Coronavirus, live | The Basque Government will return the fines paid in the first state of alarm, which amount to 1.6 million euros

The cumulative incidence of Coronavirus continues to fall into Spain until 57.91 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, after a low-pass down a point in the last 24 hou

Coronavirus, live |
 The Basque Government will return the fines paid in the first state of alarm, which amount to 1.6 million euros

The cumulative incidence of Coronavirus continues to fall into Spain until 57.91 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, after a low-pass down a point in the last 24 hours, according to the data of this Friday of the Ministry of Health.

The contagions also decrease until posting 2,037 new infections, but mortality has increased slightly, with 48 new deaths, 4 more than seven days ago and 30 more than Thursday's data.

After the vaccine, the looks are in the promising trials of an oral pill against the Covid-19 of the Merck pharmaceutics that, according to the company, reduces drastically, and relatively ease, hospitalizations and deaths.

Total figures: 4,961,128 cases of Coronavirus confirmed with diagnostic test of active infection; There have been 86,463 dead with positive test as of October 1st.

The Sanidae Gearhouse has not notified any death related to the pandemic of the Coronavirus, so the number of victims remains at 2,638.

It is the second consecutive day of this week, after Friday, in which the health authorities do not communicate deaths linked to the pandemic.

The last Deceso was that of a 93-year-old man communicated on Thursday afternoon. He remained hospitalized at the Santiago Clinician and had previous pathologies.

The number of COVID-19 cases confirmed in the world continued this week at a descending rhythm and totaled 233.5 million people infected, according to today's count of the World Health Organization (WHO), which collects the data Officers of all countries.

In the same way, deaths by Coronavirus continued to decline and on the last day they supposed 5,812, virtually a third with respect to the worst daily data during the pandemic, and reach 4.77 million, of which some less than half have occurred in The American continent (2.21 million).

More than 6,100 million doses of the different vaccines available have been administered so far, but the poorest countries on the planet continue to have much difficulty achieving access to vaccines, even though their production, which began at the end of 2020, It will have reached 12,000 million doses before it ends this year.

Africa is the most lagging continent in vaccination, but the highest figures of death by Covid-19 are observed in other parts of the world, such as the United States, Russia and Brazil.

Mexico, India, Iran, Malaysia, Turkey and Vietnam continue on the list with more deaths in the last week.

The community has notified this Saturday 328 new contagions of Coronavirus (22 more than Friday), five deceased in hospitals (the same figure as the eve) and a slight decrease in hospital pressure on the plant and in ICU.

Of the 328 new positives, 252 were reported in the last 24 hours, according to the latest report on the Ministry of Health, in the afternoon of this Saturday, which figures in 341 patients hospitalized on the floor 347 on Friday) and in 148 patients Critics in the intensive care units (155 on Friday).

All the Covid indicators have dropped compared to a week ago, since on September 25, Saturday, 391 new contagion, six dead, plus 377 plant patients and 186 in the ICU were recorded.

The Madrid region accumulates from the beginning of the pandemic 906.199 positive cases and 18,070 deaths in hospitals, which must be added 5,102 in sociosanitary centers, 1,422 in addresses and 31 in other places, so the total number of deaths amounts to 25,329 .

Nicaragua, who lives a strong wave of CORONAVIRUS contagion, approved the use of emergency of the Abdala and Sovereign 02 Anticovid Vaccines, developed by Cuba, announced State Biocubafarma.

In addition to Nicaragua and outside Cuba, the Abdala vaccine has been approved by Vietnam, whose government has already authorized the purchase of 10 million doses. Venezuela also signed a supply contract of 12 million units with the island.

Likewise, the Central American country is the second in the world that gives green light to the use of sovereign 02, after Iran, which also produces it. This vaccine is administered as a whole with another local immunogen, Sovereign Plus.

Cuban vaccines are based on a recombinant protein, the same technique with which the US Novavax and French Sanofi work, and have an efficiency greater than 90% to prevent disease with symptoms, according to Cuban scientists.

United Kingdom has registered 121 deaths and 30,301 cases in the last 24 hours, both numbers below 127 and 35,577, respectively, registered on Friday.

The cases in the last seven days have increased by 3.1% compared to last week, while the deaths of people who had put positive in the previous 28 days have fallen by 17%.

The Constlelle of Health, Julio García Comesaña, has entrusted this Saturday that the requirement to present the Covid certificate to enter nightlife premises until 4:00 am anime to those who did not get vaccinated to do so.

In statements to journalists during the closure of the Mass Vaccination Center of Expocoruña, the Health Manager has said that the Night Leisure Protocol that enters into force tonight "is an important step" to guarantee "a safe access" to the premises And it has added that "you can contribute to the vaccination end."

"It's a way to encourage those people from that agenda where we have lower percentage of vaccination, although it is high, to vaccinate," he said.

Thus, it has described as "good news" that the Superior Court of Justice of Galicia authorize the request of the Xunta to ask clients from night leisure that are vaccinated or present a negative coronavirus test.

Berghain, Berlin Temple of the Night and Techno, reopens its doors on Saturday after about 19 months of closing due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Located in an old abandoned power station, in the Friedrichshain neighborhood (center of Berlin), Berghain will welcome its fans this Saturday from midnight.

"We waited impatiently for this first night for almost 19 months," the Club address rejoices on its website. "See you on the dance floor," she adds.

To cross the club's doors, famous for your long waiting queues, you need a vaccine against the Covid-19 or proof of having recently exceeded it.

The Thai Government announced that travelers totally vaccinated against Coronavirus from any country can already book Holidays in the Tourist Paradise of Phuket, by virtue of the adjustments made to the sanitary standards in the territory, reports AFP.

The Thai tourism sector has been extremely affected by the Coronavirus pandemic and the corresponding restrictions, which reduced the number of visitors from 40 million in 2019 to a few in the last two years.

Before the virus, the sector represented a fifth of Thailand's national income. The restrictions on travel contributed to the fact that the country registers the worst economic results in more than two decades.

Thailand launched in July a plan nicknamed "Sand drawer", which allowed travelers totally vaccinated against the Covid-19, from countries considered low or middle risk, freely enjoying the popular beach island during fifteen days, for Power then travel to the continent without the need for quarantine.

The Murcia region has registered 55 new positive cases by Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, on a day with three deceased due to this cause, reports Europa Press. Thus, the number of decheses notified rises to 1,735.

Of the 55 positives, 11 correspond to Cartagena, 10 to Murcia, 8 to Lorca and 6 to Águilas and Santomera. The rest are divided into various municipalities.

The Junta de Andalucía confirmed this Saturday seven more deaths by Coronavirus. Likewise, in Andalusian hospitals there are 311 patients hospitalized by Coronavirus, of which 88 are in intensive care, reports servy of the Andalusian government balance.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 11,212 deaths have occurred by the Covid-19 in the Autonomous Community, where 802,638 positive have been accounted for (246 in the last hours).

With all this, the accumulated incidence of cases per 100,000 inhabitants at 14 days in Andalusia is 44.4.

Euskadi has accounted for in the last hours 64 new cases of Covid and the rate of positivity has declined up to 1.3%, data that did not occur in this community since July 2020, reports EFE from the Department of Health.

By territories, in Álava, only 7 new cases have been accounted for (3 less than Thursday), in Vizcaya 31 compared at 50 on the eve and 25 in Guipuzcoa when on Thursday they were 43. In addition there has also been a positive one in a person With residence in another autonomous community.

As for the situation of Basque hospitals, yesterday they entered the Plant with Covid 20 ill, 7 less than Thursday, and in the UCIS there are 36 serious people, one less.

The fall of the rhythm of vaccination against Coronavirus in Aragon since summer, which has been accented in recent weeks, has caused them to expire or be close to it about 3,500 doses, about 2% of 'stock', which is between 180,000 and 200,000 units, reports Javier Ortega.

In Aragón it is estimated that there are some 150,000 people without vaccining, so, the Ministry of Health has put different strategies, as the massive shipping of SMS to those who have not yet received any puncture or have not completed the pattern; Active capture from medicine or nursing consultations, even from admission services.

The administration of units with the inoculation of third doses in residences of higher or immunosuppressed patients was also increased; Vaccination without previous appointment and immunization in the work environment in 16 large companies.

Since mid-September there is no regular supply of vials and the ministry provides the doses requested by the Department of Health. The forecast is not to receive new shipments for at least 15 days because now there is enough 'Stock' enough to deal with the third doses of Group 7 and residences as well as first and second.

The Official Bulletin of the Community of Madrid published this Saturday order 1244/2021, of October 1, of the Health Counseling, establishing preventive measures to address the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 and that It eliminates the restrictions of capacity in all economic and social activity in the region.

According to the text, the Order will have effects from 00.00 hours on October 4, 2021 and will maintain its validity until the Government of Spain declares the completion of the health crisis situation, reports servy.

Given the evolution of the incidence accumulated downwards in the region and the extensive vaccination coverage, Madrid has decided to delete at a general nature for all sectors of economic or social activity, the limitation of the restrictions of capacity, both interior and externale, should. Respect the preventive measures of general hygiene. These are the measures that will be applied in Madrid since Monday

The new cases of COVID-19 recorded this Friday in Navarra have rebuked again by reaching 28 compared to 32 detected in the previous day.

The positives have been detected in 14 locations, with only 3 in Pamplona, while in Zizur there are another 3, with 2 in Allitas, Ansoáin, ARTICA, mocked, Sarfigure, Lumbier and Barañáin, reports EFE of the data collected by the Department of health.

In hospitals there were 35 people hospitalized, 8 of them in the ICU.

The number of people infect by Covid-19 to date in Navarra amounts to 82,669 and that of people who died by the Coronavirus remains at 1.243.

The General Directorate of Public Health of the Government of Aragon has notified 61 new cases of Coronavirus in the Autonomous Community, no deceased and 149 epidemiological highs. These are results corresponding to this Friday, October 1, 2021.

48 contagions have been accounted for in Zaragoza and 99 recovered; in Huesca, 8 positive and 34 high; And in Teruel, 5 cases have been collected and 15 people recovered, reports Europe Press of the provisional data of the Aragan Health.

The Xunta de Galicia notified 847 new cases of Covid-19, of them, 12 are in UCI, 38 hospitalized and 797 at its home, reports servy.

Of the new cases, 196 are from the area of La Coruña, 145 of Lugo, 144 by Orense, 65 of Pontevedra, 167 of Vigo, 106 of Santiago and 24 of Ferrol.

With this, since the pandemic began, 2,638 people have passed away in Galicia and 178,867 patients have been cured.

Five people have been detained this morning at Bilbao and Barakaldo (Bizkaia) for its alleged participation in the launch of objects to the police and container crossing in the case of the Vizcain capital, and for refusing to identify and hit an agent in The manufacturing locality, according to EFE of the Basque Security Department.

In Bilbao, the arrests have been practiced over three thirty in the morning in the leisure area of Bachelor Poza, where agglomerations were recorded and the sanitary measures against the Covid19 pandemic were not met.

The cases of long covid, which make the patient drag the symptoms of the disease for months, begin to be better defined but, even so, doubts about their real nature continue to persist.

"You have to do more for the investigation of the Long Covid and by the affected patients," said Midiza Mysam Nehme at the end of September, during a colloquium organized by the Pasteur Institute, reports AFP.

Already last year, shortly after the health crisis began, numerous patients assured that a long time after having infected by the Covid-19 continued to suffer some of their symptoms, such as tiredness, breathing problems or loss of smell.

At present, the existence of this phenomenon generates consensus. Most researchers and several health authorities recognize that some people suffer lasting symptoms of the disease, and not just those who became seriously ill.

Myssam Nehme estimates, after a study conducted with several hundred patients, that more than a third continues to present, at least, a symptom of the disease seven, eight or nine months later.

Nigeria has obtained a funding of 400 million dollars from the World Bank for the purchase of Vaccines Covid19, according to Reuters of a bank statement.

The Governing Body of the World Bank approved funding, provided through the International Association of Development, which, as said, will allow the most populated nation in Africa to acquire Vaccines COVID-19 for 40 million people, approximately 18% of Its population, and support the deployment of vaccines for 110 million people.

In a statement, the Bank said that the money would guarantee that the government could vaccinate 51% of its population within a period of two years and "avoid the terrible consequences of another blockade that took an economic toll with which the country He is still dealing. "

Last month, the government stated that around 20% of Nigerian workers had lost their employment as a result of the Coronavirus.

Catalonia has registered until this Saturday 988.358 confirmed cases accumulated from Coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic, 681 more than in the recount of Friday, reports Europa Press of the Generalitat's Health Consellery through its website. In the last 24 hours, five deaths have been recorded and the total amounts to 23,911.

Regarding patients attempted, the figure is at 392, which are 22 less than in the last count, of which a total of 130 are in intensive care units (UCI), four less than in the last count .

The reproduction speed of the disease (RT) rises to 1.06 and the positivity percentage of the antigen and PCR tests is at 2.10%, while the accumulated incidence in the last 14 days is 65.05 For every 100,000 inhabitants and the average age of confirmed cases is 34.62 years.

The Risk Rental of Rebrote returns again: on Friday it reached a level of 63, and 24 hours later it is 66.

The Canadian Public Health Agency has reported this Friday that the data suggests that the reported cases of rare cardiac inflammation were higher after the administration of the Modern COVID-19 vaccine compared to the injections of Pfizer / Biontech, Reports Reuters .

The data also indicated that the inflammation of the heart is produced more frequently in adolescents and adults under 30, and more frequently in men.

The communiqué of the Canadian Public Health Agency notes that most of the affected people experienced a relatively slight disease and recovered rapidly.

According to the statement, it has been shown that the risk of cardiac complications, including inflammation of the heart, increases considerably after COVID-19 infections, and risks are higher after the infection after vaccination.

The benefits of mRNA injections to prevent coronavirus remain higher than risks, according to the United States regulatory agencies, the EU and the World Health Organization.

The White House is pressing the main American airlines to impose Vaccines COVID-19 to its employees before December 8 - the deadline for federal contractors to do so - and does not show signs of delaying the date, according to four Sources to Reuters.

The CoVID-19 response coordinator of the White House, Jeffrey Zients, spoke on Thursday with the executive directors of American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines to make sure they were workingly working to develop and enforce the requirements From the vaccine before that deadline, the sources said, which spoke under condition of anonymity.

VOX has presented a proposal not law (NLP) in the Parliament of Andalusia, for its debate in full, in which the Board is urged to take appropriate measures to end the obligatory nature of the use of masks in the Schools in outdoor areas and also in the classroom, when this can be adequately ventilated.

In the initiative, consulted by Europe Press, it is specifically requested to the Board that applies a desdecalad plan in the obligation of the use of masks in the educational centers, which would begin by withdrawing the obligation to bring mask to children under 12 years, both in Interiors, as long as there is good ventilation, as an outdoor school, and all outdoor students, should increase that minimum to withdraw it for all students, if epidemiological conditions permit.

The star of the Nets, Kyrie Irving, who flirts with conspiracy theories about the coreavirus vaccine, could miss all the home games of his team by New York standards. He is not the only NBA denicalist player. Kyrie Irving, The Anti-Vacunas and the Great Head Treaker of the NBA

US health authorities expect data on Israeli military personnel to help clarify the risk of inflammation of cardiac muscle in young people who have received Covid-19 reinforcement vaccines from Pfizer / Biontech, a potential factor for US regulators when considering the total approval of these doses.

In rare occasions, there has been a condition called myocarditis with two-dose mRNA vaccines manufactured by Pfizer / Biontentch and modern, especially in young men, but US health authorities are trying to better understand the risk, reports Reuters.

The United States exceeded 700,000 deaths related to the Coronavirus, according to a Reuters account, while the authorities deploy vaccine reinforcement doses to protect the elderly and people who work in high-risk professions.

The country has registered an average of more than 2,000 deaths per day during the last week, which represents around 60% of the peak of January fatalities, according to an analysis of Reuters of public health data.

The Basque Government has decided to return the fines imposed and already paid in the first state of alarm for breach of the sanitary measures adopted to stop the transmission of the Covid19 after a recent judgment of the Constitutional Court (TC) annul the confinement and, consequently , order paralyzing the processing of these files

This failure did not need what to do in cases that the amount imposed on the sanction had already been disbursed.

The Basque Security Counselor, Josu Erkoreka, has explained that they have tried to "make" disappear "that factor of discrimination between those who" in an example of a civility "had been ahead of the payment and those who" in a more cicatera "position had been delayed As much as possible, as he said in an interview that the newspaper Deia and collected by EFE publishes this Saturday.

In total, the return will amount to 1.6 million euros, as highlighted.

In the first state of alarm, between Ertzaintza and local police were 22,900 complaints, of which 5,200 had already been paid for when the TC decided to suspend the records in processing. The Basque Government will return all fines paid in the first alarm state to avoid "discrimination"

An experimental antiviral pill developed by Merck & Co could halve the likelihood of dying or hospitalizing people at the highest risk of contracting the severe Covid-19, according to data that experts greeted as a possible advance in the treatment of the virus.

If the pharmaceutical obtains the authorization of the United States regulator, the MOLNUPIRAVIR, which is designed to introduce errors in the virus genetic code, would be the first oral antiviral medication for the VOCID-19.

The milnupiravir pellet would represent a breakthrough in the fight against Coronavirus's pandemic by reducing the serious forms of the disease with relative ease since clinical trials show that halving the risk of hospitalization and death of infected patients.

The New York Stock Exchange ended up on the rise on Friday, driven by the announcement of a pill that decreases hospitalizations by Coronavirus, news that dominated the Stock Burst, reports AFP.

The Dow Jones won 1.43% to 34,326.46 points, the Nasdaq technological gained 0.82% to 14,556.70 units, and the S & P 500 1.15% index at 4,357.04 points.

The Merck US laboratory announced on Friday that it will ask the US drug regulator, the FDA, authorization to market a pill that, according to a clinical trial, reduces happiness the risks of hospitalization and death of patients with COVID-19.

If authorized, this oral drug would be the first product of this type in the market to treat COVID-19, which, after vaccines, would represent a breakthrough in the fight against pandemic.

"Many people, and not only investors, expect a medication against the Covid," summarized Kim Forrest, head of investments from Bokeh Capital Partners, who attributed to this news the impulse of the stock market.

Merck was between the values of the day with a gain of 8.37% to $ 81.40 per share.

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