Coronavirus Spain today, latest news | Health registers 2,528 new cases and 31 deceased, while incident raising again

The Autonomous Communities have notified this Wednesday to the Ministry of Health 2,528 new cases of Coronavirus. The incidence accumulated in the last 14 day

Coronavirus Spain today, latest news |
 Health registers 2,528 new cases and 31 deceased, while incident raising again

The Autonomous Communities have notified this Wednesday to the Ministry of Health 2,528 new cases of Coronavirus. The incidence accumulated in the last 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants is situated at 43.15 cases, compared to 41.90 of yesterday. In the report of this Wednesday, 31 new deaths have been added.

Total figures: 4,993,295 cases of Coronavirus confirmed with diagnostic test of active infection; There have been 87,082 dead with positive test to October 20.

The films of movies and television series in Los Angeles (USA) have recovered the levels prior to the pandemic of the Coronavirus, according to film data, the office in charge of managing permissions in the Californian city.

The third quarter of 2021 experienced a growth of activity in Hollywood of more than 141% compared to the months of pandemic, thanks to the fact that the studies have resumed projects that carried over months - even years - by the health situation.

Thus, between July 1 and September 30, the office approved more than 10,100 filming sessions, the best trimester since 2018.

Teleriority formats ("Reality Show") are the ones who have most helped raise the rhythm, according to the film report, although the cinema is also taking momentum with an increase of 33.5% compared to the beginning of this year .

"The late recovery of the pandemic is unequal in some aspects, but the filming is constant and the job opportunities are there," said Film president Paul Audley.

Among the productions that are currently being filled in Southern California are "NCIS: Los Angeles", "The Flight Attendant", "Made For Love" and "Me Time", the next Netflix feature film.

Costa Rica will begin to vaccinate against Covid-19 to children under between 12 and 17 years after next Monday, authorities announced this Wednesday.

According to the Medical Manager of the Costa Rican Social Security Bank (CCSS), Mario Ruiz, a population of 188,427 adolescents is intended to be vaccinated. Until now, the only minors immunized are those that have risk factors.

"The availability of vaccines allows us to start with this group and brings us closer to protecting the entire vaccinable target population. We have seen the enthusiasm of young people and their parents for receiving the vaccine and this is great news for everyone," he said Ruiz

Minors will receive the doses of the Pfizer / Biontech vaccine.

The administration of food and drugs (FDA, English) gave this Wednesday its approval to the reinforcement doses of the Vaccines against the VOCID-19 of Modern and Johnson & Johnson (Janssen), as well as to the option of mixing sera.

The FDA approval occurred after last week a scientific committee of the US regulator would recommend administering modern reinforcement doses for certain population groups, and J & J for those over 18 years of age.

The Vaccine of the Covid-19 of Pfizer / Biontech is highly effective in adolescents, according to a study focused on the Delta variant of SARS-COV-2 and that shows that in totally vaccinated young people the risk of symptomatic disease decreased by 93% in Comparison with non-vaccinated.

The work is published in the magazine "The New England Journal of Medicine" with adolescent population data from Israel, and its responsibility is the Israeli Institute of Research Clalit, in collaboration with the University of Harvard (United States).

Argentina reported this Wednesday 1,218 new cases of the COVID-19, with which the total number of positives amounted to 5,275,984, while the deaths rose to 115,770, after being notified 33 deaths in the last 24 hours.

The figures mark a slight decline compared to last Tuesday when 1,303 contagions were recorded.

Only seven users of residential centers have Covid in Catalonia, at a time when more than 78% of the elders living in these facilities have received the third dose of vaccine.

According to the Departments of Social and Health Rights, the vaccination teams have already injected 79,391 third doses, essentially elderly in residences and sick with immunosuppression.

Among the greatest living in residences, there are already 37,922, which have this dose of reinforcement, which represents 78.4% of this population in Catalonia.

The Minister of Health The United Kingdom, Sajid Javid, anticipated today that Coronavirus contagions can be fired up to 100,000 per day this winter and stressed that for now, with the cases about 50,000 daily, it is not yet a time to harden the restrictions .

At a press conference, Javid admitted that the next months will be a "difficult period" and stressed that his government has a "plan B" to launch if the situation worsens and the health system approaches saturation.

In the last 24 hours there have been 49,139 contagions in the country and 179 deaths, after 223 deceased on Tuesday, the highest daily issue since March will be registered.

The cumulative incidence of Coronavirus at fourteen days in the Valencian Community has returned, at 2.49 points, on Wednesday with respect to the previous day and is situated at 38.81 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants, although it is still below average From Spain, which also ascends and is at 43.15 points.

The Valencian is the tenth autonomous community with the lowest incidence, behind Galicia, Ceuta, Asturias, La Rioja, Andalusia, Canarias, Castilla-La Mancha, Melilla and Extremadura.

The occupation of beds by patients with Covid is 1.97%, something higher (0.09%) than on Tuesday and above the national average (1.49%), and in the ICU represents 7 , 24% (on Tuesday was 5.70%), 2.33 points above the average of Spain (4.91%).

The Special Commission established in the Senate of Brazil to investigate the management of the Coronavirus pandemic will accuse the president, Jair Bolsonaro, of nine offenses, among which there is crimes against humanity.

According to the final report, collected by the Brazilian press, the Commission will also accuse you from the alleged commission of an epidemic crime; of violation of preventive sanitary measures, charlatanía -publish a healing by secret or infallible means according to the Brazilian Penal Code-; prevarication; Irregular employment of public funds; incitement to crime; falsification of private documents; crime of responsibility; and crimes of blood humanity judged by the International Criminal Court (TPI).

The final text of the Commission requests 68 accusations, between individuals and companies. In addition to Bolsonaro, the Senate Commission asks to accuse three of the children of Him, Ministers, Exministras, Deputies and Entrepreneurs.

Read the information of Juan Royo Gual from Rio de Janeiro.

The Canadian Parliament decided that its deputies will have to be vaccinated against the Coronavirus to enter the House of Commons, a measure that will also apply to employees, visitors and contractors who want to access the enclosure.

The decision was adopted behind closed doors on Tuesday night by the Internal Governing Council - a group of nine deputies that establishes the standards of the House - and although it has the support of the majority of parliamentarians has been very criticized by the Second group, the conservative party.

The conservative deputy Blake Richards, which is part of this organ, criticized that "seven deputies (those who voted in favor) decide which of the 338 deputies, recently chosen by Canadians, can enter the House of Commons".

Canarias has registered 87 new cases of Coronavirus on Wednesday, in such a way that the accumulated reaches 96,273, while deaths are maintained in 998 by not producing any death due to this cause in the last 24 hours, according to data from the regional counseling of Health.

Thus, of the total number of cases that accumulates Canarias, 721 are active, of which 22 are admitted to UCI, 72 remain hospitalized and 627 are found in their homes; While the incidence accumulated at seven days is located in the archipelago in 18,38 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and at 14 days at 35.94 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

The Autonomous Communities have administered up to this Wednesday a total of 71,102,258 doses of the Vaccines against the Coronavirus of Pfizer-Biontech, modern, Astrazeneca and Janssen, 29,997 of them in the last 24 hours. This represents 94 percent of distributions, amounting to 75,642,021 units.

According to the data of the Ministry of Health, 400,863 third doses, 296,940 of Pfizer (compared to 292,620) and 103,923 of modern (compared to 101,061 yesterday) have already been administered. At the moment, this additional dose is restricted to people with high risk and people who live in residences, although at the end of the month, those over 70 years of age will be incorporated after those of 65.

The Government of Castilla-La Mancha, through the General Directorate of Public Health, has confirmed 86 new cases by Coronavirus infection in the last 24 hours, and three hospitals in the region do not have patients with Covid on Wednesday.

By provinces, Toledo has registered 43 cases, Ciudad Real 18, Albacete 14, Cuenca 6 and Guadalajara 5. The cumulative number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic is 238,622. By provinces, Toledo registers 89,803 cases, Ciudad Real 55,879, Albacete 37,445, Guadalajara 32,006 and Cuenca 23,489.

Today the figures of Coronavirus in Spain worsen. The cumulative incidence indicator (IA) is placed on Wednesday in 43,15 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, after an increase of more than one point on the last day. The same trend can be observed in the AI to seven days, key to detect rapid changes in trend, which also rises almost four points compared to yesterday (23,19). This last figure, since it is less than 25, continues to corroborate that Spain is even a country with low risk as to the Covid-19.

On the other hand, the positivity meter of the tests carried out (2.22%), aims to Spain has already entered the new normality, since it is less than four. The number of new cases also grows, 2,528, when 1,889 was notified yesterday. Mortality today also follows the same upgrade that the accumulated incidence and cases, since 31 deceased, 10 more than yesterday have been registered. The total number of deaths from the beginning of the pandemic is 87,082.

Read the full information of Ellen Quesada Torres.

The Community of Madrid has notified this Wednesday 454 new contagions of Coronavirus compared to 359 of this Tuesday, three deceased in hospitals, the same as the eve, and an increase in income in the intensive care units.

Of the 454 new positives, 344 have been reported in the last twenty-four hours, according to the epidemiological report of the health counseling corresponding to this Wednesday.

OS Patients hospitalized in the plant descend to 293, compared to 314 yesterday, and critical patients admitted to intensive care units amount to 92, compared to 88 of this Tuesday.

The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS), under the Ministry of Health, has registered so far 46,573 notifications of adverse events to vaccines against the Coronavirus, among the more than 70 million doses administered.

The most frequently notified events are general disorders (fever and discomfort), nervous system (headache and dizziness) and musculoskeletal system (myalgia and arthralgia).

These 46,573 notifications of adverse events correspond to 66 notifications per 100,000 doses administered. 71 percent have been communicated by health professionals and 29 percent by citizens. Most notifications correspond to women (74%) and people between 18 and 65 years old (88%).

The educational centers have re-recorded a decrease in the active cases of Coronavirus with respect to a week ago - the Xunta updates the data on Wednesdays - when going down to 57, which represent 12 less than 69 seven days ago, while the Classrooms closed by the incidence of this coronavirus in the last seven days increase to six-one more.

According to the updated data on Wednesday by the Education Formistry - which facilitates weekly -, with more cases of Covid in workers and students of educational centers maintains the area of A Coruña, with 19, the same as a week, and It remains without closed classrooms.

It follows the area of Santiago and Barbanza that goes from 13 to 11 active cases, two less, while it continues with an inoperative class by the incidence of the COVID-19.

The Minister of Education, Pilar Joy, does not want "Steps ago" in the struggle of the academic community against the pandemic of Coronavirus despite the good evolution of epidemiological data, so he has appealed to prudence "with the same measures "Preventive that until now.

"We can not take steps back in measures that have worked well and have been agreed with the Autonomous Communities," said the minister to journalists, on Wednesday in Valladolid, before closing the FP Talks Day organized by the Board of Castilla y León. To analyze the future of dual professional training.

Preventive measures, united to vaccination, have resulted in "safe educational environments," has affirmed before insisting on the need to "not abandon prudence to enjoy better guarantees", and all this despite the " Optimistic figures of contagion: We can not take steps back, "he stressed.

The Government of the United States today announced its plan to distribute vaccines against coronavirus to children between five and 11 years old as the competent authorities authorize it.

The objective of the US government is that the immunization of minors is more efficient than that of adults, whose beginning ten months ago was marked by the shortage of doses that caused many to have to wait to vaccinate.

In this regard, the White House explained in a statement that has already ensured sufficient doses for the 28 million children between five and 11 years old who can receive them.

The announcement of the plan reaches a few days that the administration of drugs and food (FDA, English) and disease control centers (CDC) make a decision on the supply of the Pfizer-Biontech consortium vaccine for The minors.

The Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, has underlined this Wednesday that the region faces a phase of "plateau" regarding the incidence and the new contagions by Coronavirus and, although it has claimed to maintain prudence and continue observing , He has indicated that at the moment there is no "alarm signal".

In statements to the means before receiving honorary distinction by the Official College of Pharmaceuticals in Madrid, in recognition of the aid provided to the pharmacy offices during the pandemic by the professionals of the Madrid Health Service (SERMAS), the Counselor has admitted that since the regional government is not "especially concerned" by the COVID-19 at this time.

The Community of Madrid has entered the last weeks at the low risk of contagiousness by SARS-COV-2, below 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, with a decrease in hospitalization in plant below 300, below of 100 in ICU, and an increase in vaccination up to 77% of the total population of the region with double guidelines.

A total of 2,142 students and 84 classrooms are in these times in quarantine by the Coronavirus, a "ten-hour lower" figure with respect to the figures of isolation during the past year on the same dates, when there were 35,000 students.

This has been stated by the Government Spokesman from Madrid, Enrique Ossorio, after the meeting of the Governing Council, where he has indicated that the day with the largest number of students in isolation was on September 23 with 5,476 students. As of this Tuesday, 2,142 students and 84 classrooms are quarantined, data, according to Ossorio, "very satisfactory", given that 1.2 million students are enrolled in the region.

Russian president, Vladimir Putin, today gave a week of vacation paid to the Russians from October 30 to November 7 to stop the advancement of the Coronavirus pandemic, which took life in the last 24 hours of more than one Millar, while contagions outweigh the 30,000 daily.

"Now it is especially important to stop the peak of the new wave of the pandemic," Putin said during a telematic meeting with the Government on the health situation in the country. In addition, he urged the Russians to vacve against the Covid.

Read the full information on this link.

Despite the coreavirus pandemic, the control of the disease of allergic patients and, specifically, of asthmatics, has not worsened, has indicated experts on the occasion of the 33rd National Congress of the Spanish Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (SEAIC) In the Palace of Congresses of Zaragoza, where more than a thousand experts will be gathered in the specialty to address an innovative program, which places in the center to the patient suffered by any type of allergic pathology, attending to its particularities, beyond the disease itself.

"We cancel face-to-face quotations and go through the most of our healthcare activity in telephone allerginal consultations. Most diagnostic tests had to be suspended," says Dr. Antonio Valero, president of the Spanish Society of Allergy E Clinical immunology (SEAIC).

However, during the pandemic months, attention was paid to patients who required indispensable allergy studies, such as drug allergies (essential, chemotherapeutic antibiotics, etc.) and continued with the administration of indispensable chronic injectable treatments, In addition to readjusting the vaccination guidelines with immunotherapy.

Navarra recorded yesterday 42 new positive cases of Covid-19 after carrying out 1,954 tests, which leaves a positivity rate of 2.1%, according to Europe Press of the Foreign Government's data.

This Tuesday there were no deaths in Navarra and there were two hospital admissions, none in the Intensive Care Unit. In this way, 26 people remain admitted, five of them in the ICU.

From the point of view of vaccination, 351 doses were inoculated in the day yesterday. A total of 993,437 vaccines and 524,172 people have already been administered in Navarra.

The Roche Swiss pharmaceutical group reported on Wednesday of an increase of 6% on sales of the nine months, up to almost 46,700 million Swiss francs (43.3 billion euros), driven by the Covid-19 tests, and raised its forecasts for 2021 .

The demand for tests "is still high in the third quarter due to the Delta variant," said the group, informs AFP.

In France, the Ombudsman, Claire Hedon, showed this Wednesday "worried" for the purpose of reimbursement of Covid-19 screening tests, which, according to her, could be equivalent to an "covert vaccination obligation", making it difficult The "screening of people away from the health system", as well as "precarious and / or isolated populations", informs AFP.

Since October 15, events are no longer reimbursed to people who are not totally vaccinated, except in exceptional cases.

Singapore will extend the social restrictions to contain the propagation of the Covid-19 for approximately one month in order to alleviate pressure on the health system, according to Reuters of the Ministry of Health.

At the end of September, the city-state returned to impose restrictions, restricting social interactions and meals away from home to two people, in order to stop the transmission of the virus. However, the daily cases have continued increasing and on Tuesday they reached the record number of 3,994.

Senegal recorded this Wednesday NEW cases of Covid-19 for the first time since the pandemic began, according to Reuters of the Ministry of Health.

The country of West Africa had its worst surge of Coronavirus in July, when it recorded more than 1,000 new cases a day. The Ministry of Health has registered 73,875 cases and 1,873 deaths from the beginning of the outbreak.

Sixteen patients remain in treatment, according to the Ministry.

Senegal has been considered a positive example of a country that is managing the COVID-19 well despite its limited resources. The State began to track contacts and isolate cases from the beginning. In the capital, Dakar, mask mandates and deference were applied.

The President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, lifted this Wednesday with immediate effect the curfew throughout the country, in force since March of last year to curb the propagation of the Coronavirus, reports Reuters.

Castilla y León has notified 129 new cases of Coronavirus on Wednesday, which is the highest figure since September 15 when they were counted 157, while three others have passed away, reports EFE.

According to the data provided by the Ministry of Health, the province of Salamanca is the one that brings together the greatest number of new cases with 31, followed by Ávila with 28, Burgos (18), Valladolid (15), León (12), Soria ( 10), Segovia (8), Zamora (4) and Palencia (3).

The Board of Castile and León has confirmed this Wednesday that it has detected four positives from Coronavirus among the teachers of the Public Sole School of the King, in Soria, which has forced to confine a primary classroom and has also affected another three classrooms, reports EFE.

"They are all first primary children and we are pending the situation, we have transmitted to the parents of the 55 students that any type of symptomatology they have, go to the health center, to repeat the antigen tests," he said.

De Gregorio has pointed out that the four professors who have given positive are in their private homes and evolve favorably from "a symptomatology that is not strong".

The Committee on Research on the possible relationship between the Barajas Airport and the expansion of the COVID-19 in the Community of Madrid has started this Wednesday at the Regional Assembly with two of the comprehensive ones cited by the PP, the promoter parliamentary group of this initiative. None of them has held the Government of Pedro Sánchez for not having adopted sufficient controls to prevent the spread of the pandemic by the region, as the Party of Isabel Díaz Ayuso sustains. The Research Commission starts on the relationship between Barajas and the expansion of the Covid-19 in Madrid: "We arrive late all"

The British government confirmed that "the appearance of a" descendant "of the delta variant of the coronavirus, which could be between 10 and 15% more transmissible than this is, which is already double the contagious one that the original SARS-COV-2, INFORMA EFE.

The experts have been called "Ay.4.2" and warn that their frequency has increased in the United Kingdom, where it could now be responsible for almost 10% of COVID cases.

Just today, British toilets have asked the Government to restore some restrictions, such as mandatory mask use, to avoid a crisis in health this winter by increasing the coletas of the COVID-19.

United Kingdom yesterday recorded another 223 deaths by Coronavirus - the highest figure since last March - and 43,738 new cases. United Kingdom already arises Retrieve Restrictions Covid for winter

The values related to tourism, headed by Meliá Hotels and IAG, fall with strength in the stock exchange this Wednesday after the previous day confirmed the appearance of a "descendant" of the Delta variant of the Coronavirus, which could be more transmissible , INFORMA EFE.

Shortly before 11.00 Meliá Hotels stand out as the most penalized value of the Spanish Stock Exchange, with a decline of 3.90%, followed by IAG, which loses 3.86%.

The Travel Agency EDREAMS ODIG also descends 2.11%, and the technological solutions company for Amadeus Tourism, 0.94%.

On the contrary, the NH hotel goes up 1.50%.

On Tuesday, the British government confirmed that "the appearance of a" descendant "of the Delta of the Coronavirus variant, which could be between 10 and 15% more transmissible than this one is already twice as a means of contagious The original SARS-COV-2.

The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has decided to continue applying the evictional protocol to vulnerable persons who was approved in 2013, and to postpone its modification until the extraordinary measures approved as a result of the pandemic of Coronavirus and that contemplate that the Judges can suspend evictions to vulnerable people.

In the agreement, consulted by Europe Press, the President of the TSJC, Jesús María Barrientos, notes that the regulations on evolution is "in constant reform and evolution" by the provisional measures that have been adopted by the pandemic, so it considers prudent, In his words, do not continue with the wording of a new protocol for now.

British hospitals are about to be overflowed by a new wave of Covid-19 infections, so it is necessary to harden the restrictions, the pressure group of the health services on Wednesday, but the government said that now it was not The moment of a new closure, reports Reuters.

Great Britain is the eighth country in the world with more deaths by Covid19, with almost 139,000 deceased. However, it has also rapidly launched its vaccination program and Prime Minister Boris Johnson has raised almost all Restrictions by Coronavirus in England and has put an end to social distancing measures. United Kingdom already arises Retrieve Restrictions Covid for winter

Doctors have expressed concern about the fact that an increase in the number of income in the hospital, combined with pressures on the NHS by seasonal viruses, could leave hospitals incapable to deal with long waiting lists and Operate normally.

The Health Consellry has notified 9 deaths from Covid-19 in Baleares, 8 of them in August and one in July, after a review of mortality data, with which the official death figure rises to 980 in the archipelago from The beginning of the pandemic.

By Islands, 5 died in Ibiza, 3 in Mallorca and one in Menorca, reports EFE from the Health Consellery.

Health also detected 73 new counted from SARS-COV-2 in Baleares, with which the number of COVID-19 cases rises to 100,247 from the beginning of the pandemic.

The mayor of Ávila, Jesús Manuel Sánchez Cabrera (Xav), will keep quarantine for the next few days after he has been positive in Covid-19, he has reported the affected himself through social networks, consulted by EFE.

"I have just communicated that I have been positive in Covid-19, so I should keep quarantine at home for the next few days," explained Sánchez Cabrera, 39, who is in good condition afflicted with mild symptoms and that he has Grateful to Sacyl's health personnel with his attention.

Jesús Manuel Sánchez Cabrera already had to remain quarantined during the last days last April, after confirming that a municipal worker was contagious and had been "close contact".

The city of New York will demand that all of its municipal employees vaccinated against the Covid-19, reports Reuters from the Wall Street Journal.

Mayor Bill de Blasio plans to announce an order on Wednesday, he said, adding that the city workers have to get their first vaccine before October 29 or they could lose their jobs.

Russia today registered a record of deaths by Covid-19 today (after yesterday) throughout the pandemic, with 1,028 deaths on the last day, according to EFE of the official data of the center of fight against Coronavirus, with cities such as Moscow (76) and St. Petersburg (62) to the head.

The total number of deceased by Covid-19 is so far as pandemic in 225,353, although the official data on excess deaths in the same period triples this number.

In addition, 34,073 new contagions were recorded in the 85 regions of the country in recent 24 hours, of which 3,067 cases are asymptomatic people.

Since the beginning of the pandemic Russia has identified 8,094,825 cases of Coronavirus, which converts that country into the fifth of the world behind the US, India, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

Morocco suspended direct flights from Germany, Holland and the United Kingdom from midnight today as a measure of prevention against coronavirus propagation.

The decision was announced today by Moroccan Air Air Maroc (RAM) and the Emiratí Air Arabia, which manage flights to these countries, although the Moroccan authorities have not been pronounced in this regard, reports EFE.

Several travelers contacted by EFE, who had a morning flight from Alhucemas, in the north of Morocco, Rumbo to Rotterdam in Holland, reported today's messages from their airlines to communicate the cancellation.

These three countries are part of the States with which Morocco has a greater number of air connections due to the large number of Moroccan emigrants residing in their territory.

Andalusia Registers on Wednesday 20 October a total of 227 contagions of Coronavirus in 24 hours, more than 183 of this Tuesday and that the 216 counted a week ago, while registering four deceased, three less than the previous day, but more That last Wednesday, when there was none, reports Europa Press.

In addition, according to the Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia (ACEI), the incidence in 14 days remains unchanged at 29.8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants compared to 30.1 on Monday. It is superior to that registered on Wednesday last, which was located at 29.6 points.

In this day, Seville is the one that more contagions registers with 48, followed by Malaga and Huelva with 39, Almería with 33, Granada with 26, Cordoba with 23, Cádiz with 14 and Jaén with five positives.

The Trade Union Section of CCOO in the Jail of the Malaga Municipality of Archidona has reported that "a strong outbreak" of Covid-19 has occurred in module 1 of the aforementioned prison. Penitentiary institutions, on the other hand, has indicated that it is "controlled" and that most are mild or asymptomatic cases, reports Europa Press.

Specifically, it affects 31 internal, "the vast majority, as they are vaccinated, presents mild symptoms or are asymptomatic", according to penitentiary institutions.

The infected are "internal persons who perform activities in other areas of this penitentiary center, so-called" destinations ", which has caused very considerable dysfunctions to be affected services as determinants such as the kitchen or the distribution of food among others," according to They have detailed in a statement from CCOO.

The Tudela Health Area has announced this Wednesday that the Reina Sofía Hospital maintains existing Restrictions by Coronavirus in the regime of visits to the center, as a measure to safeguard the safety of people entered, reports EFE from their social networks.

"The regulation of the visiting regime, rationalizing schedules and limiting the number of people within the rooms, helps to protect people admitted at the same time that it improves their experience and that of their companion since it contributes to improve their rest and well-being" , have pointed.

For this reason, they have remembered that visits are not allowed to the Reina Sofia hospital and that only the accompanying person can remain in the room next to the patient, respecting the regimen of regulation of visits.

The legendary Serbian goalkeeper Dragan Panción today died at 69 for complications caused by the Coronavirus, reports Efe from the Nova Portal.

Pantelic died at the Clinical-University Center of NIS, Southern City of Serbia in whose Club Radnicki played more than ten years.

He acted in more than 250 games of the First Yugoslava League, was also a player of Bordeaux French, among other clubs, and with the selection of his country participated in the 1982 World Cup in Spain.

Although doorman, he also stressed by his good shooting ballots, especially Penalti, with whom he scored 29 goals, two for the selection.

Galicia counted this Wednesday 438 active cases of Coronavirus, six more than yesterday. However, he did not communicate new deaths by the disease, the accumulated one stays at 2,648.

Of all active cases 145 have been registered in La Coruna, five more than yesterday; 79, in Vigo, two more; 72, in Santiago, two more; 44, in Orense, five less; 40, in Lugo, five less; 42, in Pontevedra, six more and 16, in Ferrol, one more, reports Servimedia of the latest report of the Xunta.

As regards positive patients, eight are in UCI, one less than yesterday.

In the Autonomous Community there are a total of 179,765 people who have recovered from the disease and 4,414,102 dose of Vaccine against COVID-19 have been injected.

Four religious of the Sanctuary of Loyola, three of them 90 years and a quarter of 75, have died because of an outbreak of the Covid-19 that appeared in this center of the Jesuits in Azpeitia (Gipuzkoa) on September 28.

The focus was extended until it affects 22 people -10 workers and 12 priests- although all of them had received the vaccine against the coronavirus, explained to Efe Ignacio Skip, rector of the center.

Etxarte has assured that everyone in the sanctuary has taken precautions to not get infected. "But the virus does not warn," said the priest, who added that, because of the outbreak, they were forced to suspend religious services, although they have returned to be held.

The Health Counselor, Santos Induráin, has admitted that there has been an increase in the incidence of VOCID-19 in Navarra, which was "expected" once the restrictions have been raised, and that occurs, has highlighted, "inside of a context of a low intensity of the pandemic ".

In statements to the media, Induráin has highlighted that the increase in cases "at this time is not assuming that at the hospital level we have a worse situation." He has pointed out that "probably" there is any income but has insisted that "the circulation of the virus, the intensity, is what is marking in what situation we are," says Europa Press.

Santos Induráin has highlighted that, after uprising the restrictions, that not of individual preventive measures, there is a greater "social interaction", superior, has opined, at prepandemic moments, since "all people have had the need to recover What had been lost ".

Catalonia has registered up to this Wednesday 998,456 confirmed cases accumulated from Coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic, 662 more than in Tuesday's count, reports Europe Press of the Generalitat's Health Conselllery.

In the last 24 hours, eight deaths have been recorded and the total deceased is 23,979.

Regarding patients attempted, the figure is at 337, six less, of which 97 patients are entered into intensive care units (UCI).

The reproduction speed of the disease (RT) rises up to 1.02 and the positivity percentage of the antigen and PCR tests is maintained at 1.53%, while the incidence accumulated in the last 14 days is 45.67 For every 100,000 inhabitants and the average age of confirmed cases is 39.98 years.

The Risk Rental of Rebrote has risen: on Tuesday it was located in 42 and 24 hours later it is located at 45.

The cold station is just around the corner and they have spent almost two years since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. To date, Coronavirus has infected more than 240 million people and almost 4.9 million have died. What is the path that the virus has taken? Can you predict how it will change in the near future? How will the coronavirus change in the coming months? How will this winter act?

Israel has identified the first case of a Delta subvary, which already circulates in several European countries, according to the Ministry of Health.

"The variant AY4.2, which has been found in several European countries, has been identified in Israel," said the ministry in a statement on Tuesday.

A 11-year-old European child was a carrier of the subvainment. He was identified at the Ben Gurion airport of Tel Aviv and placed in quarantine, said the same source, underlining that no other case has been identified, reports Reuters.

The appearance of this new variant despite the great contagiousness of the Delta, which tends to reject the new strains, makes fear an even greater transmissibility.

But for François Balloux, director of the UCL Genetics Institute (London), this new variant remains rare and does not seem to raise the same risk of transmission than other strains.

In any case, variant AY4.2 was discovered in Israel at a time when the country is being considered to raise some of the existing restrictions, especially in terms of tourism. This variant has been identified mainly in the United Kingdom and three cases have been detected in the United States and a few in Denmark, which since then have almost disappeared.

Germany could breach its objective of donating 100 million doses of the Vaccine Covid-19 this year due to the conditions imposed by the manufacturers and the shortage of deliveries, as declared an official of the Ministry of Health in a letter addressed to Brussels seen by Reuters

The 100 million dose represent half of the total promised by the Member States of the European Union to the poorest countries this year, according to the European Commission.

The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on October 19 that Germany had only donated something more than 17% of that amount.

In a letter sent Monday to the health emergency preparedness and response authority (Hera) of the European Commission, the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Health, Thomas Steffen, said there were "continuous bureaucratic, logistics and legal problems" taxes Vaccine manufacturers to EU countries who wanted to donate the surplus vaccines.

Steffen said that these factors did "almost impossible a rapid response to international help requests".

The letter is the strongest signal until the tensions between governments and drug manufacturers on donations.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States will soon recommend that people aged 40 or older receive the Pfizer or modern Covid-19 reinforcement vaccines, according to Reuters of the CNN.

Thousands of workers not vaccinated throughout the United States face possible losses of employment as a growing number of states, cities and private companies begin to apply the inoculation mandates against COVID-19, reports Reuters.

Although controversial, the mandates have been effective in convincing many undecided workers from being vaccinated against the virus, which has killed more than 700,000 people in the United States.

About 77% of Americans who meet the requirements have received at least one injection of a vaccine, according to journalists last week the coordinator of the COVID-19 of the White House, Jeff Zients.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced an investment of up to 120 million dollars on Wednesday to facilitate the access of poor countries to a promising drug against COVID-19 in the form of a pill.

The US Laboratory Merck has developed a medication, the MOLNUPIRAVIR, which greatly reduces the risk of hospitalization and death when it is taken in the first days of the infection.

This treatment consists of taking tablets and it is therefore easy to administer. In addition, it represents an alternative to vaccines, particularly for countries that have difficulty accessing them.

Its authorization is currently being evaluated by the US drug regulator, the FDA.

Merck plans to manufacture the doses necessary for 10 million treatments before the end of the year.

The British Government "monitors very closely" the new Delta subvariant of the Coronavirus that is spreading in the United Kingdom and the reaction of the new mutation is being investigated, called "AY4.2", derives from the Delta variant, against vaccines , Informa AFP.

"We are closely following this new form and we will not hesitate to take action if necessary," a spokesman for Downing Street has affirmed. However, "there is no reason to believe that it is extending more easily," he said.

The new variant AY4.2 is almost non-existent outside the United Kingdom, apart from three cases detected in the United States and a few in Denmark, which have almost disappeared.

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has confirmed that the country's students will return to classes in face-to-face modality on October 25, thanks, in part, to 84% of teachers are already vaccinated against COVID-19.

However, Maduro has pointed out the need for "all staff (teacher) to be vaccinated for the protection of students", so his government is "aimed at vaccinating one hundred percent" professors, collects Europe Press from Local daily last hour. Mature advances that in 2022 reinforcement doses will be administered to the entire population.

The president has met on Tuesday with the representatives of the educational areas of Venezuela and announced the Bicentenaria Victoria Plan to accompany the beginning of the classes and in response to the effort that the educational community had to do the past course to develop its activity in Pandemic conditions.

The National Health Service (NHS) is on the verge of being overflowed in many parts of Great Britain and the pressure will only increase as winter approaches, the director of a health system agency, reports Reuters

"I speak with health leaders every day, and I literally I have not talked about any leader who does not say that his service is under an intense pressure now. We are in mid-October. Things are just going to get worse," said Matthew Taylor, Executive Director of the NHS Confederation, in declarations to BBC Radio, in which it requested measures of COVID-19 as the use of masks and work from home.

"The health service is right to the limit ... if you press much more we can not offer the level of service that people need to have."

The coronavirus may seem that it has gone to a background, but it has not been left anywhere. In the United Kingdom, where the 50,000 daily cases already border and have an incidence of 600 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, they begin to worry about that the hospital pressure, united to the traditional problems that winter becomes, can recruce some Christmas already of By itself

This week's figures, which are the highest of the last three months, have caused that there is no discarding some of the restrictions that the country has left behind, despite Boris Johnson, who says "are watching Very closely the statistics ", still remained to accept that possibility. United Kingdom already arises Retrieve Restrictions Covid for winter

The Special Commission installed in the Senate of Brazil to investigate the possible offenses committed by the Government of Jair Bolsono in the management of the pandemic will accuse the president of 11 offenses, including the default homicide. Senator Renan Calheiros, Rapporteur of the report, will present the text tomorrow Wednesday but already advanced that the accusations will be weight.

According to him, Bolsonaro, many of his ministers and other members of the government acted for the COVID-19 to propagate as quickly as possible. "With this behavior, the government, who had the legal duty to act, consented to the death of Brazilians and Brazilians," he said. More than 600,000 people lost their lives in the country, and the Senators believe that the government's denialist policy played a key role in that tragic result. The Senate of Brazil will accuse Bolsonaro de Homicide for his management of the pandemic

From Friday with Mild Uploads, the incidence of Coronavirus in Spain has returned again and is located at 41.9 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, according to the Ministry of Health, which accounts for 1,889 new contagions compared to 4,492 yesterday.

In this pandemic situation, there are four more communities soften their restrictions and recover maximum aprote, reports EFE.

Beijing began offering his residents of reinforcement of the Vaccine against Covid-19 in order to reinforce safety for the winter Olympic Games that will take place in February, local media reported on Wednesday.

According to the Government newspaper Beijing News, reinforcement injections will be intended for residents in the Chinese capital over 18 years old and completely vaccinated from at least six months.

One billion people (more than 78% of the population) had the complete pattern of immunization in China in mid-September, according to the National Health Commission, AFP reports.

But there are doubts about the effectiveness of the formulas designed in China versus the Delta variant of the Coronavirus.

Chinese health experts consider that the country needs a vaccination coverage of 85% of the population to achieve herd immunity, aim that authorities want to reach at the end of the year.

A study led from the microbiology service of the Prince of Asturias University Hospital (HUPA) has demonstrated the usefulness of the endothelial activation and stress index to foresee the risk of mortality by Covid-19 and classify patients according to urgency.

The study entitled The stress index and endothelial activation adjusted by COVID-19 at the time of income is a reliable 28-day mortality predictor in patients hospitalized by Covid-19 has been published in the prestigious Frontiers in Medicine magazine, Preseed in a statement the hospital center.

Updated Date: 20 October 2021, 19:42

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