the control and prevention of disease prevention centers of USA (CDC, in English).

Specifically, it notes that modern effectiveness is 93%, the Pfizer / Biontech is 88% and Johnson & Johnson is 71%.

"Although the data show some variation in vaccine protection levels, all approved or authorized vaccines offer substantial protection against hospitalization by Covid-19," the CDC report said.

The study collects data from 3,600 adults who were hospitalized between March and August of this year in about twenty US states.

Date Of Update: 21 September 2021, 19:40

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