Coronavirus, last minute | Health communicates 2,248 new cases and 57 deaths; The incidence is maintained in 40

The cumulative incidence (IA) of Coronavirus today does not descend, even increases a little. This Friday is at 40,85 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, after a r

Coronavirus, last minute |
 Health communicates 2,248 new cases and 57 deaths;
 The incidence is maintained in 40

The cumulative incidence (IA) of Coronavirus today does not descend, even increases a little. This Friday is at 40,85 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, after a rise of more than three tenths in the last 24 hours. However, Spain continues to find at low risk. For its part, the number of contagions has not diminished this time either: they are 2,248 new cases, 316 more than those that were reported yesterday.

The same happens this Friday with mortality, which has increased slightly. Health has notified this Friday, 57 new deaths, 20 less than seven days ago, but nine more than yesterday. Thus, according to the ministry, 86,900 died by Covid have already been exceeded in Spain since the pandemic (86,974) began.

Total figures: 4,984,386 cases of coronavirus confirmed with diagnostic test of active infection; There have been 86,974 dead with positive test as of October 15.

Panama added this Friday 202 new cases of the COVID-19 and 4 deaths by the disease, which make a total of 469,998 confirmed contagions and 7,288 deaths in more than 19 months of pandemic, the Ministry of Health (MINSA) reported.

The daily report of the Ministry of Health realizes that there are 42 patients hospitalized by the Coronavirus in intensive care units (ICU) and 178 in General Room, while 2,111 are isolated in their homes and 99 in hotels, for a total of 2,430 cases Assets (contagiants).

MINSA data indicate that patients recovered up 460.280 since March 9, 2020 when the first case of contagion was given in Panama, where the Covid has

The Ministry of Health of Colombia reported this Friday that the country added 1,646 contagions by Coronavirus and 37 deceased in the last 24 hours, figures with which it totals 4,978,689 cases and 126,796 fatalities since the beginning of the pandemic.

In the country 13,574 contagions remain active, which are equivalent to 0.27% of the total, but the health authorities warned today that Colombia could suffer a fourth wave of contagions and deaths in November.

"In November we can have a peak, theme that worries us a lot, then I believe that in these two weeks we should work very strongly on the subject of vaccination and in isolation," he alerted the Deputy Minister of Health, Luis Alexander Moscoso.

The Ministry of Health of Mexico recorded this Friday 434 new deaths by the COV-19 for a total of 284,008 deaths, as well as another 5,286 new cases to reach 3,749,860 contagion.

With these figures, Mexico remains the fourth country with more deaths by Covid-19, behind the United States, Brazil and India, and the fifteenth in number of confirmed contagions, according to the count of the Johns Hopkins University.

The health authorities recognize that, based on the deaths of death, the pandemic would be around 410,000 deceased in the country and estimate that Mexico actually accumulates 3,968,210 contagions.

Uruguay has registered this Friday new cases of Covid-19 and a deceased because of this disease, according to the daily report of the National Emergency System (SINAE).

Of the 8,550 analyzes performed on this day, 190 were positive, so the South American country accumulates 390,762 total cases since March 13, 2020, the health emergency was declared for the detection of the first four contagions.

Of that total, 1,533 are people who are studying the disease and 13 of them are in intensive care centers (CTI).

Brazil registered in the last 24 hours 15,239 new cases and 570 deaths associated with the Coronavirus, a slight increase with respect to the previous day, according to the official figures disclosed on Friday by the Government.

Since the first contagion, on February 26, 2020, and from the first death, on March 12 of the same year, both in Sao Paulo, the country is now 21,627,476 confirmed cases and totalizes 602,669 omits, according to the recent Epidemiological Bulletin of the Ministry of Health.

According to the report, in the nation of 213 million inhabitants, 20,773,826 patients of the new Coronavirus SARS-COV-2 have been recovered, which represents 96% of the total infected.

Argentina registered 1,358 new cases of COVID-19, with which the total number of positives amounted to 5,271,361, while the deaths rose to 115,660, after being notified 27 deaths in the last 24 hours.

The figures mark a slight ascent regarding the positives reported on Thursday last, when 1,350 new cases were recorded.

The United States confirmed this Friday that on November 8 it will be the day that opens its borders, both the land and the air, to all travelers vaccinated with a full guideline against the Coronavirus, putting an end to a long wait from regions like Europe, which I expected The reciprocity of Washington from summer.

Last September the White House has already communicated its intention to open its borders at first at November, while only three days ago announced the opening of land with Canada and Mexico, although it still did not give a specific date that today has resolved.

"The new United States travel policy that requires vaccination for foreign travelers to the US will begin on November 8. This announcement and date are applied both to international air travel and terrestrial travel," said a spokesman for the White House, Kevin Muñoz, in a message on your official Twitter account.

With this decision, the Government of Joe Biden opens the country that remained closed to tourism and non-essential travelers since March 2020, during the administration of Donald Trump, when the pandemic began.

The Spanish player of AC Milan Brahim Díaz gave positive in Covid-19, announced this Friday the Italian Club in a statement. The 22-year-old striker is in good condition and remains in isolation at him, he said the club of him.

The player yielded by Real Madrid will be lost at least the AC Milan shock on Saturday at home against Hellas Verona and on Tuesday before Porto in Champions League. On Wednesday, the French international of Milan Theo Hernandez had given positive in Covid-19.

The United States announced on Friday the end of the restrictions for foreign travelers with the Vaccine against the COVID-19. As of November 8, there will be freedom to go back to the first world power to tour, visit relatives or work, putting an end to more than the year and a half of limitations, according to the White House.

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The employer of the small and medium Enterprise Pimec has urged this Friday to "face the debate of the Covid passport to access the work centers," since they do not do it "take us away from what other countries have already done" and "antees interests Individual above the collective ".

In a statement, PIMEC celebrates that Catalonia "approaches the normal practice scenario by raising restrictions", while alert that "there are still open debates for the recovery of the Catalan economic tissue."

PIMEC maintains in this sense that "the generalized application of the Covid passport would allow companies not to have obligations and duties that have not been eliminated with this modification of the measures."

And, in the opinion of Pimec, "you have to respect individual freedom of not vaccinating, but not in exchange for accentuating risks and maintaining obligations for those who do it."

Thus, this employer defends that "it is urgent to adopt measures to improve the scope of vaccination, and at the same time, control of access to companies, because this is the best measure of prevention and way to protect the general interest."

The Advisory Committee of the Federal Agency of the Medicine (FDA, according to its acronym in English) has voted unanimously to recommend regulators to authorize a second dose of Janssen's monodose vaccine.

The Advisory Committee for Vaccines and other related biological products was in favor of a reinforcement dose for all vaccinated with Janssen over 18 years and at least two months after its first dose. The FDA is not obliged to follow the recommendations of the Advisory Committee, but it usually does so.

After listening to the arguments of scientists by Johnson & Johnson and the FDA, several members of the Committee asked whether from now on the vaccine, until now, monosis, should be considered as two doses.

Romania today re-registered a new record of COVID patients admitted to the UCIS since the pandemic began, reaching the number of cases seriously 1,729, with hospitals near the collapse.

"At this time we have 20 patients who need a bed in intensive therapy, but we only have 15 beds and are all occupied," said Dr. Beatrice Mahler, Director of the Marius Nasta hospital in Bucharest. In addition to insisting on the need to increase vaccination levels, Mahler has asked the authorities to start testing massively.

Due to the explosion of severe cases of Covid, Romania has been forced to suspend non-essential hospitalizations, and this week has transferred patients to neighboring Hungary as there was no room in Romanian medical centers.

With 164 deaths for each million inhabitants in the last 14 days, Romania currently has the mortality rate associated with the highest COVID of the European Union, according to the center data for the control and prevention of diseases. Only 30% of the population is vaccinated, the second lowest immunization rate in the Community Block, after Bulgaria.

The Community of Madrid has notified this Friday 331 new contagions of Coronavirus (23 more than Thursday), three deceased in hospitals (the same as the eve) and a decrease in hospital pressure, both in plant and in the care units Intensive (UCI), where Covid patients have dropped from hundred and occupy 98 beds, compared to 102 yesterday.

The descent of hospital pressure is maintained: compared to the previous week, when there were 357 hospitalized patients, compared to 331 today, and 125 critics in the intensive care units, compared to 98 of this Friday.

Health communicates 2,248 new cases, 57 deaths and incidence rises a few tenths, from 40.52 to 40,85. Only five communities continue at average risk.

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The deaths of people with Covid-19 in the higher residences continue in decline and in the week of October 4 to 10, 18 deaths were recorded (18 less than in the previous week), although the number of residents who have given positive It has raised until 226.

According to the data updated this Friday by IMSERSO, the contagions have increased in 60 cases (from 166 to 226), which breaks down the downward trend of the last seven weeks after the peak of the fifth wave in the first fortnight of August.

The deaths, however, maintain the downward trend of recent weeks as it passed from 36 deaths to 18.

In total, since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020 until now they have died with Covid-19 or with compatible symptoms 30,646 people in senior centers.

An irregular experiment with human guinea pigs that would have left at least 200 deaths. It is what the Brazilian authorities investigate, after the National Ethics Commission in Research (CONEP) denounced a few days ago an irregular study to test in patients with Covid-19 Proxalutamide, an experimental drug that is used to treat some types Of cancer.

The CONEP, an organ ultimately linked to the Ministry of Health, formally requested the Prosecutor's Office to investigate "the death of 200 people who participated in the study conducted with a proxalutamide in the State of Amazonas", since according to the body, it was full of irregularities.

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The Autonomous Communities have administered up to Friday a total of 70,982,052 doses of Vaccines against Covid-19 of Pfizer-Biontech, modern, Astrazeneca and Janssen, 62,444 of them in the last 24 hours. This represents 93.8% of distributions, amounting to 75,642,021 units.

According to the data of the Ministry of Health, 377,046 third doses, 280,647 of Pfizer have already been administered (compared to 273,242) and 96,399 of modern (compared to 91,454 yesterday). At the moment, this additional dose is restricted to people with high risk and people who live in residences, although at the end of the month, those over 70 years of age will be incorporated after those of 65.

A total of 37,029,165 people have already received the full guideline, 34,247 more than yesterday. This represents 87.9 percent of the target population, that is, those over 12 years old. On the other hand, a total of 37,868,453 people have received at least one dose, 89.9 percent of the target population, 21.556 more than yesterday.

The community of Extremadura has registered in the last 24 hours a total of 25 positive cases of Covid-19 confirmed (compared to 33 of the previous day), and no one-killed person, so the total number of fatalities is 1,948 from the beginning of the pandemic.

Likewise, in Hospitals Extremeños there are at this time 19 people hospitalized (the same figure as on Thursday), of which one is in ICU (the same data as in the previous day).

Similarly, 125 epidemiological talls have been given, equivalent to a total of 101,361 high. In turn, the accumulated incidence at 14 days in the region stands at 38.40 cases and at 7 days at 16.95 (compared to 41.58 and 17.80 of the previous day, respectively).

Likewise, an outbreak is opened in Badajoz with five cases and eight contacts. Likewise, the 717 outbreaks of Cáceres, 760 of Don Benito, 778 of Herrera del Duque and 806 of Badajoz are closed, reports in the press note the Junta de Extremadura.

The microbiota of the nose and the upper throat probably contains biomarkers to evaluate the degree of illness that an infected by the COVID-19, according to a study by Medical College of Georgia (United States).

This nasopharyngeal microbiota is generally considered a first-line protection against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens that are introduced into these natural conduits. When the researchers examined the microbiota of 27 people between 49 and 78 years old who gave negative in the virus test, 30 who were positive but did not present symptoms and 27 that they gave positive with moderate symptoms that did not require hospitalization.

The most significant changes occurred in those who were symptomatic, including about half of patients who did not have a sufficient amount of microbiota to even sequence. They were surprised to find these "low readings" of bacteria in the nasopharyngeal cavity of symptomatic individuals versus only two and four individuals in the negative and positive groups without symptoms, respectively. The vast majority of positive individuals without symptoms continued to have enough microbiota.

Canarias has registered 59 new cases of Coronavirus, which increase the total number of accumulated at 95,963, and the death of one of a 68-year-old male in Tenerife linked to a family outbreak, which suffered previous pathologies and remained entered into the hospital.

According to the health counseling, at present, in the islands there are 702 active patients of Covid-19, of which 23 are entered into the UCI and 94 remain hospitalized.

The incidence accumulated at 7 days in the Canary Islands stands at 16.22 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and at 14 days in 34.70 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

By islands, Tenerife adds 25 cases with a total of 45,879 accumulated cases and 361 epidemiologically active cases; Gran Canaria has 36,615 accumulated cases, 24 more than the previous day and 240 assets.

The United States announced on Friday that it will allow foreign visitors to entry into the country that are completely vaccinated against the COVID-19 as of November 8.

"The new American travel policy, which requires the vaccination of foreign travelers to the United States, will enter into force on November 8," announced on Twitter Kevin Muñoz, Assistant Secretary of Press of the White House, specifying the date of an initiative already advanced last month.

"This announcement and date applies to both international air and terrestrial travel," he said.

In March 2020, to stop the propagation of the Coronavirus, the United States closed its borders to travelers from the European Union, the United Kingdom and China, and later joined the list from India and Brazil to the list. It also banned income by land from Mexico and Canada.

The autonomous city of Ceuta has returned today to have a minimum incidence of the COVID-19 with a single case, so the 14-day rate stands at 33.25 cases per 100,000 inhabitants compared to 35.63 cases of Yesterday.

According to the data provided by the Ministry of Health of Ceuta and the National Institute of Health Management (Ingesa), in the last 24 hours a positive one corresponding to a man between 40 and 49 and 9 cured, is recorded, which leaves the Active cases in 14.

This situation places Ceuta at low risk in the incidence 14 days and 7 days, the latter with 11.88 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (compared to 15.44 yesterday).

Positives by diagnostic tests of active infection (PDIA) detected in members of the educational community has led the Board to quarantine six classrooms in the Community, specifically two in Burgos, two in Leon and two others in Palencia.

The Covid-Schools teams are performing diagnostic tests to students and teachers who have maintained close contact with positive cases.

Since the beginning of the school year, nine positive cases have been detected, all of them among the students, of which two are from Ávila, four of Burgos and three from Palencia

The Board of Castilla y León reminds the entire educational community that he should not go to the center with symptoms compatible with the COVID-19. The protocol also establishes that all over 6 years old should wear a mask and save the safety distance. All these measures will undoubtedly minimize the possibilities of contagion within the educational centers.

The concern for the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic has lowered thirteen points with respect to a year ago, according to the Barometer the Sociological Research Center (CIS) of October. Comparing the data of the barometer published this Friday with those of the same month in 2020, 93.4 percent of the population claimed to be very or quite worried, a figure that has fallen up to 80.4 percent.

12 months ago, what was most concerned about 40 percent of respondents was the repercussion of COVID in health, however, now, when in the evolution of the pandemic, the low incidence of cases is observed, they are the effects on the Economy and employment What worries most population (45% compared to 29% continues to signal).

Another fact that has been turned into comparison to the same month of last year is that of the need to take more demanding control and isolation measures. Up to 42 point has dropped the need to take stricter measures, so now 66 percent is shown in favor of continuing as so far, only 20.2 is a supporter of taking more demanding measures - a year ago was 62.4 % -.

Denmark will offer as of next week the third dose of the coreavirus vaccine over 65, vulnerable groups and health and asylum personnel, the General Health Directorate reported Friday.

The Danish authorities had already begun to vaccinate last month with the third dose to people with "very reduced" immunity for a disease or treatment.

The next phase will now affect people who received the second dose more than six months ago, which are mostly those that have ages between 65 and 84 years or belong to the two groups mentioned above.

Healing considers "insurance" to begin to revaccinate these people and rule out that there is a risk of serious side effects.

"We consider that the rest of the population is still well protected against the COVID-19 with the second dose, although we have revaccourad it later," said the Sanidad Support, Helene Probst.

Castilla y León added this Friday 104 cases of Covid-19, of which 89 have been diagnosed on the previous day. However, he did not report any more deceased because of the infection.

Thus, according to the last balance of the Alfonso Fernández Mañueco Executive, with the new positives detected its currently accumulated number is 305,669 and, of that figure, 299.182 have been diagnosed by active infection tests, which include PCR and antigen test.

From the previous hospital update, six tall have occurred and there has been no death in this healthcare environment, with which both epigraphs are placed in 33,369 recovered patients and 6,187 deaths derived from the disease.

The active shoots in the whole of the Autonomous Community are 63 and the positive cases related to them, 485.

Andalusia has administered until this Thursday, October 14, a total of 12,918,458 doses of the Vaccine against COVID-19 - 11,369 more in 24 hours -, and a total of 6,732,582 Andalushes feature the full vaccine guideline - 5.619 more--, while 6,864,976 already have at least one dose.

According to the part of the Andalusia Board, with these figures the region has 79.5% of the population with the full vaccine guideline, and 90.3% of those over 12 years, while 81.1% of the population and 92.1% of those over 12 years of age has received the first dose.

In addition, from 7,451,975 people included in the target population, according to the data of the National Institute of Consolidated Statistics to January 2020 and confirmed to Europe Press for health and families counseling, have already been vaccinated with a dose 6,861,939 Andalusians , so there are still 586,999 people to inoculate in the region.

Faced with the risks of contagion of Coronavirus, 49% of the population believes that all persons should be forced even if they do not want to do so, while 32.6% only see it necessary to force health personnel, staff at The residences of seniors, and those who have direct professional relationships with the general public.

One in four is against us forcing anyone to vaccinate, while 23% doubt whether it must be mandatory and is shown in favor of binding according to the case, according to the barometer the Sociological Research Center (CIS), which has Posted this Friday the results of October, held between 1 to 13 this month to 3,660 people, sample.

Likewise, 15% remain contrary to force health personnel to vaccinate, to the personnel who work in the residences of seniors, and those who have direct professional relationships with the general public.

Of the total of respondents, 95% said he was vaccinated, while 5% had not yet done so. Of the latter, considering that it should have been immunized since all are over 18 years of age, 28% stated that it would be vaccinated upon arrival, while 56.4 percent denied that it will do it; While a 2.2 will do it when you have guarantees and a 1.8 when your doctor advises it.

The first reason not to be vaccinated continues to be that you do not trust these vaccines - 34% of those who do not think about vaccining gave this response. It is followed by fear to have risks to health and side effects or collateral (19.5%), and that they are not believed to be effective (5.9%).

The virologist, microbiology professor and director of the Emerging Health and Pathogen Institute of New York Mount Sinai Hospital, Adolfo García-Tail, has assured that before the end of the year there will be a drug against the Covid and that the SARS-COV- 2 It will end up being a respiratory virus anymore.

The Burgalese microbiologist has affirmed that "for vaccinated people, the virus is over", although it has admitted that possibly the cases will increase at Christmas, but they will no longer be as serious as to collapse the sanitary system, during an interview in the RAC station -1, collected by EFE.

"For vaccinated people, the virus is over," said García-Sastre, which has highlighted that "cases of hospitalization or death are being given in people not vaccinated. The risk of having a severe disease if you are vaccinated is. very small".

The virologist, who has focused his studies in the molecular biology of the flu virus and other RNA viruses, has announced that "we are likely to have to vaccinate every so often" against the Covid, although he has affirmed that "if we are lucky Before the end of the year there will be a pill that if you have Covid symptoms prevent you from having a severe flu. "

"The Covid will not cause so many problems such as the flu and will be added as a more respiratory virus," he has vaticinated the expert, who has recognized not knowing when the epidemic will stop, "although perhaps - he said - has already reached the limit. It is inconceivable. That becomes deadly ".

On the flu, his specialty, has said that "it will not be a pandemic this year, but people should be vaccinated" against it.

The former president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker asked for no postcovid funds to Warsaw in response to the decision of the Constitutional Court of Poland to place their national law above the Community, which considers a "systemic attack" against European law.

"Financial sanction is more important than the sentimental and legal sanction," Belgian newspaper was published in an interview on Friday, the Belgian newspaper and the Commission between 2014 and 2020, reports EFE.

The Epidemiology Service of Government Balear has notified the Ministry of Health 55 new contagions of Coronavirus with respect to Thursday's update, with which the number of accumulated cases amounts to 100,004, while the death number is maintained in 970.

A total of 45 positive tests have been diagnosed, four more than yesterday, which leave the rate of positivity in 2%, according to Europe Press of the data provided by the Health Consellry. By islands, in Mallorca, 21 have been detected; Five in Menorca, 18 in Ibiza and one in Formentera.

Regarding the UCI occupation rate by Covid-19, it remains at low risk, 5.8%. In total, there are 20 people admitted to intensive care by Coronavirus, of which 17 are in Mallorca and three, in Ibiza.

The contagions by Covid-19 in Navarra have experienced a slight increase compared to the previous day and have exceeded twentyly by being posted by 25 on Thursday, in which a person has been admitted by this cause.

In the previous days there were 13 and 18 the new cases of Coronavirus detected in the Forum Community.

These 25 new cases have been detected after carrying out 1,724 tests, which leaves a rate of positivity of 1.5%, according to EFE of the data provided by the Forum Government that indicates that 19 people remain hospitalized, four of them in the ICU.

In recent hours, the four contagues registered in the Pamplonés neighborhood of Mendillorri stand out. In the II Ensanche, Rochapea, Orkoien, Sarrigueen, Elcano and Zizur, two cases have been detected in each.

As for vaccination, after the administration of 228 doses, the total inoculated vaccines amounts to 991,201 and that of people with the full guideline at 521,263.

The reform of the terraces ordinance in which the Madrid City Council works will introduce the figure of the "joint management plans", with "specific measures" for the so-called "zones tensioned", which could include the obligatory nature of sonometer placement in Terraces that exceed a certain number of meters.

This Friday has been said about the Delegate Councilor for Territorial Coordination, Transparency and Citizen Participation, Silvia Saavedra (CS), in the Commission of Viceélcaldo, in which it has indicated that other possible rules to include in those plans are the limitation of tables and chairs o Visual and mobilily harmonization, inform EFE.

Saavedra has remembered that "tensioned areas" will be defined according to environmental and mobility criteria, and it has pointed out that joint management plans "will also be used in the field of tourist areas, or for cultural or historical reasons."

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, has said that the future terraces ordinance "will return to neighbors the generosity they have given to the hotels" and before the complaints for the proliferation of the terraces considers that the solution can not be " Categorical and universal "before a sector that suffers the situation generated by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Almeida has said this morning, in an interview with Spanish television, that the City Council works "on various axes that will minimize the discomfort" to the neighbors by the Terrazas Covid.

According to the mayor, the problem, more than a "single solution, requires weighting criteria of tensioning zones and noise levels or parking space occupation", in addition to taking into account the investments that the hotels have made.

The Health Consellry has detected 45 new contagions of SARS-COV-2 in Baleares on the last day, with which the number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic reaches 100,004 in the archipelago, in a day without death, which is They keep at 970.

This Friday there are 20 COVID-19 patients hospitalized in intensive care units in Balearic Islands, one more than the eve, and the occupation of the UCI stands at 5.8%, at low risk, according to EFE of daily information of the Govern

There are also 60 hospitalized in the plant, 7 less than on Thursday and 889 in follow-up by primary care, 27 less.

The cumulative incidence of the coronavirus yesterday in Andalusia rose slightly until at 28.99 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, although a decrease was recorded in the number of hospitalized that is 205 people, while seven deceased were recorded.

The Health and Families Counselor, Jesús Aguirre, has indicated that currently the Autonomous Community moves in figures in which "it is very difficult to go down the cumulative incidence, since all Andalusia is at level 0 except two sanitary areas of the province of Almería, "reports Efe.

Despite this, he has indicated that "evolution is good" and that the data transmit that "we have overcome the fifth wave but Queel Virus is with us, we are having little outbreaks like the one in the prison of Córdoba, who are going to altering those Figures ".

Aguirre has remarked that "the virus has come to stay, we will have to live with him always and we will have to go used to always having people admitted and deaths as a result of the Covid-19, and to vaccinate ourselves."

In this sense, he has pointed out that the number of hospital admissions in the region is 205 and in UCI 52, compared to 210 and 55 of the previous day:

Likewise, the counselor has stood out that in the residences, 99.3% of the 1,107 existing in the Autonomous Community are free from Covid.

Galicia faces the end of the week of the October 12 bridge with a rebound of the new contagions of Covid-19 until 38 - which represent 22 more than the previous day - while descending 38 patients admitted by this coronavirus - Five minus- and the active cases increase slightly until 472 -see more-. On the other hand, the positivity rate increases by 1.6%, reports Europa Press.

According to the published data on Friday by the Sanidaese Forestry with records until 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, they descend seven people hospitalized by the Covid in UCI -Tres- and fall to 31 those admitted to other units--en less-, while 434 patients are at home follow-up.

By sanitary areas, hospital pressure relieved in three: A Coruña-Cee, Lugo and Santiago-Barbanza; Señas that stay in Ourense, Vigo, Ferrol and Pontevedra-O Salnés.

Russia returned today to mark a new daily record of new cases of Coronavirus and deaths, with 32,196 contagions and 999 deaths, respectively, on the last day, according to the data of the operating center against the pandemic.

In the capital, epicenter of the pandemic, 6,631 new contagions were reported, which means exceeding by the second consecutive day the barrier of the 6,000 new cases.

In St. Petersburg there were 2,632 cases between yesterday and today, and in the Moscow region 2,110.

Also on the last day, 999 citizens died by contagious disease. In the capital, 70 residents died and in St. Petersburg 62.

As far as pandemic is going, the cumulative number of deaths by the COVID-19 stands at 220,314, although the official figures on the excess deaths in the same period triple this figure.

As far as the cases refers, Russia adds 7.925,176 since the epidemiological crisis began, which makes it the fifth country in the world with more infections behind the US, India, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

The National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE) has detected calls to users that supplant the identity of social security to request a code that they have received through SMS on their mobile devices.

In the call, the user is indicated, which is a verification code to receive the third dose of the VCO-19 vaccine, but it is actually the verification code that sends whatsapp to be able to log in from another device.

In addition, a phishing has been detected that supplants the identity of post, through which a supposed chatbot is accessed to confirm the delivery of a package, according to the Incibibe communiqué collected by Europe Press.

The chatbot asks the victim questions, similarly to a survey and, to end, the user or entrepreneur is offered a mobile phone for the price of 1.50 euros. To acquire it, you must facilitate your personal data and your credit card. The new mode of telephone fraud: calls that use as bait the third dose of the coreavirus vaccine

With the fifth wave of coronavirus exceeded and epidemic indicators stabilized at moderate levels, Catalonia approaches 24,000 officially deceased by SARS-COV-2, 0.3% of its population, and a million infected diagnosed with Covid, which There are probably many more because there have been many asymptomatics, informs Efe.

With the improvement of epidemic indicators, the city of Barcelona and its metropolitan area have come today, for the first time since the summer of 2020, in the low risk zone of regrow, with an EPG - index that measures the growth potential of The epidemic - below 30 points.

Today there are a total of 338 people hospitalized, one more than yesterday, of which 92, seven less than the eve, are in the ICU -56 intubated and 11 connected to ECMO (extracorporeal breathing) -, a figure of serious patients not It was given since July 30 last year, according to EFE of the updated incidence data on Friday by the Department of Health.

The risk of regrowth (EPG), index that measures the growth potential of the epidemic, has dropped one more point and has been located at 40, a "moderate" risk that was not given since July 1 last year.

The speed of propagation of the virus (RT) in Catalonia is today 0.80, two hundredths more than yesterday, which means that every 100 infected infected an average of 80 people, with which the epidemic continues to decline.

South Korea has reported this Friday that next week it will raise the strict restrictions against Coronavirus at social gatherings, while the country is prepared to change a strategy to "live with the COVID-19" in the midst of an increase in the Vaccination levels, reports Reuters.

As of Monday, the government will allow meetings of up to four people not vaccinated, and will soften the restrictions of hours imposed on places such as restaurants, cafes and cinemas, said Prime Minister Kim Boo-Kyum at a response meeting to Covid-19 .

Relaxation will also allow sports events outdoors to be held in front of crowds, instead of closed door as far, if 30% of all viewers are totally vaccinated, Lee Ki-Il, Vice Minister of Health Policy, said. In an informative meeting.

Fully vaccinated passengers who arrive in the United Kingdom from low-risk countries (or considered "insurance") as of October 24 may perform an antigen test for COVID-19 detection in the first 48 hours of their arrival, in Place of a much more expensive PCR test, according to the British government.

Fully vaccinated passengers and most under 18 who arrive from countries that are not on the red list will be able to undergo an antigen test on the second day of their arrival or before, instead of a PCR laboratory test, reports Reuters

Specifically, antigen tests can be reserved as of October 22, through a private provider, while it can also be carried out in test centers from some United Kingdom airports.

Therefore, this measure will not be applied for vaccinated passengers from countries that are included in the British country list, Matiza Europa Press.

For its part, the Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps, has affirmed that the changes in the regulations will make the evidence on arrival be "simpler and cheap" for people from all over the country that "they are looking forward to enjoying some Deserved vacation from October ".

"The suppression of the expensive mandatory tests of PCR will boost the travel sector and is an important step to normalize international travel and encourage people to book their vacations with confidence," he added.

The General Directorate of Public Health of the Government of Aragon has notified 54 new cases of Coronavirus in the Autonomous Community, no deceased and 91 Epidemiological High, results that correspond to what is recorded on Thursday, October 14.

By provinces, 42 positive cases have been accounted for in Zaragoza and 66 people recovered; In Huesca, 10 contagions and 15 high; While in Teruel no new case has been recorded and ten highs have been recorded, according to Europe Press of the provisional data of the ARAGÓN health.

The basic areas of health with more positive in this day have been a Fraga, where ten new cases have been recorded; and Miralbueno-Garrapinillos, Torrero-La Paz and Univéritas, in Zaragoza, with four contagion, the same as those registered in Cariñena.

The Brotherhood Matrix of Almonte (Huelva) summoned all his brothers to Thursday to an extraordinary general council of general information, which was held in the parish of Our Lady of the Assumption and in which the return was approved, -If the epidemiological situation was approved It allows it -, from the Virgin of Rocío to the village after remaining almost two years in the parish due to the pandemic of Coronavirus.

According to the Brotherhood in a press release, the Government Board of the Matrix Brotherhood called his brothers, in an extraordinary council, which began at 9:30 p.m., from the parish of Our Lady of the Assumption, where the Virgin of the Rocío is since August 2019. The Assembly was addressed the planning of a course that "should be that of the return to normal", reports Europa Press.

In the turn of prayers and questions, the opinions expressed by the brothers and Almonteños were to show the position that the Virgin of Rocío does not return to the village Almonteña until May 2022, if the health situation allows it. Thus, after not manifest the opposite opinions, "it was approved that the transfer of the Virgin takes place in the spring of 2022".

The patron saint should have returned to its hermitage in May 2020, but the health situation prevented the celebration of mass dating as it would be a transfer from the Virgin. Nor has the pilgrimage been celebrated for two consecutive years, in which Almonte has lived the cults of Pentecost in a more intimate format and with the parish at door closed in the year 2020.

Italy is prepared this Friday for the protests, blockages and potential incidents in the economy following the entry into force of the mandatory health card for all workers.

Most companies have accepted the measures while sectors, such as carriers or stevedores, have announced strikes and protests mainly before the refusal of Mario Draghi government that they are free.

Anyone who has not been vaccinated or recently cured of Covid-19 must show his employer a negative test he has paid, or risks to be declared absent from work and to which the salary is removed.

There are tensions especially in some ports such as Trieste, where the stevedores have announced mobilizations that could cause a stop in the logistics sector since the percentage of unvaccinated employees is about 40%, reports EFE.

"There are no blockages, who wants to work does it," said Stefano Puzzer, leader of the protest against the Sanitary Pass in the port of Trieste, reducing the tensions that had been announced.

More than 85% of Italians over 12 have received at least one dose, but up to another three million that have not been vaccinated at risk that they are denied access to their workplaces. The leader of the protest against the passport Covid in Italy: "There are no blockages, who wants to work does it"

Thousands of people met on Saturday in Rome in demonstrations that became violent in the historic center, and more protests are planned throughout Italy this Friday and tomorrow Saturday, reports AFP.

The Brussels region as now asks the digital Covid certificate to enter bars, restaurants, nightclubs, cultural and sports places over the age of 16, as well as in hospitals and elderly residences from 12 years, while That Wallonia will do so as of November 1, reports EFE.

Alitalia turns off her engines after 74 random flight years to leave the track free to a young startup, Ita, born of its ashes, in an air market that struggles to recover from the turbulence of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The first flight of Italy Transport Aereo should take off on Friday at 6:20 pm (0420 GMT) of Milan-Linate destined to Bari, in the south of the country, seven hours after the last landing of Alitalia the day before in Rome, from Cagliari.

Born on May 5, 1947, Alitalia symbolized the economic success of Italy after the Second World War, becoming the seventh airline of the world in the 70s, before entering a long decline, which has aggravated in recent years .

On the verge of bankruptcy, Alitalia was placed under public administration in 2017, but its situation has deteriorated even lower the impact of the COVID-19 crisis that has left on land the world airlines.

In 2020, Alitalia lost 2 million euros per day, transporting only 6.3 million passengers, while Ryanair transported 52.1 million and Air France-Klm 34 million. The last landing of Alitalia

After four months of one of the worst outbreaks of Covid-19, Israel is experiencing a sharp decline in new infections and serious diseases, thanks to the use of vaccine reinforcements, vaccination passports and the obligation to use masks, According to scientists and health authorities affirm.

Since they reached their peak at the beginning of September, daily infections in Israel have decreased by more than 80%, and severe cases have been reduced almost by half, reports Reuters.

Since the administration of the reinforcements, most people not vaccinated, often young people, are supporting most of serious diseases. They constitute around 75% of hospitalized patients in serious state, while those vaccinated with two or three vaccines represent a quarter of these cases.

Sydney will allow entry of totally vaccinated travelers from abroad from November 1 without quarantine, according to Reuters of the most populous state of Australia, although the flexibility of strict entry controls will initially benefit only citizens.

In addition to abandoning the quarantine plans at home, which was expected to replace rooms in hotels, the Prime Minister of New South Wales, Dominic Perrottet, said that New South Wales would welcome all foreigners who arrived.

However, Prime Minister Scott Morrison disavowed him quickly and said that the government would maintain plans to first open the border to permanent citizens and residents.

The official diari of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Dogc) has published this Friday the end of the Aguida Restrictions against the Covid-19 in culture, restoration and other activities, which also recover their usual schedules.

The resolution, consulted by Europe Press, also eliminates the capacity of capacity in outdoor sports activities, although it maintains a maximum of 80% in which they are developed in spaces, following the Agreement of the Interiorritorial Council of Health.

The end of the capacity restrictions also extends to retail service companies, entities assemblies, congresses, fairs, popular and traditional activities and universities, which recover face-to-face teaching at 100%.

In addition, the restaurants and bars stop having a maximum number of diners per table, and the obligation to maintain distances in the spaces of the premises is eliminated.

In the night leisure, access with Covid passport is maintained, which has already endorsed the High Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC), and at festivals and concerts in closed spaces, green light is given to the public to be standing and dancing.

In addition, the resolution provides that in order to access musical recreational activities in closed spaces "analogous" to night leisure, the Covid passport must be presented, since the Generalitat considers that they are assimilable to discotheques.

The obligation to have a reinforced ventilation becomes a recommendation, and changes the applicable influx control measures; However, the mask is maintained in closed and outdoor spaces in case and agglomeration.

Experts from around the world, including those of WHO, requested from the principle of the achina pandemic to analyze blood donations made during the year 2019 in Wuhan, collected in the city's blood center. The Chinese authorities have taken more than a year to confirm that they will analyze the samples of blood banks, although they will not give international researchers free access, initially, to the results. In about 200,000 samples, marked by date and location, the key may be. They could contain crucial signs of the first antibodies that help determine when and where the virus crossed for the first time to humans.

The Epidemiologist María Van Kerkhove, the technical leader of WHO on COVID-19, said the blood samples studies are "absolutely critical" to understand the first days of the pandemic, and that expects the results, the methodology and the data Raw they are shared internationally.

With a third of the immunized world, the WHO starts again a team of 26 scientists around the world to clear doubts about how the SARS-COV-2 emerged. "All hypotheses must continue to examine, including the possibility of a laboratory leak," said ADHANOM GHEBRAYESUS again. The 200,000 Chinese blood samples that 'hide' the origin of the pandemic of the coronavirus

The prolongation of the pandemic shows the need to transform the health systems of Latin America, the most unequal region in the world and where the vaccination process progresses asymmetrically, denounced the UN on Thursday, informs EFE.

In a joint report, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) ensured that "strengthen public investment" and "consolidate wellness states" are necessary conditions to control the pandemic of Coronavirus and "move towards a transformative recovery with equality and environmental sustainability, in line with the objectives of Sustainable Development (ODS)."

"Last year we maintained that without health there is no economy and today we reiterate that without health there will be no sustainable economic recovery," said Executive Secretary of ECLAC, Alicia Bárcena, during the presentation of the document.

Only one in seven cases of Coronavirus (14.2% of the total) is detected in Africa, due to the low number of tests carried out on the continent with respect to the rest of the world, it has alerted the World Health Organization (WHO).

According to a system used by WHO to calculate the "infardection" of cases in the region, Africa actually adds around 59 million infections, compared to about 8.5 million officially registered so far.

"With a limited number of tests, we continue moving blindly in too many communities in Africa," said WHO Regional Director for Africa, Matshidiso Moneti, at a virtual press conference, informs EFE.

A panel of experts from the administration of drugs and food (FDA) of the United States unanimously supports recommending a dose of reinforcement of the modern vaccine in elderly people and a risk population due to their medical conditions or their occupation, informs EFE.

It is the same recommendation that this panel did at the time for the Pfizer vaccine, whose third dose has already authorized the FDA at the end of September and is already being administered in these groups.

The same committee will discuss the recommendation on a reinforcement dose for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The European Medicine Agency (EMA) has begun to evaluate Evusheld, an AstraZenec drug to prevent COVID-19 in adults, that agency reported this Thursday in a statement. The medication is a combination of two monoclonal antibodies (TIXAGEVIMAB and CILGAVIMAB).

The decision to begin the continuous review is based on the preliminary results of clinical studies, which suggest that the drug could help protect against disease. EMA has begun to evaluate the data from studies of laboratories and animals. The objective is to evaluate more data on the quality, safety and effectiveness of this product.

According to the agency, the review will continue until enough data is available so that the company can submit a request for formal authorization for commercialization.

The Federation of Spanish Medical Scientific Associations (FACME) recommends to the Ministry of Health that, in case of having to administer a reinforcement dose to people vaccinated with AstraZeneca, they receive an ARNM vaccine, that is, Pfizer or modern, although the last It has not been approved yet for the third puncture.

In a statement, FACME experts show their support for the decision of the Public Health Commission - informed by the Ministry and the Autonomous Communities - to allow the administration of the CORONAVIRUS vaccine and the one of the flu on the same day but also They recommend that they be asked to be possible in different arms.

Specifically, asks the FACME that the two sera are administered in different parts of the body, or, if not possible, distanced at least 2 or 3 centimeters.

So far, only the Pfizer vaccine can be administered as a 'third dose', while that of modern is pending authorization. In this case, for reinforcing, half of the usual dose will be put.

The adverse reactions to the reinforcement dose with mRNA vaccine are similar in frequency and severity to those that occur with the second dose, except for a higher incidence of axillary lymphadenopathy. At the moment, the frequency with which myocarditis / pericarditis will occur after the reinforcement, which occurs more frequently in young people and in men, and more after the second dose after the first one.

Medical scientific societies reiterate their availability to collaborate with the authorities both in decision-making and the transfer of information and indications to professionals.

In addition, FACME reminds the importance of giving up vaccines or other countries and progress in Spain with the vaccination of children and adolescents of 12 or more years that are still unstifted. In that sense, they recommend capturing those who are not vaccinated from primary care and facilitating the vaccination of these people in any approach to the health system they perform.

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