Coronavirus, last minute | Ireland raises to stop his desired at the increase in infections of Coronavirus

A week after entering low risk, the coreavirus figures in Spain further improve. The cumulative incidence indicator (IA) is placed on Thursday in 40.52 cases

Coronavirus, last minute |
 Ireland raises to stop his desired at the increase in infections of Coronavirus

A week after entering low risk, the coreavirus figures in Spain further improve. The cumulative incidence indicator (IA) is placed on Thursday in 40.52 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, after a decrease of almost a point on the last day. The same trend can be observed in the AI to seven days, key to detect rapid changes in trend, which also decreases almost a point compared to yesterday (17.46). This last figure, since it is less than 25, also corroborates that Spain is already a country with low risk as to the Covid-19.

On the other hand, the positivity meter that is carried out (2.13%), aims to Spain has already entered the new normality, since it is less than four. Likewise, the number of new cases has been descended, 1,932, when 2,758 were notified yesterday. Mortality, however, today does not follow the same trend down as cumulative incidence and cases, since 48 deceased, six more than yesterday have been registered. The total number of deaths from the beginning of the pandemic is 86,917.

According to the thresholds of the Ministry of Health, the occupation of critical care beds by COVID-19 cases must be less than 5% to consider that the situation is "new normality". With 454 patients by the virus at the Spanish ICU, the percentage of occupation has reached 4.98% this Thursday.

Total figures: 4,982,138 cases of coronavirus confirmed with diagnostic test of active infection; There have been 86,917 dead with positive test as of October 14.

Argentina registered 1,350 new cases of COVID-19, with which the total number of positives amounted to 5,270,003, while the deaths rose to 115,633, after being notified 52 deaths in the last 24 hours.

The figures mark a slight ascent with respect to the positives reported on Wednesday last Wednesday, when 1,314 new cases were recorded.

A group of experts today recommended a third injection of the modern anticovid vaccine in the United States for certain populations, one month after making the same decision regarding the Pfizer immunizer.

The opinion of this Advisory Committee on Food and Drug Administration in the United States (FDA) - composed of researchers, epidemiologists and specialists in infectious diseases - is not binding, but it is unusual for the agency to follow it.

The US Navy announced on Thursday that the staff that rejects vaccinating against the Covid-19 will be expelled from its ranks from November 28.

"Now that vaccination against the VOC-19 is mandatory for all the military, the Navy announced plans to begin to give down to those who reject vaccinated without a pending or approved exemption," said the institution in a statement.

So far the members of the Armed Forces had avoided answering questions about what will happen with troops that do not want to vaccinate, although immunization is mandatory since the end of August.

The Navy indicated that 98% of its 350,000 active members have begun or concluded the vaccination process. The figure drops to 96.7% with respect to those who have received at least one dose in the armed forces in general, according to the spokesperson of the Pentagon, John Kirby, on Tuesday. If the reservation is included, the estimate is 80% with at least one dose.

Those who are expelled by rejecting the vaccine will be given off with honors, but they could lose some benefits or have to pay for the education and training received, the bulletin points out.

The Governing Council of the Canary Islands provisionally suspended, in principle until January 31, 2022, the obligation to present the Covid certificate, a negative test or accredit the disease over the last six months to stay at a hotel establishment.

The Presidency Deputy Ministry, Antonio Olivera, has indicated at a press conference that this decision is taken after verification of the indicators on the evolution of the pandemic throughout the archipelago.

All the islands are in a situation of "low risk" after Fuerteventura has passed from level 2 to 1, a change that will come into force as of this midnight. Olivera has valued the "very positive advance" of the vaccination campaign in the Canary Islands, which translates into a reduction of contagions and has "a correlate in the good figures" of hotel occupancy supported by the employers.

The Irish Prime Minister Michehal Martin, recognized this Thursday that the cases of Covid-19 have increased in recent days and questioned almost all restrictions next week, as planned in the Desdecaled Plan Presented in August.

The head of the government of Dublin, of coalition between centrists, democratic and green, stressed that the evolution of the pandemic has suffered a "reverse" and urged citizens to "return to basic preventive measures", reinforcing the "social distance" and "the use of the masks".

He also requested those who have not yet been vaccinated against the Covid, which is estimated that it is randomized 10% of the Irish adult population, which do so, since this decision "has a great impact" in the development of the health crisis. The Deputy Prime Minister, the conservative Leo Varadkar, stressed that the daily number of infected in Ireland, of little more than five million inhabitants, is now above the 1,500 and more than 400 are hospitalized, of which around 80 They receive intensive care.

The National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET), who advises the government, said today that, despite the rebound, does not believe that the "pandemic will soon be off", while confident that next week, with more data In hand, you can offer recommendations on the next step in the desdecaled.

87.8 percent of the target population (36,994,918 people) has already received the complete vaccination guideline against Covid-19 and 89.9 percent one dose (37,846,897 people), according to the report published this Thursday by the Ministry of Health, which indicates that in Spain 70,919,608 doses of Vaccines against Covid-19 of Pfizer, modern, AstraZeneca and Janssen, 93.8 percent of those distributed among the Autonomous communities, which amounts to 75,641,871 units.

Regarding the additional doses, according to the data of the Ministry of Health, a total of 364,696: 273,242 of Pfizer and 91,454 of modern have already been administered. At the moment, this extra dose is only indicated for people with high risk and people who live in residences.

Read here the complete information of Ellen Quesada Torres on health data.

The European Medicine Agency (EMA) has begun to evaluate Evusheld, an AstraZenec drug to prevent COVID-19 in adults, that agency reported this Thursday in a statement. The medication is a combination of two monoclonal antibodies (TIXAGEVIMAB and CILGAVIMAB).

The decision to begin continuous review is based on the preliminary results of clinical studies, which suggest that the drug could help protect against disease. EMA has begun to evaluate the data from laboratory and animal studies. The objective is to evaluate more data on the quality, safety and effectiveness of this product.

According to the Agency, the review will continue until enough data is available so that the company can submit a formal authorization request for commercialization.

The Sanitary Sentinel network of Castilla y León observes that the set of acute respiratory infections (IRA) has tripled in the last four weeks, especially because of the increase in common cold cases, acute pharyngitis and acute tract infections Superior respiratory. This is included in the last report of the Surveillance Program of Acudas Respiratory Infections (Vigira) corresponding to the week from September 13 to October 10.

As for the COVID-19, it is aimed that the weekly incidence is maintained around 30 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and that in recent weeks an increase over the age of 15 to 24 years is observed. On the other hand, a significant increase in bronchiolitis and the incidence rate of the flu syndrome is not observed below the epidemic threshold. Meanwhile, the detection of other respiratory viruses in public health samples has been increasing, with strong circulation of Rhinovirus and Enterovirus and less of Coronavirus OC43 and 229E. VRS were also detected sporadically, but none of the flu.

The Centinel Network Wigger 58 units / quotas of family physicians, pediatricians and nurses, covering a population of 50,000 health cards (17,000 under 15 years and 33,000 of 15 or more) and the clinical processes of IRA are collected weekly From the medora database.

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in the health services have been carried out ahead of the fight against tuberculosis and, for the first time in more than ten years, increase the dead by this disease, the WHO warned this Thursday.

The situation does not seem to improve: A growing number of people does not know who suffers from the disease, for which there is treatment and can be cured, affirms the World Health Organization (WHO) in its annual tuberculosis report, which covers 2020.

WHO estimates that about 4.1 million people have tuberculosis, but have not been diagnosed or have not been officially declared, a figure much higher than 2.9 million in 2019.

"Tuberculosis is the second more deadly infectious disease in the world, after Covid-19, with about 4,100" dead per day, said Tereza Kasaeva, director of the WHO World Tuberculosis Program at a press conference .

According to the report, last year there were 214,000 deaths by tuberculosis between HIV-positive people (compared to 209,000 in 2019) and 1.3 million deaths by tuberculosis among other patients (compared to 1.2 million in 2019). That is, about 1.5 million deaths in total, a figure that was not reached since 2017, specifies WHO.

The Community of Madrid has notified this Thursday 308 new contagions of Coronavirus (234 more than on Wednesday), three deceased in hospitals (two more than the eve) and a decrease in hospital pressure both in plant and in the intensive care units (UCI).

Of the 308 new positives, 258 have been reported in the last twenty-four hours, according to the last epidemiological report of the health counseling corresponding to this Thursday. The contagions have increased with respect to a week ago, since on Thursday, October 7, 274 new cases were recorded, while the deceased were six.

The hospital pressure this week has dropped both in the plant and in the ICU compared to the previous week, when there were 357 hospitalized patients, compared to 325 today, and 136 critics in the intensive care units, compared to 102 of this Thursday.

The Madrid region accumulates since the beginning of the pandemic 909.010 positive cases and 18,112 deaths in hospitals, which must be added 5,103 in sociosanitary centers, 1.423 in addresses and 31 in other places, so the total number of deaths amounts to 24,669 .

The Government of Castilla-La Mancha, through the General Directorate of Public Health, has confirmed 54 new cases by Coronavirus infection during the last 24 hours.

By provinces, Albacete has registered 16 cases, Ciudad Real 13, Cuenca 11, Toledo 8 and Guadalajara 6, has reported the Board on a press release.

The cumulative number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic is 238,250. By provinces, Toledo registers 89,689 cases, Ciudad Real 55,805, Albacete 37.375, Guadalajara 31,949 and Cuenca 23,432.

The number of hospitalized in conventional bed by Covid-19 is 51. For Provinces, Toledo has 14 patients (10 at the Hospital de Toledo and 4 at the Hospital de Talavera de la Reina), Ciudad Real 13 (7 at the Hospital Mancha Centro , 5 at the Hospital de Tomelloso and 1 at the Hospital de Valdepeñas), Albacete 11 (7 at the Hospital de Albacete, 2 at that of Villarrobledo, 1 at the Hospital de Allansa and 1 at the Hospital de Hellín), Guadalajara 7 ( All of them admitted to the Hospital de Guadalajara) and Cuenca 6 (all of them at the Hospital de Cuenca).

The World Health Organization (WHO) has asked those responsible for decision-making from health, sports, education and transportation sectors that "urgently" urgently "the offer of programs and services more inclusive and of safer environments that promote physical activity in all communities.

"There is an urgent need to offer better opportunities to lead an active and healthy life, today, the possibility that people participate in physical activity is unequal and unjust. This inequality has only worsened during the Covid pandemic -19, "Assistant Director of WHO has claimed Dr. Zsuzsanna Jakab.

Up to 5 million deaths could be avoided per year if the world population was more active; However, many live in areas with little or no access to spaces where they can walk, run, bike or perform other physical activities safely.

A comparative study of registered contagion data in European countries has concluded that the incidence has been lower in those who have a greater proportion of nurses and nurses per inhabitant, case of Norway, Finland, Germany and Iceland.

In addition to the aforementioned countries, other European states that also exceed Spain in the ratio of nurses and nurses per capita have obtained better results in terms of Covid-19 contagions than those registered in Spain, says the Nursing Union, Satse, who has Performed the study.

Specifically, while in Spain a total of 105,700 contagions per million people have been recorded, in the case of Norway, 36,200; In Germany, 52,000, in Finland 26,700 and in Iceland 34,000, while in countries of our closest environment, such as Portugal, 104,800 per million people and in France, 105,300 per million people have been.

The Community of Madrid has notified 308 new cases of Covid-19, of which 258 correspond to the last 24 hours, and three deceased in hospitals, according to the report of the epidemiological situation of this Thursday, with data at closing the previous day .

At the previous day, 74 new cases of Covid-19 (234) were notified, 46 of the last 24 hours, and five deceased (two more), while a week ago, 274 new cases of Covid-19 (34 Less) were quantified. ), 216 in 24 hours, and six deceased in hospitals (half).

The number of hospitalized is located in 325 (eleven less than in the preceding day) and 102 in the ICU (14 minus), while 51 patients have received the discharge. In addition, the number of people in home monitoring for primary care is 850.

In accumulated, the Community of Madrid has registered 909,010 positive, a total of 125,877 cases have required hospitalization, 13,338 have required UCI and 111,877 have been discharged by hospitals. Primary care has taken home monitoring of 967,860 patients.

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has defended the need for the European Union to give an answer with a "syndemic" approach to global health problems and act "jointly" versus the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 .

This has said it during its telematic participation at the Bureau 'health as a key growth factor' within the High Level Meeting 'State of Europe' organized by the Think-Tank 'Friends of Europe'.

Darias has opted to strengthen public health systems and, in particular, by expanding their capacities to be able to deal with situations that require anticipation, rapid response and coordination.

The Polish Ministry of Health now reported 3,000 new cases of COVID-19 registered in the last 24 hours, the highest figure since May 16, as well as 60 deaths, while announcing plans to expand the capacity of hospitals.

The increase in new cases is 50% compared to last week, while the number of deaths is more than double over October 7.

There are currently 2,796 patients admitted by Covid, of which 248 require care with assisted respiration, figures that in both cases are 30% higher than last week

Navarra registered on Wednesday 18 cases of Covid-19 after carrying out 1,798 tests, with which the rate of positivity is 1%, according to data from the Government of Navarra.

In recent days, 13 cases were recorded, with a positivity of 1.8%, on Monday, 33 cases with a 2.1% positivity, on Sunday were 18 cases with a 2.8% positivity rate, Saturday 20 cases (2.5%), 28 contagions on Friday (2%), 18 cases on Thursday (1.3%) and 33 cases on Wednesday (2.1%).

On the last day there were no deaths and two new hospital admissions were recorded. Currently, the total number of people entered is 22, four of them in the ICU.

The incidence of Covid-19 in Aragon continues in descent, with 22.4 cases per 100,000 inhabitants --33.8 last week -, the lowest number recorded in the Community since the beginning of July 2020. The peak of This sixth wave occurred on July 22, with a rate of 450 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants seven days.

By provinces, the incidence decreases in the three: at this time Zaragoza accumulates an incidence to a week of 24 cases; Huesca of 15.7; and Teruel, 19 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. As far as capital is concerned, Teruel stands at 16 cases per 100,000 inhabitants seven days and Zaragoza in 17. For the first time since June last year a capital of the provincial, Huesca, records an incidence of zero cases seven days For 100,000 inhabitants.

In absolute numbers, the Community accumulates from the beginning of the pandemic a total of 162,340 confirmed cases of Covid-19, of which 156,617 have already received the epidemiological high, has indicated the autonomous executive in a press release.

The economic crisis derived from the pandemic of the COVID-19 will be invoiced for the visual health of citizens, who have become a few revisions of sight, according to the Association Vision and Life.

On the occasion of World Vision Day, this entity has considered that Spain faces two problems: citizens are not reviewed preventively, which reduces early detection of many visual problems, and that, if they are detected, Many people can not face the cost they suppose.

The case of minors "is even more worrisome, since 27.4% of children under 18 live under the threshold of poverty in Spain," he has considered Salvador Alsina, president of the aforementioned association.

The Community of Madrid will install three mobile points of vaccination from this Saturday to administer doses against the Covid-19 to people of any age who do not have the full guideline. These rotary immunization centers will be initially located next to the Moncloa transport exchanger, in the capital, and the Locations of Arganda del Rey and Parla. Three vaccination moving points will tour the places of Madrid with less immunized in front of the Covid-19

Scientists will have, from now on, priority at the time that the Government launch calls for public employment, as well as doctors and teachers. "Scientific-technical personnel will be considered priority personnel for public employment purposes," said Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morant, which has detailed on Thursday the budget received by the Ministry of Science and Innovation for the year 2022.

In this way, as explained, the replacement rate of scientific-technical personnel will be at 120%, having the same consideration as health and educational professionals. The objective, according to the minister, is "rejuvenate templates and recover the offer of public employment that was not done in previous years." Thus, as she has stood out, only in public research agencies (OPI), 2,746 places of official have been approved "since Pedro Sánchez is the president of the Government".

The investment scheduled for this department in 2022, "the greatest in history", as Morant stressed, will also contribute to the attraction and recovery of talent. Thus, together with the measured, this year and the next the ministry will increase the supply of contracts for doctors in the public sector.

In addition, 151 million will be allocated to increase salaries and contracts, fundamentally the Juan de la Cierva and Los Ramón and Cajal, with the purpose of benefiting more than 2,000 researchers. "Spain has to be a country for scientific and innovative talent," said the minister.

During his speech, Morant has highlighted that "this year's budgets are the impulse to science for this moment of transformation necessary for our country," at a time when, as he has celebrated, "Science has Social and political support ".

Italy will become from this Friday, October 15 in the first country in the world to implement the COVID certificate as a compulsory measure for all public and private sector workers. The measure aims to stimulate the vaccination campaign and which collides the criticisms of millions of employees.

Italy, the first European country affected by the Coronavirus epidemic in February 2020, paid a high price with more than 130,000 deaths.

After the Black Year, the vaccination campaign initiated in December and now more than 80% of people over 12 are completely vaccinated (85% if those with the first dose are added), AFP reports.

Employees who refuse to fulfill the measure risks to suspend the payment of salary and receive a fine if they access the workplace without the valuable document.

Nor can they choose to work from the house. For its part, employers who avoid controlling are also faced with fines.

Andalucía reported this Thursday 179 positives of Coronavirus, 37 less than yesterday, although he communicated another eight deceased because of the infection, when None did not join Wednesday. Its cumulative incidence of cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days is 28.35, when yesterday I was at 29.58, reports Servimedia.

This is included in the last report by the Andalusian Executive, according to which there are already 804,861 confirmed contagions since the beginning of the pandemic and 11,285, the deaths attributable to the disease.

The Ministry of Health and Families reported that, currently, 210 patients with Covid-19 remain admitted to Andalusian hospitals, five more than yesterday. Of these, 55 are found in UCI, four less.

More than half of the 236 million people who have been diagnosed with the COVID-19 since December 2019 will experience symptoms known as 'prolonged Covid', up to six months after recovering, according to a study by Penn State researchers College of Medicine (United States) published in Jama Network Open magazine.

The team of researchers has warned governments and medical organization to be prepared "for the large number of survivors who will need attention for a variety of psychological and physical symptoms."

"These findings confirm what many health workers and survivors of Covid-19 have affirmed, that the adverse health effects of Covid-19 may persist," said Principal Co-investigator Vernon Chinchilli, president of the Department of Sciences. of public health.

The main symptoms referred to researchers are fatigue, difficulty breathing, chest pain and joints and loss of taste and smell.

The season of the main religious holidays is in full view in India, with huge and noisy crowds that go to markets and fairs for the first time in two years, just six months after a devastating wave of Covid-19.

Australian Open's male and female golf tournaments have been canceled due to travel restrictions related to Coronavirus pandemic, according to AFP of the Australian Golf Association.

The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that the highly contagious delta variant, which already represents more than three quarters of the new cases of Covid in many important countries, will predominate in the coming months, reports AFP.

The Region of Murcia has registered 61 new positive cases by Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, on a day with a deceased due to this cause, according to Europe Press of Sources of Health Counseling.

Thus, the number of decheses notified is raised by 1,744, while the number of affected from the start of the pandemic amounts to 141,356.

Of the 61 new cases, 16 correspond to the municipality of Murcia, 12 to Lorca; Six to Cartagena; Five to Torre Pacheco; five to Molina de Segura; Three to Mazarrón; and three to Totana. The rest are divided by the other municipalities.

The number of income reaches 43 people hospitalized (one less than with respect to the previous day) in total, and ten in the ICU (them).

In total, 580 people are currently affected (15 more), 537 remain in domicile isolation (16 more), and 139,032 have already been cured, 45 on the last day. The number of tests carried out is at 1.548,773 in the case of PCR / antigen, and at 117,753 in those of antibodies.

Osakidetza will offer over 70 years with the second dose of the VACCO-19 vaccine administered more than six months ago the possibility of inoculating the third dose while receiving vaccination against influenza, for which vulnerable groups already You may request an appointment since today, at the beginning of the Anti-Jripty Campaign next Monday, October 18.

The Health Counselor, Gotzone Sagardui, has presented this Thursday in Bilbao the campaign of antique vaccination, accompanied by the Director of Public Health and Addictions, Itziar Larizgoitia, and the Coordinator of the Campaign, Enrique Peiró. This year the chosen slogan is "and now that the flu does not separate us," Infor Europa Press.

Sagardui has made special emphasis on the use of the fat mask, since it was "key" in the non-circulation of the virus last year. In that sense, he has asked the Basque society to "use it without hesitation, especially in closed spaces and in case of having flu symptoms."

Galicia maintains 466 active cases of Coronavirus this Thursday, this is almost thirty less than those recorded yesterday. In addition, he added a deceased because of the infection, which elevates 2,644 the accumulated of fatalities attributable to the pandemic.

Of the total number of active cases 147 have been registered in La Coruña, five less than yesterday; 87, in Vigo, ten less; 73, in Orense, one more; 64, in Santiago, four less; 60, in Lugo, six less; 26, in Pontevedra, five less and nine, in Ferrol, the same as in the prior count, reports servy.

As for the situation of positive patients, 10 are found in UCI, one more than yesterday; 33, in hospitalization units, three less; and 423, in follow-up at home.

Galicia already has a total of 179,572 people who have exceeded the disease and has administered 4,405,301 dose of Vaccine against COVID-19.

The Conseller of Health has notified four deaths by Covid-19 in Baleares, all of them produced in August, with which the official death figure since the beginning of the pandemic is 970; And it has also reported 41 new contagions of SARS-COV-2 in the archipelago.

This Thursday remains the figure of 19 COVID-19 patients hospitalized in the Balearic care units, the same as the eve, and the occupation of the ICU at 5.5%, at low risk, according to EFE of information Governrian daily. There are also 67 hospitalized on the floor, 5 less than Wednesday.

Russia registered 986 deaths by Coronavirus and 31,299 contagions in the last 24 hours, new daily maximums since the beginning of the pandemic, the country's health authorities reported today.

In Moscow, the main focus of the pandemic in Russia, 73 deaths from Covid-19 and 6,712 new cases were recorded, 33% more infections than in the previous day.

"If we do not adopt measures to restrict social contacts that lead to the increase in cases and to expand vaccination, we risk that continue increasing," said Health Minister of Russia, Mijaíl Murashko.

According to Russia's Health Chief, Anna Popova, an increase in the incidence of Coronavirus is currently recorded in 77 of the 85 regions of the country.

The deaths recorded in the last day raised to 220.215 the fatalities caused in Russia by the Covid-19, although the official statistics on excess deaths during the pandemic tripl this figure.

According to the Ministry of Health, the worsening of the epidemic situation in the country has increased the occupation of hospital beds for patients with Covid-19 to 90%.

The authorities attribute it to the Delta variant and the low vaccination rate in the country.

The researcher and virologist Margarita del Val does not see it is necessary to inject a third dose of the Vaccine against the COVID-19, nor an annual immunization, because "for every third dose we put, we are taking a first a lot of people at high risk than He also needs it, to Sanitarians from all over the world who are not able to vaccinate children. I think we have to realize that we do not need it and that we do not have to run, "says Javier Ortega.

The specialist participated this Wednesday in a conference cycle organized in Huesca by the International University Menéndez Pelayo

Those who do not want to be vaccinated, say that "they realize that their personal risk is the same one who had six months ago or a year ago, and that when they arrive by the virus, which will come to them because it will be touched with him, They can get sick seriously. "

On the implementation of the Covid passport in the nightlife, Margarita del Val believes that those who can not enter party rooms or discos will be those who have not immunized, and that will not make them change their negative perspective. And she nuances: "We have been vaccinated 40 million people, if there was something dark, I would have jumped."

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers that its newly formed Hazardous Pathogen Advisory Group may be "our last chance" to determine the origins of the SARS-COV-2 virus and urged China to provide data from the first cases, Reports Reuters.

The first human cases of Covid-19 were recorded in the Central China city of Wuhan in December 2019. China has repeatedly discarded the theories that the virus filtered from one of its laboratories and has said that no more visits are necessary .

WHO has announced the composition of its new scientific advisory group on the origin of new pathogens (Sago), in which the Cuban epidemiologist María Guzmán, along with 25 others, will have the mission of continuing to investigate how the Covid arose, Among other diseases.

Together with Guzmán, the Institute of Tropical Medicine Pedro Kouri, there will be virologists, epidemiologists and other specialists from Brazil, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, France, Germany, China or Japan, among other countries.

After a call for candidacies, WHO selected 26 of 700, among which are the German Christian Drosten virologist; Inger Damon, from the Disease Control Centers (CDC) of the United States; Jean-Claude Maguerra, Virologist at the Pasteur Institute of France and Yungui Yang, Deputy Director of the Beijing Institute of Genomics.

Some of them work in institutions such as the University of Oxford, the US Disease Control and Prevention Centers, the Pasteur Institute or the Oswaldo Cruz Brazilian Foundation, according to the list provided by WHO.

The 26 members must still be submitted to a final evaluation, in which WHO also shall also take into account public assessments that are made of these candidates.

"The emergence of new viruses that can trigger epidemics and pandemics is an ineluctable reality of nature, and if SARS-COV-2 is the most recent of these viruses, it will not be the last," said WHO Director General, Tedros ADHANOM GHERBEYESUS, at the press conference.

Suicides of children in Japan are the highest that have occurred in more than four decades, according to Reuters of the local media that cite the Ministry of Education of the country.

When the Covid-19 pandemic caused the closure of schools and the interruption of the classes last year, 415 children between the primary school and the secondary school were recorded, according to the Survey of the Ministry of Education.

The figure has increased by almost 100 compared to last year, the highest since they began records in 1974, the Asahi newspaper reported Thursday.

Changes in the school and domestic environment due to the pandemic have had a great impact on the behavior of children, as cited by the NHK to an official of the Ministry of Education.

Suicide has a long history in Japan as a way to avoid perceived shame or dishonor, and its suicide rate has long been the highest of the group of seven countries, but a national effort reduced the figures in approximately a 40% in 15 years, including 10 consecutive years of decrease since 2009.

In the midst of the pandemic, suicides increased by a decade of declines, with an increase in the number of women who commit suicide in the midst of emotional and financial stress caused by the pandemic of Coronavirus, although fewer men took their lives.

India has resumed a small number of exports from the Vaccine COVID-19 and will increase exports significantly in the coming months as national stocks accumulate and are inocuous at most of its numerous population, according to Wednesday authorities.

So far, about 4 million vaccines have been exported, the source said, a small amount in proportion to the expansive vaccine diplomacy that the Government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched this year before a second wave of infections obliged to stop it.

COVID-19 infections in the children of England increased in September after the return of summer vacation colleges, which contributed to maintaining the number of cases despite a decrease among adults, according to Reuters of a broad prevalence study.

The study revealed that the epidemic was growing among children under 17, with an estimated reproduction of 1,18 "R". A number R higher than 1 implies exponential growth, while a number of less than 1 implies that the epidemic is being reduced.

It is estimated that the epidemic is being reduced among people aged 18 to 54, while maintaining virtually stable among those over 55 years.

Hungary will receive this year technology to produce the Russian vaccine Sputnik V Covid-19 at a Hungarian plant currently under construction, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Peter Szjjarto reports on Thursday, Reports Reuters.

In addition to the Russian vaccine Sputnik, Hungary plans to produce the Chinese vaccine Sinopharm at the vaccine plant projected worth 193 million dollars.

German gross domestic (GDP) product will grow by 2.4% in 2021, a less forceful financial reactivation than expected after the parion by the Coronavirus pandemic, due to the problems that are recorded in global supply chains, concluded Main economic institutes this Thursday.

These problems "hinder the activity of the manufacturing sector", pillar of the German economy, affirmed these six influential economic organizations.

In April, these institutes foreseen an increase of 3.7% of German GDP this year, after the decline of 4.9% recorded by 2020, due to the pandemic of the Coronavirus.

The General Directorate of Public Health of the Government of Aragon has notified 58 new cases of Coronavirus in the Autonomous Community, a deceased and 88 Epidemiological High, Results corresponding to this Wednesday, October 13.

By provinces, 42 contagions have been accounted for in Zaragoza, a deceased and 68 recovered; in Huesca, 10 positive and 14 high; And in Teruel, six cases and six people recovered, inform Europe Press of the provisional data of the Aragon Health.

The basic health areas with more positive in this day have been Utebo, where five new cases and Barbastro have been registered, with four. In addition, there have been three new contagions in each of the health zones of Casablanca, Valdefierro, Tauste, Caspe and more of the Matas.

Catalonia has registered to this Thursday 995,059 confirmed cases accumulated from Coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic -918.105 with a PCR test or antigen test-, 579 more than in the recount of Wednesday, reports Europe Press of the Generalitat Health Conselllery Through its website.

In the last 24 hours, eight deaths have been recorded and the total number of deceased is 23,945.

As far as patients are currently admitted, the figure stands at 337, five less than at the last count, of which 99 patients are entered into intensive care units (UCI).

The reproduction speed of the disease (RT) is maintained at 0.78 and the positivity percentage of the antigen and PCR tests is at 1.53%, while the accumulated incidence in the last 14 days is 54, 17 For every 100,000 inhabitants and the average age of confirmed cases is 39.44 years.

The Risk Rental of Rebrote has dropped: Wednesday was 42 and 24 hours later it is located at 41.

Andalusia Registers this Thursday, October 14, a total of 179 contagions of Coronavirus, less than 216 of the previous day and at 287 counted a week ago, while registering eight days this day, compared to zero accounted for in the day before.

The cumulative incidence is 28.35 per 100,000 inhabitants, so Andalucía continues at low risk level by Coronavirus and low 1,25 points in 24 hours and 8.45 points in a week, reports Europe Press of the statements of the Health counselor and families, Jesús Aguirre, to journalists in Córdoba.

"We are in a clear downward trend, we must compare how the situation was in February and that is why we are now at zero level and vaccination is the solution," Aguirre said.

The 179 positives on Thursday are recorded after 216 on Wednesday, 232 on Tuesday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Saturday, 221 on Friday and 287 on Thursday last.

The Haitian authorities will return "hundreds of thousands" of vaccines about to expire to the United States, a country that was donated, while still registering one of the lowest vaccination figures in the world, according to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Below 10%, reports Europa Press.

After the decision of Haiti, the Covax Mechanism, has confirmed this Wednesday that the returned doses will be allocated to other places to "minimize any potential waste", reports Europe Press from the Bloomberg agency.

According to the Haitian authorities, the refund will be in exchange for vaccines that expire until next year, so that the administration -inmersa in a political crisis - can establish what is the best method to immunize citizens, something that at the moment does not He has achieved, collects him noveliste.

In July, the US donated to the Caribbean country half a million dose of modern vaccine through Covax, of which less than 66,800, according to the Haitian Ministry of Health, have been administered. In total, only 20,354 people from 11.4 million inhabitants have completed their vaccination scheme, while more than 22,700 have been infected and almost 650 have died because of the disease.

The rapid tests of antigens that are made at home are more precise than thought and are good for detecting people who can transmit the COVID-19 with ease, according to Experts at University College London (UCL, in English).

In the opinion of the researchers, people who give positive when becoming the antigen test (LFT, in English) must "have confidence" in that result and "stay at home", reports EFE.

After the outbreak of the pandemic in early 2020, these tests were not well seen by being considered that they did not contribute accurate results compared to the PCR, much more expensive, which are made in laboratories.

British health authorities recommend a PCR test after giving positive in a LFT test at home in order to confirm if they have Covid-19.

According to that study, the rapid antigen test is 80% effective when it comes to detecting a COVID-19 infection and also detects more than 90% which person is more infectious.

Experts consider that the test is "a very useful public health instrument" to stop the spread of the disease.

Cantabria has added 22 new cases of Coronavirus on Wednesday, which are 14 more than in the day on Tuesday, while the accumulated incidence is still going down and hospitalized.

Specifically, according to the latest data on the health counseling corresponding to Wednesday 13, it has dropped to 19 the number of patients admitted by the virus (one less), of which, as in the previous day, four are in the unit of Intensive care (UCI, reports Europa Press.

This supposes an occupation of hospital beds of 1.6% and 3.8% in UCI, so that it does not vary with respect to the eve.

For its part, it has dropped the accumulated incidence to 14 days, with 60 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (two less than Tuesday), and seven days, with 25 cases, one less.

Meanwhile, the positivity of the tests practiced in the region, which continues at alert level 1 (low risk), is maintained at 2.8%.

In recent hours there has been no new deceased by Covid, so the total number of fatalities remains at 615 in the community since the pandemic began.

The limitations of access to the buildings of the terminals of the agreed Spanish airports on the occasion of the Coronavirus pandemic will be deleted as of this Friday, reports EFE.

This is how it appears in a resolution of the Secretariat of Transport State published by this Thursday the Official State Bulletin (BOE).

On the occasion of the pandemic, it was agreed that to avoid agglomerations, they could only enter passenger terminals with a boarding pass, airport workers and companions with just cause.

The resolution recalls that this limitation responded to the need to protect the health of travelers and preserve the continuity of displacement carried out through air transport.

He adds that the evolution of the pandemic and the advance of vaccination advise the progressive adequacy of the restrictions in the level of protection achieved by citizenship and in order to contribute to the recovery of economic activity and gradually return to normality, In particular, for the reactivation of tourism.

He explains that in relation to the protection of passengers, airport managers have implemented procedures and systems aimed at mitigating the risks of transmission of coronavirus.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, many countries saw the production of raw materials fall, from crops to vegetable oils. The measures to control the virus, as well as the disease, limited production and distribution.

As economies have rebooted, the offer of these products has not been able to keep up with the return on demand, which has caused prices to rise.

Higher salaries and energy prices have also been added to the loading of costs for manufacturers.

Miguel Patricio, CEO of the Multinational Food Kraft Heinz, says that this wide range of factors is contributing to increase the price of food. The CEO of Kraft Heinz warns that "you have to get used to the food is more expensive"

Despite having elaborated its economic forecasts before the budgets were announced - even, that the Government will announce measures such as the donation of 400 euros to young people for "cultural activities" - the data of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) constitute That Spain does not have a fiscal adjustment plan. This is how the economic forecasts of the institution are clear, published this week.

The IMF, thus, puts in black over white that the reduction of the deficit and the debt of Spain is something merely cyclical. Beyond 2023, when the 'rebound' post-Covid-19 concludes, Spain will permanently maintain more deficit than before the pandemic. In fact, between 2023 and 2026, this imbalance will remain stable in the fringe of 4.2% -4.4% of GDP. When Pedro Sánchez arrived at the Moncloa, in 2018, the deficit was 2.5%. Spain, the rich country will least reduce the deficit after the COVID-19, according to the IMF

After a long time running the bulk, finally Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has said high and clear: he does not plan to vaccinate against the Covid-19. So far, the leader of the extreme right said he would be the last Brazilian in vaccining, that he wanted to wait because it would not be fair 'stealing' someone else's most needy. Bolsono says that he will not be vaccinated against the Covid-19: "It does not make sense"

The Tourist Island Indonesia de Bali reopened its doors to foreign tourists after 18 months of pandemic paron, but the island lacks a crucial ingredient: international flights.

The reopening of Bali, which depends on tourism, is scheduled for this Thursday and, although its Ngurah Rai International Airport has carried out simulacros to prepare the return of tourists, it is not expected to occur soon.

"Until now there is no calendar," Taufan Yudhistira, spokesman from the airport, Reuters.

New Zealand reported on Thursday of its greatest increase in COVID-19 infections in six weeks, with all cases detected in Auckland, which envisages a new expansion of closing restrictions in the country's largest city beyond the next Week, Reports Reuters.

Around 1.7 million people in Auckland are under strict orders to stay at home until Monday, while the authorities try to end the outbreak of highly infectious delta, the first great wave of cases in the country since the beginning of the pandemic .

The Deputy Prime Minister, Grant Robertson, said the increase in the number of cases in Auckland was not unexpected "but is increasing more quickly," and blamed illegal home gatherings of the increase.

A total of 71 local local cases were recorded in the country, all detected in Auckland, compared to 55 of the previous day.

Around 2.49 million New Zealand have been vaccinated in their entirety, that is, around 59% of the population, and the authorities promise to end the blockages once 90% are vaccinated. The authorities intend to administer a record of 100,000 doses in a single day during a massive immunization campaign on Saturday.

The United States Government will send 2,4 million doses of the Vaccine Covid-19 to Pakistan this Thursday, with which the total number of doses sent to the country of South Asia amounts to about 18.3 million, rather than any Another country, said a White House official.

The last shipments of the batches of vaccines manufactured by Pfizer and the German Biontech, must arrive on Saturday through the Covax distribution program, said the official, who asked not to be identified.

Previous US shipments of modern and Pfizer-Biontech vaccines have gone to Pakistan every month since June.

Pakistan would have administered at least 93.6 million doses so far, according to data collected by Reuters, which would be able to have vaccinated about 21.6% of the population.

The French Government will ask legislators to extend the pandemic state of emergency until July 31 of the year who comes to deal with the persistent crisis of the Coronavirus, said Gabriel Attal spokeswoman.

The extension of the Emergency State would mean that the Government would maintain the power to expand or restore restrictive measures, such as the use of a health card to access places such as restaurants, bars and cinemas.

The state of emergency and the requirement of the health card expire on November 15.

"There is a non-negligible risk that the epidemic resurrees," Attal told reporters after a meeting of the cabinet. "We must remain vigilant until next summer," he added.

A study in which the Institute of Environmental Diagnosis and Studies of Water (IDAA), the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations (CSIC) and the University Hospital are Espaseas de Mallorca has revealed that the air of the hallways of the centers Hospitables can have a higher concentration of coronavirus than the rooms of the infected people.

The results of the study, published in the Environmental Research magazine, could serve to review the ventilation systems of hospitals, improve the quality of its air and prevent health personnel infection.

The authors of the study used a new methodology to measure the presence of the Coronavirus SARS-COV-2 in the air of the hospitals, consists of placing air filters in different hospital facilities: COVID-19 patient rooms and adjacent corridors; Adjacent corridors both UCI rooms and rooms without patients Covid-19; and the outside terrace, and its subsequent quantification using the PCR technique.

The research shows that the greatest presence of the genetic material of the virus is found in the hallways adjacent to the rooms of infected patients, and not in the rooms themselves, where ventilation is more efficient. This finding allows us to conclude that there is a transfer of viruses from the rooms towards the hallways.

The Ministry of Health Seeking to click on the same day but in different arms the flu vaccine and that of Pfizer against the Covid who are 70 years old, something that communities can start doing as of October 25.

On this matter, the Community of Madrid indicated last week that he sees priority and urgent vaccination of influenza before administering the third dose of Vaccine against Covid because "there is no scientific evidence" that this third puncture is necessary and not He knows the effect that the two vaccines can be supplied together.

The spokesman for the Madrid government, Enrique Ossori, considering that there is no "urgency" to put the third dose now, but the flu vaccine.

"The Vaccine against the Covid is very recent and that are supplied together (that of the Covid and that of influenza) is not known what effects can have, so the position of Madrid is to give priority to the flu vaccine" , he argued Ossorio.

At the meeting of the Interiorritorial Council of the National Health System, the Minister Darias has also left the door open to expanding little by little the recipient groups of an extra puncture of the Vaccine against the Vocid.

At the moment, what is agreed by the Public Health Commission - which already approved a third dose for greater residences, severe immunosuppressed and some oncological patients - is that those over 70 years of age are received from October 25.

Date Of Update: 14 October 2021, 18:56

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